Water spaniel: characteristics, types and subtleties of content

Water spaniel: characteristics, types and subtleties of content

Water spaniel is one of the largest dogs in the world and at the same time one of the most oldest. These animals are hardy, bold and pretty playful. They are distinguished by high intelligence and the ability to hunt, so pet is often set as a reliable family or sports dog.

History of origin

Water spaniel is one of the most ancient dogs of the entire family of spaniel. During the archaeological excavations near Lake Lagur, the remains of such an animal were discovered – by approximate estimates, they refer to the VII-VIII centuries. These animals could be found in the southern part of Ireland on the banks of the Shannon River. According to preserved chronicles, several water spaniels were presented to the King of France Sir Robert Cecil in 1598.

In 1607, the very first description of spaniels, loving splashing in water. The distinctive features of such an animal became the long wool in small curls and a smooth tail – it was for this unusual appearance of dogs called rats.

In the 19th century, in the countries of the Old World, the dog breeds began to rapidly, during this period, most breeds were crossed. Did not escape similar fate and spaniel – it was crossed with the Irish setter, poodle and curly retriever. Since 1859, these animals began to participate in international competitions and exhibitions, and in 1866 representatives of the breed managed to take the first place and get worldwide recognition. However, the official standard of rock was approved only after century – in 1990, and in 2001 some amendments were made to it.

The maximum spread of the rat spaniel received in Ireland, England, as well as in America. Animal recognized as an excellent hunter for aquatic game, these dogs are hardy and strong swimmers.

Their wool is characterized by a pronounced water repellent effect, so pets feel great in aquatic environment.


Water spaniels have a number of distinctive features that distinguish them among other breeds. This is the average largest dog of the most noble type. A characteristic feature is curly wool. The housing is large, but at the same time not so much so that the animals seem bulky.

The temperament of water spaniel is quite balanced, they always find a common language with babies, often behave like older nanny educators. Cheerfulness of such a pet can envy any other pets – Spaniels are ready in the morning until the evening to please our owners with optimism and friendly. These dogs are truly tied to the owner and all members of his family, trying to show joy every time they are near.

Water spaniels and in our time are often used to hunt waterfowl feathers, while in front of them put the task to drive out birds from the thickets of water vegetation – the hunters are taken on. However, on land, these pets will be a good help.

Thanks to the rapid and almost lowest movements, they drive the ducks regardless of where those are in the forest or on the field.

Water spaniels extremely inquisitive, they show great interest in the knowledge of the whole new and unknown. Keep in mind, These dogs categorically do not tolerate harsh education, Rigid dresser using whip methods. It is not allowed to raise the voice and physically affect the dog. In training it is worth a preference to consistently repetition lesson, otherwise the dog will grow aggressive, nervous and potentially dangerous for a person.

The breed is different High activity, Therefore, the owner must provide a pet Permanent Presence of Sports Loads, everyday walking with the opportunity to run and frolic. Prolonged surveillance in the aviary and in the loneliness of the urban apartment does not lead to anything good – the animal begins to wake, becomes apathetic and can even seriously get sick.


In accordance with the standards of rock, the length of spaniels in the withers usually does not exceed 46 cm, the weight of the bitches corresponds to 18 kg, and males – about 20 kg.

The head must necessarily be proportional to the body. Morda elongated, its expression is very clever and smart. Skull has wide and strong outlines. The nose is usually allocated, it is quite wide with large nostrils of dark brown, almost black shade. The lips are close to the teeth, their surface is rather smooth.

Eyes are slightly rounded, as a rule, widely delivered. Rainbow shell yellowish-brown or dark. Eyelids adjacent to eyeballs very tight. Ears fall on the eye level of the animal.

The length of the tail is average, it curves the arc. Front paws of moderate size, well-developed and strong, straight and very strong. Musculature on the thighs developed. Curly wool, soft, necessarily present under.


The most common breed varieties are most common.

  • Irish. This is a dog a little more than all other relatives. Body weight reaches 30 kg, and growth comes up to 60 cm. Characteristic feature of such animals – rat tail. The torso is covered with rather small curls entirely, the exception is only the muzzle and the lower sections of the limbs – there is a wool smooth and rather short. When dodging a dog, you can feel easy crunch of woolen cover. From the head of dogs of this kind, a small chub hangs – he protects his eyes.

  • Dutch. These spaniels are brown or black, less commonly meet with whiten spots. The dog is distinguished by an aggressive temper, because it is suitable for breeders with a solid and rigid character, able to rip the penetration of a pet.

  • English. The dog of black and peg or chocolate-peg color, the torso covers wool with curls, in the dark area it is longer.

