Weight and growth of Rottweiler: the main parameters of the breed

Weight and growth of Rottweiler: the main parameters of the breed

The Rottweiler breed is highlighted by its massive physique and powerful jaws. For their large size, the most powerful strength of these dogs among others is often called “Athletes”.

Far from the world of dog breeders people consider these pets fighters, but this is a mistake. By itself, this kind of good-natured and slightly lazy, but the need for early training and socialization is not canceled. Today we will look at what growth and weight are allowed for this breed.



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* Characteristic of breed “Rottweiler” Founded on the assessment of the experts of the site and feedback from the owners of the dog.


So that the favorite grew up beautiful and properly folded, it is necessary to control his weight and growth from the very birth. At the first pores of his life (with proper nutrition), the pet will surprise you by the pace. By 6 months, the weight will increase 10 times, and the growth is at least 3 times. This is a normal indicator for the described breed.

For thorough tracking of the pace of development of a puppy, very responsible dog breeders lead the table of growth and weight by month. It is necessary in order to know exactly when the favorite began to gain weight less, and if necessary, it was possible to show all the parameters made by a specialist to make the right decision.

By age it is necessary to regulate the nutrition of its four-legged friend.

Growth and development of a puppy for months

1 month

In order not to harm the rapid baby, it is necessary to competently approach the choice of food and power modes. At this age, maternal milk will be quite enough, provided that the bitch consumes the required amount of vitamins and minerals. At this point, the growth of the puppy in the withers will be 20-22 cm, and the weight is 3.5 to 4.5 kg.

2 months

In 2 months, the puppy must first try the raw meat, which must be cut into small pieces (sprieving a big piece it will be very difficult for him). At this time, the diet is time to include fermented milk products, as well as eggs, vegetables and cereals.

Baby must eat 6 times a day. During the day, the favorite should receive:

  • not less than 200 grams of meat+
  • 400 milliliters of milk+
  • 100 grams of Kashi+
  • 150 grams of cottage cheese and the same number of vegetables.

At this point, the growth should be at least 29-33 cm, weighs a puppy 8-9 kg.

3 months

At the age of 3 months, the pet is time to translate to 5 meals a day, increasing the total number of food. Meat should not be less than 500 grams per day. Milk up to 500, and cottage cheese, cereals and vegetables – up to 200 grams per day. At this time, the puppy must weigh 14-17 kg, and its growth should be 47-48 cm.

4 months

In 4 months, there will be no important changes in the diet. Keep feeding like before. The growth of the puppy at this time will be 50-51 cm, and the weight – 17-23 kg.

5 months

At 5 months, it’s time to reduce the number of foods for up to 4 times. Portion of meat Increase to 500 grams per day, and croup – at least 250 grams. Weight at this age should be 24-31 kg, and growth – 56 cm.

6 months

In 6 months, you need to translate an animal to a three-time system of nutrition with an increase in the daily rate of KASH up to 300 grams. Weight at this point should be 30-35 kg, growth – 61-64 cm.

7 months

At this age, an introduction to the diet of additional feed. It needs to be done gradually small portions. The number of food and pet food can adjust independently, it is important to do it at an equal period of time. His growth should be 61-64 cm, weight – 34-40 kg.

8 months

It is important to follow the posture of the puppy. So that he does not hurt, a bowl of food needs to be located at the chest level. The most convenient way for this way will be a special high bracket. Remember that Rottweiler is prone to overeating, in connection with this, it is necessary to accurately adjust its portion. If it is small – the growth of the puppy can slow down, and in case of overeating, health problems can begin.

At this age, sizes should be: Weight – 36-46 kg, height – 62-66 cm.

9 months

At this point you are almost an adult dog, but with proper nutrition in the future, growth will continue. The number of food receptions in the period described time to cut up to 2 times a day.

Parameters of the 9-month Rottweiler: Weight – 36-50 kg, height – 63-67 cm.

10 months

The meat is better to give raw, but in order to avoid infection with parasites, some owners marvel it or whipped with boiling water before feeding. It is important to remember that the lamb and pork dogs can not be given due to the increased fat content of this meat, negatively affecting the liver of the animal.

