Velsh Springer Spaniel: Breed Description, Care Rules

Velsh Springer Spaniel: Breed Description, Care Rules

Welsh Springlers are one of the most obedient, smart, tied to people of dogs, which include the oldest breed of spaniels, but there are no accurate information about the origin. It is believed that they have common genetic roots with breed of English Springer-Spaniel. Welsh Springers were on the verge of extinction, but thanks to their breeding in Wales, this kind of dogs managed to save. As breed, Velsh Springers were registered in 1902 by the Kingdom of Britain’s dog breeding.

Description of breed

Representatives of the Velsh Springer-Spaniel breed describe how strong, active and playful dogs. They are ready for tense and long work. Pets love long and active walks.

Due to excessive dog activity, training is needed.

Welsh Springers have strong attachment to the owner, are perfectly related to all family members regardless of their age. They love to play with young children, especially if they grown together with them and well socialized. With unfamiliar people, dogs behave sufficiently enough, they do not really trust them. Usually they do not attack strangers, but only meet them.

Springer-spaniels have a rectangular middle-length face, dark eyes. Squirrels of a healthy pet eye – with a small yellow. Head has a little dome form. Dogs have a fairly strong jaw and a long neck. Ears have a pear shape, not very long, adjacent to the jaw. The body has the right proportions, quite muscular. Legs of dogs medium length, straight. On the paws thick pads, like feline, rounded shape. On the back of the legs beautiful products. The tail is low, usually tails for this breed will be stopped.

Wool Welsh Springlers usually straight or a little wavy. Dogs have a white color with bright red spots, sometimes these stains can be black or dark brown. There are also completely white individuals. The height of the dog in the withers is 46-48 cm, weight – 16-20 kg. Despite small sizes, dogs are very fast. In addition, it is clear from the breed name that they still know how to jump well: “Springer” in translation from English means “jumper”.

Pet care

The perfect place for the content of Velsh Springer is a private house, but if you can organize long and active walks, the dog will feel good in the apartment. Ideal if a pet has a partner for games – a dog with a similar character. The main thing in the content of Welsh Springer is to give them enough physical activity, otherwise the dog can be nervous. Dogs of this breed love water very much.

In the hot season for a pet, you need to organize a place for swimming and water games.

To maintain a neat species, a dog is recommended to comb 1-2 times a week. Soft natural brush is suitable for this. Claws cut 1 time per month. Fully bathe the dog is recommended 1 time per month with a special shampoo with neutral pH. After swimming, the pet must be carefully dried. Ears are required to regularly examine and clean if necessary. Dog recommended regular prophylactic cleaning of the oral cavity.

Welsh Springer is best fed by dry premium food. You can feed the dog and natural food, but in this case it will be difficult to make a balanced ration for it. The basis for natural feed can be non-fat varieties of meat, vegetables and fermented products. It is necessary that the bowl with clear water is always in free access for the dog, especially in the hot season.

Features of the content of puhnkov

Wales puppy requires special attention and care, otherwise care for the baby is not particularly different from the content of an adult individual. Little Velsh Springer-Spaniel should be fed 6 times a day, from 8 months of age can be translated into two-time. In general, the diet of puppies must be balanced – it is very important during its active development.

Puppies are subject to different kinds of infections and diseases, so they need to do all the necessary vaccinations. The first vaccination is carried out at 8-9 weeks, and the second – on the 12th week of life. Next vaccination is carried out annually. Usually after vaccination in small wealth, there is an increase in temperature, the absence of appetite, the general weakness that takes place in a few days. Wales puppy are subject to ear infections, so it is important to regularly check its ears, try to remove it from drafts and supercooling.

It is also important to engage in puppy education. It is necessary to train its main teams:

  • “lie”+
  • “sit”+
  • “to me”+
  • “stand”+
  • “a place”+
  • “Aport” and others.

It is important to socialize a small pet – to introduce it with all family members, other animals and relatives.


Education Wales Dog should be required to ensure that the hunting instincts have a dog managed. Training can be carried out independently or give a dog to training professionals. Individuals of this breed are easy to learn and achieve high results. Do not stop traversing, if there are no quick results – training requires enough time.

For classes, open open areas are suitable. Cannot scold pets. In the learning process, the “Gingerbread Method” is best suited – encourage the dog with delicacy for the correct task execution. In the course of training, you can not only teach the dog the main necessary teams, but also develop hunting skills, if necessary. It is important to treat a pet training quite seriously, because the wrong dresser can negatively affect its character.

Life expectancy and health

Breed dogs Welsh Springer-Spaniel have good health and live an average of 13 years. To maintain pet health, daily physical exertion, proper nutrition – otherwise the dog may have obesity, which provokes the development of other diseases.

The most common diseases among this breed are:

  • Atrophy retina+
  • Infectious diseases of ears+
  • Dysplasia joints+
  • Skin disease+
  • Fuchosidosis.

Epileptic disease is rare, which is manifested by flash of sudden aggression. At such moments, the dog is unmanaged, may attack the owner. In this case, it is important to consult a veterinarian as soon as possible and begin treatment.

It is equally important to regularly undergo planned inspections in the veterinary clinic and conduct animal vaccination.

Choice rules

    Before buying a puppy, it is necessary to study information about the selected breed, evaluate your ability to provide a dog all the necessary conditions. It is also important to assess your readiness for the appearance of a dog in the family, the opportunity to give her time and strength.

    A purebred puppy is better to buy in proven nurseries, where they will provide all the necessary documents for the dog – passport and pedigree. When choosing a pet, you need to pay attention to its appearance and behavior. Wales puppy must be active, friendly and playful. The nose at the kid should be wet, eyes and ears – clean. Puppy should not unpleasantly smell. Be sure to ask about the state of the health of the puppy, whether his parents have any genetic diseases that could inherit.

    Puppy must be vaccinated according to its age.

    More about Welsh Spinger Spaniel See in the video below.

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