Welsh Corgi-Cardigan: Description of the breed and features of the content

Welsh Corgi-Cardigan: Description of the breed and features of the content

Welsh Corgi-Cardigan – a small dog, a beautiful shepherd and a friend who has a good-natured character. In our country, it is divorced as a pet. Thanks to a small growth, it can be kept in the apartment.


There are several hypotheses, as the breed of dogs of Welsh Corgi-Cardigan appeared, but there are no reliable facts to this day. Some believe that animal ancestors should be sought in the British Islands, where they lived in the Bronze Age. Other scientists argue that the first who began to breed the breed was Celts.

Even after the genetic analysis, the situation on has become clearer because There is a breed of roots and Icelandic dog breeds, and Swedish Valhundov. Where the dog began to bring, believe that she was presented by a person Fairy – fabulous creatures. They used Welsh Corgi-Cardigan as a means of movement and that those transported their things.

Despite small sizes and funny appearance, the breed refers to shepherds.

Modern dog breeders are closer to which the breed has appeared due to enthusiasts from Cardiganshire county, which is located in Wales. After crossing the Welsh Corgi with texes, the external exterior of the resulting this move was highlighted by short paws and a long body shape.

In the XVIII century, the pembird pembird dog breeders were in demand, which differed from Cardigans more attractive appearance. By the end of the XIX century, at exhibitions it was possible to meet natives of Pembrokushar, from here and numerous conflicts between dog breeds of two similar breeds. Often during the speeches there were fights, the reason for which prizes became.

Considering present situation In 1934, the creators of the English Kennel Club came to mind the idea to divide two types and allocate them in independent breeds. Additional distinguishing features have become kept at pexbroks.

Even after that, the breed described for a long time remained unclaimed, rarely it was possible to meet its worthy representatives at exhibitions. Dogs hid in the shade of their relative. To other countries they began to bring them many decades later, and in Russia they have gained popularity since 2000.


There is a standard according to which the breed is described. These small dogs possess long body and short wide legs. They are very movable, love to frolic and play. Prefer to spend time on the street, so in the apartment often bored and fall into depression.

If you compare them with pembeds, the body has a larger cardigan, weight can reach 17 kilograms. Dogs have a lot of similar to dachshunds: legs slightly bent, chest massive, silhouette smooth line. These dogs are real hard workers, they do not like the exhibition, because they are not interested.

The head proportional, the muzzle is in moderation stretched, the skull is wide, but narrows closer to the location of the eye. Animal has a strong jaw. Bite most often scissor-shaped, but maybe horizontal.

Middle of the nose of medium size, black, fleshy. Iris has a dark shade. The eyes are not round, planted far, the angles are well evaporated. If the individual has a marble shade of wool, her eyes can be blue that the standard is permissible.

At Welsh Corgi-Cardigan’s ears standing, rather large, on the tips rounded. If the animal is alert, they are a little leaning forward, and when the dog is at rest, diverge in different directions. They have a pretty wide and long, muscular, smoothly turning into the shoulders.

Welsh Corgi-Cardigans are well visible to the line of the waist, the case is long, there are no convex or checked parts of the body. From the part, you might think that the dog’s paws are like toy, in fact they possess sufficient power to make a push during a forced jump. Limb small length, pillies plump.

Front paws are a bit twisted, which is most noticeable if you look at the face of the face.

The tail at Welsh Corgi-Cardigans should be lowered and slightly lowered down. If the animal is in the state of excitement, it can be slightly raised, but not rolled into the bagel.

These are short-haired dogs, moderately rigid hairs of which are tightly adjacent to the body, there is a tight undercoat under them. Wool in the measure smooth, should not be too soft or tough. If the cover is long and soft, then this is a defect.

Less requirements are presented to the color of wool. By the breed of Welsh Corgi-cardigan can have any shade of woolen cover. Most often you can meet the following colors:

  • ginger+
  • black+
  • Tiger+
  • tricolor+
  • Blue Merle+
  • marble.

    Even the presence of few white marks is allowed, but they should not dominate the main color.

    There is a list of defects that breeders try to exclude from the breed. Among them are not only hanging ears, but also a completely blue eye color, the ears of ears are not black.


    If a person is in finding a good and obedient assistant, then this one is the breed to pay attention to. Welsh Corgi-Cardigans demonstrate maximum peace and patience even when communicating with children.

    From the side, you might think that they are phlegmatic, lazy, but it is not because the animal will always respond to the game.

    One of the advantages of the representatives of the described breed is the ability to get around with other animals. Jealousy – unfamiliar feeling for this dog.

    But as for the strangers, they will not trust them and necessarily. If the dog is correctly raising, then she will not be hooligan and noise in the house, and if it happens, there is always a reason.

    Pots of the breed of the Velsh-Corgi-Cardigan are despicable, do not show obsessiveness, possess a good character, but do not allow to offend themselves. They love to spend time with the owner, but in absence it will be patiently wait. Very convenient to keep the dog in a small area of ​​the room, because it does not raise excess noise.