At the age of 10 months, the animal parameters must be: weight – 36-50 kg, growth – 63-67 cm.

In the listed items, readings close to the ideal for this breed are given, but if your puppy does not reach them slightly, it is not critical. There is nothing special in the fact that animals from one litter grow at different speeds. Note that growth and weight is not the most important indicators of the right development, better pay more attention The general state of pet, watch out how active he is active.

It is important to know that the owners of the described breed grow in a height of approximately a year, and then up to 2 years or a little longer only increase muscle mass and weight. At the bitch, growth slows down or stops with the arrival of first flow. After that, the animal can grow up quite a bit (just a couple of centimeters), and then it will grow only styling and build muscles.

What can affect the weight and growth of pet?

This question cannot be given a specific answer. The parameters of the adult dog are folded from several factors:

  • genetics+
  • Conditions in which Puppy Ros+
  • nutrition quality+
  • Duration of walks and jogs+
  • Exercises During Training.

Talk in more detail about each point.


Often it is precisely it causes the undeclosure puppy weight or chest volume. This may be due to the fact that the dogs of a certain line grow slower than their relatives.

Another option is parents who are not distinguished by high growth and muscular build. But sometimes there are exceptions in the latter when, buying a puppy in small manufacturers (let’s say, for keeping in the apartment), newly-handed dog breeders discovered that through the year “from the hamster grown up a bearish”. Guess which puppy will get it just you will fail.

Conditions in which Puppy Ros

Not even the content of puppies after birth plays a big role, and breeder’s care for pregnant bitch. Saving on the content of manufacturers, will not be able to get a good litter. If the mother suffered the necessary vitamins during pregnancy, then the initial weight of the puppies will be small, and they will develop more slowly.

When after birth, the breeder continues to save, only already on puppies, such an attitude will not lead to good results. The luckiests will be those kids who quickly find good owners and, perhaps, they will convince the missed.

Nutrition quality

So that your pet was healthy and cheese, from the first days in a new house, it is necessary to feed it with a full and high-quality meal. Some dogs prefer finished feeds, others choose only natural food. On this account there is no consensus. You need to choose suitable food so that both the other option contains the necessary dog ​​elements.

Dry feed should relate to premium class or higher. When feeding with dry foods, a pet should always stand a complete bowl with water. In case the dog feeds on home food, it should be not empty gruse on the water, and well-welded porridge porridge. For this, the meat will fit well, no more than once a week need to be prepared on a fish basis (the fish must be exclusively maritime, not river).

Walking and Training

The dog should move a lot and run. Good if it will be crossed terrain. During such a run, the animal trains all muscle groups. The more small puppy moves, the more it will grow and more effectively look.

Moved animals serious illnesses at a young age can also slow down its growth.

What to do if the puppy lags behind the norm?

To begin with, it is necessary to find out the reason why the pet is not gaining weight or height in the withers. In addition to the case when the problem is in genetics, it is hardly possible to help with something. Just stock patience. The dog, most likely, hens peers, but it will happen a little later.

If the cause of the rise in growth will be improper cultivation or illness, then you need to save a puppy as soon as possible from the consequences of the period when it missed something. Do not try to speed up growth, using feeding or special growth accelerators.

A more competent decision will be consulted with a specialist for selecting drugs needed by your favorite.

If it is in incorrectly selected feeding, it is better to increase the volume of protein products with calcium content, for example, cottage cheese.

The average weight of the Rottweiler is 42-50 kg, the maximum – 60 kg. It depends on the supply and diet directly. Figures may vary depending on the nature of the violation. Weight loss are often due to a long location of the animal in the heat. After that the four-legged eats less. PSA pedigree playing a considerable role. Ideally, the growth parameters of an adult dog are equal to half the body length. In full growth, the dog can reach 68 cm.

The average life of the Rottweiler is 10-12 years. With good conditions, it can increase to 14 years. Famous and long-livers – dogs that have lived 17 years old.

On how to choose the right food for the Rottweiler puppy, look next.

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