Variations of labrador colors

Variations of labrador colors

Labrador Retriever is a very friendly breed of dogs, for many years, serving faith and true person. The exact origin of the species is unknown so far. During the service, the man of the breed has undergone a lot of changes associated with its appearance. To date, there are several options for the colors of these animals.

Standard of breed and genetics

The first representatives of this breed had only black painting, for which they received the current name. Labrador is a semi-stented stone of a dark shade, which is mined in the North American continent. In the XIX century, at the official level, an exceptionally black color of the described breed was recognized. By the end of the century, experts were able to withdraw individuals of brown and fawn shade. Currently, colors recognized by the breed standard are as follows:

  • black – Pets with this color have similar colors of the eyelids, lips and nose+
  • chocolate – Animals of this shade have a brown color pigmentation+
  • pale yellow – individuals are distinguished by light wool (the shade can range from close to white to red), while their lips and nose they have black.

    When breeding labradors, it is impossible to guess what color will be puppies. The color of the parents does not play any role. In order to at least approximately predict the color of the puppies, the specialists should examine their pedigree in detail in detail, But even such a serious approach is not a warranty 100% success.

    This breed is unpredictable and thoroughly studied.



    This beautiful color more than 100 years ago caused Europeans’s interest. Dark Labrador rather rule than exception. This color is recognized as dominant, so if the gene is present for a black color, the dog will only be with a dark color of woolen cover. Similar animals look spectacular. There are no stains on their glossy wool, except for a miniature spot on a white chest of a snow-white shade, which is not always visible from this species.

    Eyes in such pets are usually brown, although the deformation of bitter chocolate is considered the perfect option.


    This is the rarest color of the described breed, so the puppy with this shade of woolen cover costs much more expensive than others. Among all the colors, similar to chocolate, are considered permissible:

    • Light chocolate+
    • hepatic+
    • bitter chocolate.

    Such puppies should have a monophonic wool. The requirements for the color of the color exclude the presence of stains of other colors (with the exception of a light spack on the chest – it is considered to be permissible). When buying such a pet, you need to be very attentive. Irresponsible layers will try to cash in at the buyer’s ignorance.

    The eyes of the three-legged friend described must be brown, although shades close to yellow are allowed.

    Pale yellow

    Very long beige color puppies was considered marriage. This color was included in the standard only in 1924. Nowadays, the situation has changed a lot: the color has become quite popular, and many rampers are specifically trying to get this color. In this form, individuals of such colors are allowed:

    • Golden+
    • cream+
    • Almost red+
    • Sandy (light)+
    • Gray.

    It is worth noting that Labrador snow-white color unknown genetics. Paley young can have a light color, as close as possible to white, but it is not pure white. In the case when the pale dog is located next to black, only then on a dark background, it will seem white (but just seem). The color of the eyes of this color is a brown, and the pigmentation of the muzzle is dark.

    Unusual colors

    The number of labrador colors is not limited to 3 options. The rest are simply not listed in the standard, the dogs will not be able to compete for the first place at exhibitions. However, many dog ​​breeders are looking for non-standard animals. For these purposes, nontrivial colors will be suitable.

    • Dudley – It is usually fawn labrador with the lack of pigmentation of the nose and around the eyes. Eyes in such animals are even green. But this option is not allowed for the standard.
    • Silver. Silver individuals are derived due to the huge work of breeders. The color is not recognized as standard, although among ordinary dog ​​breeders is in demand, since pets have beautiful gray wool. According to the laws of the market, demand gives rise to a proposal, so very many breeders offer to acquire original silver color for considerable money.
    • Blue-eyed – They are very hard to find them, but many wish to buy a dog with just such a feature.
    • Pale yellow With chocolate pigmentation.
    • Spotted – Black and white puppies of this color look very beautiful. Dogs having on the body and on the paws of stains are also not allowed by the standards of rock, it makes them unpopular among dog breeders who want to purchase a pet for further participation in various exhibitions and competitions. But this unusual coloring today is interesting to many breeders, so the puppies of this species disassemble quickly.

    What is influenced by?

    Many people wonder if the color affects the nature and behavior of the dog. After all, black labradors look very impressive (it is better not to joke with that), and bright look like teddy toys. The first impression is deceptive, and the color is absolutely nothing affected.

    It all depends on how you grow up and raise your pet.

    These dogs are good companions and rescuers. Many use them as a hunting option. And also they are fragile by dresser. The dog of any color will be cheerful, movable, devoted to its owner.

    Should consider that Labrador of the red color strongly burns in the sun, but, given the activity of these animals, keep them constantly in the shade is not possible. For this reason, the summer of the animal can be uneven. In winter, of course, he will return to normal. Consequently, because of this you should not worry.

    How to choose?

    When choosing a puppy, you need to be guided not only by useful tips, but also common sense, Taking into account certain details:

    • For what and how you will contain a specific dog+
    • consider how active it is+
    • Evaluate your capabilities: Can you give her the right amount of time+
    • How much space will be assigned to her space.

    A big dog needs a lot of space, and also need to decide whether you take a puppy for further breeding or as a friend. Having studied all the nuances of this breed and adopting a firm decision to buy such a dog for himself, we begin the search for a raid. It can be both a professional club and a private breeder. Then you need to ask about the presence of puppies, if there are few of them, you need to be extremely attentive, since first of all disassemble the strongest and active.

    And it is also necessary to ask the pedigree parents and see the results of the study of their health.

    The age of the purchased puppy must be at least 1.5 months. He must be made all vaccinations. During the inspection of the individuals you like, you need to pay attention to some features:

    • Standard coloring+
    • Full staining of the mucous membrane and lips+
    • Baby must be active and friendly+
    • Do not show fear and attacks of aggression+
    • must be proportional to move confidently+
    • Special attention should be paid to the right bite.

    Useful advice.

    • If you start the dog Dudley, then you should consider that at times it can demonstrate not the best behavior. The reason for this will serve that the pets of this color often have problems with vision and hearing.
    • Labradors of any color – Big Fans of Bath Procedures. Bathe pets in a timely manner, play with him in water.
    • All pale (yellow) Labradors can be disqualified if they do not have a characteristic contrasting with a common eye pigmentation around the eyes, nose and gums, there will be a different shade of eye iris or there are spots on wool (brown or snow-white).

    About variations in the labrador color look next.

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