Recommendations for choosing a puppy

If you intend to buy water spaniel, then it is best to contact foreign nurseries. The fact is that in Russia and the CIS countries the number of nurseries can be counted on fingers, and ads on the proposal of such puppies emerge infrequently – not officially registered a single specialized breed nursery.

You can find a good puppy by contacting American and English clubs either in FCI. In the US, the price of a puppy begins from $ 900, and in England you can buy them for 1000 pounds.

There is no data in our country, since the population is extremely small.


Feed water spaniels preferably natural high quality products. This not only contributes to the best self-witting of the dog, but still allows you to maintain the normal state of its wool. If you are due to employment, you have the ability to engage in products and cooking hits, you can contact ready-made feeds, but required premium or super premium-class.

When feeding any water spaniel, certain rules should be followed:

  • It is forbidden to give pets sweets, oily and smoked food+
  • It is advisable to avoid bread and other bakery products+
  • Feeding must be balanced – about 70% of the diet must be meat products (veal, beef and lamb)+
  • Once or another a week you can add high-quality sub-products to them – liver or heart+
  • From time to time you can give chicken and turkey, but I don’t have to translate your pet on the poultry meat+
  • Once in 10 days is allowed fish, but necessarily white innocent varieties+
  • The remaining 30% should have to porridge, as well as vegetables and fruits+
  • To make machers, you must add crushed greenery or germinated grain crops+
  • Once a week is allowed to include eggs and low-fat curds.

Puppies up to six months fed 4-5 times a day. Upon reaching for 6 months of age, the amount of feedings are gradually adjusted to 2, and the volume of the proposed portion, on the contrary, increase.

Keep in mind that Spaniels – High Dogs with Powerful Breast, so it can be difficult to eat from a bowl located on the floor. It is advisable to use the stand, the height of which corresponds to the height of the sternum.

After half an hour after feeding, a bowl must be removed even if the proposed feed is not rejected.

It is very important that the animal always has access to clean drinking water.


Water spaniel is preferable to maintain in a private house with a large household plot. Pet is allowed in the aviary, in this version of the booth must be insulated. But in any case, the animal should have the opportunity most of the day freely walking around the yard.

It should be noted that To life in the apartment, water spaniels can be quite easily adapted, but in this case the owners must provide them with constant physical activity – 2-3 one-time walk duration for at least an hour, preferably on a specially equipped for dog sites. The dog should be able to come down and at least once a week to swim. Welcome Active games imitating hunting, issuing tasks for finding objects and contacts with other dogs.

Very important properly care for wool, Grooming is quite simple, but it must certainly be frequent. The advantage of the breed is the weak severity of the seasonal molting, nevertheless wool needs regular combat. If you do not pay sufficient attention to this procedure, the dog curls will start falling down and close access to skin cover for its inspection for the appearance of parasites – ticks and fleas.

Wool is combed at least 2 times a week. First use a brush with a medium-sided bristle, which collects accumulated dirt, and then a comb with small teeth is coming into the course – dead hair is excreted and hair follicles are massaged.

In the warmth of the year should regularly allow the dog to swim in the reservoir – This contributes to the formation of curled curls. In the cold time, the dog needs to be bathed under the shower, for this, special shampoos for dogs are suitable, and the air conditioner is not desirable, as it leads to curls.

Every two or three months it is advisable to cut your pet, it is best to contact the services of professionals.

Training and upbringing

Water spaniel is an intelligent and very intelligent dog, which in good hands perfectly gives care of Dresser and upbringing. An animal of this breed needs early and comprehensive socialization, she needs soft, but the confident approach. You should not lower the pet. The absence of his desire to obey him, but at the same time coarse physical impacts and screams only lead to the fact that the animal will closes in itself and no longer wants to continue learning.

It should be borne in mind that Irish spaniel manifests itself in a variety of sports, as a rule, they are involved in the competitions on Agility.

Only the owner should be engaged in raising a dog, who will achieve respect for the dog with confident actions. The standard moisture, reusable repetition of the same lesson does not lead to good results – the dog begins to miss and simply refuses to execute the data to her.

Experienced checologists recommend to give preference to games with a stimulating approach – only in this case can be achieved fast and good results.

Life expectancy and health

In general, water spaniels live 10-14 years. They have a good immunity from nature, these dogs were influenced and excellent health. Pretty quickly adapt to the most unfavorable life situations and therefore rarely sick.

However, there are also typical pathology for this breed, which may occur in lines with a certain periodicity, are attributed to them:

  • Hyperthyroidism+
  • Dysplasia hip joints+
  • Current century+
  • Tumor processes+
  • epilepsy+
  • Ear pathology+
  • Skin disease.

About how to care for spaniel, you can learn more.

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