    Representatives of this breed are distinguished by intelligence and ingenuity, but the lack of independence they have more connected with the age-old accommodation side by side with a person. But the Welsh Corgi-Cardigan do not seek to put themselves above the host, since they are not familiar with such a feeling like ambitiousness. A person does not have to prove his power to conquer the authority from the representative of the breed, it is enough to give more time and give love to an animal.

    If earlier the breed was used as a good shepherd and guard for sheep and cows, today it is a wonderful guard, despite the modest dimensions. Welsh Corgi-Cardigan will immediately rise to protect the child if it feels danger. Danger, the dog can perceive even a small violation of invisible boundaries. In this case, he will pull the child behind the leg, returning it to a safe zone.

    Encourage such behavior is not worth it, because the next time an animal may bite the child to the child. Scolding Welsh Corgi-Cardigan should not be necessary, you just need to calmly free the baby and pursue a dog’s finger.

    Life expectancy

    The described breed can be safely ranked to long-livers. In 2004, official statistics of the life expectancy of Welsh Corgi-Cardigan were collected. On average, these dogs please the owners with their good temper 12 years.

    Among the main reasons why the dog dies, one can note the natural old age and the formation of cancer tumors. If a person provides an animal to the right care, it will be able to live to 15 years.

    How to choose a puppy?

    Good genetics in many ways affects the life expectancy and dog behavior.

    Today there are not so many nurseries, where it would be possible to acquire a representative of this breed, hence the high cost of puppies.

    At the time of purchase it is important to pay attention to how the animal meets the standard of appearance. If there is no experience, then it is desirable to enlist the support of a specialist. Checologists advise paying attention to the following points.

    • Male, unlike bitch, more trusting, but he always clearly fulfills the task, he learns to teams faster. Girls described breed have a flexible character and can always adjust the mood.
    • Welsh Corgi-Cardigan always inherits the physical features of his parents, so when searching for this champion, you should require when buying their diplomas, where sports achievements are described.
    • Before tie a male and female individual, breeders spend two dysplasis tests. Results can be requested when buying a puppy, so a person will be able to protect himself from the purchase of a puppy with bad heredity.
    • Acquire a dog stands aged 8-12 weeks. You can face the situation when a puppy is put up for sale in 45 days, but self-respecting yourself and your authority do not do the nurseries, because they hold the dog until it passes the necessary vaccination and does not grow.
    • If you choose between several nurseries, then preference should be given to where the animal is grown outside the city. There are no close cells, so the development of them is different. Such puppies are healthy and strong.

      A nursery who takes care of his reputation is always with great responsibility to the issue of selling Velsh Corgi-Cardigan. They do not reserve puppies and do not reset the cost. If the seller is ready to give up, you need to think about the reasons. As a rule, the price is shrinkable when the animal has a number of serious defects. Only a specialist can see them if they do not concern the vices of physical development.

      The cost of the puppy with good pedigree, vaccinations and stigs hesitates in the area of ​​80-100 thousand rubles.

      Conditions for content

      Although Velsh-Corgi-cardigan is famous for its activity, bring the dog to exhaustion, to train every day, is not worth. In the morning and in the evening, walk with a dog or freestyle. To maintain health, simple games are also suitable for nature.

      The presented breed has its own feature – thick, although not long wool with a dense undercoat. With the arrival of the summer, the walk will need to be transferred to earlier morning or evening, you can choose a shady park, next to water.

      The dog can overheat in the sun.

      In the spring and autumn, due to short paws, the stomach of the PSA is covered with mud. Even after a short walk in the rain, you will need to wash the animal. Some dog breeders found another way out – raincoat, stitched specifically for Velsh Corgi-Cardigan. Find such possible without difficulty in the pet store.

      When choosing a partner for a walk for PSA worth staying on a small breed dog. The fact is that the cardigan is not afraid of the sizes of other animals and in the event of a conflict situation will demonstrate its courage. If a friend’s companion becomes Caucasian Shepherd or another large breed, then Velsh Chergi-Cardigan may suffer.

      Special attention of the dog breeding requires the cavity of the mouth of the dog. Teeth – a weak point of representatives of the breed, often have to face periodontal disease. Veterinarians recommend regular cleaning using special tools sold in pet store.

      Another problem is obesity with which you can easily fight if you offer the dog proper nutrition. The rest of the Welsh Corgi-Cardigan has excellent health. Genetic ailments Animal inherits from their parents, which is why it is so important to choose the puppy correctly, paying attention to the pedigree. Often the dog described the rock suffer from:

      • Cataracts+
      • Keratitis+
      • Food allergies+
      • Eczema+
      • cancec+
      • Dysplasia joints.

      Than feed?

      Food plays an important role in the formation of a healthy offspring. Welsh Corgi-Cardigan is not welcomed to food, hence and the risk of obesity. When the owner does not want to engage in animals or he does not have enough time on it, the whole diet can be reduced to the consumption of dry feed.

      Some dogs in response arises allergies, in rare cases, the color of wool changes, especially for individuals with white cover. With constant use of dry low quality feed, the dog breeding has to face problems with the intestines at the pet.

      Everything is much easier if feeding the Welsh Corgi-Cardigan Healthy, Natural Food. PSU is perfect for lean, well frozen meat. Portion should consist of 20 grams per kilogram of a dog.

      In the list of healthy food products – Liquid porridge, cook which stands on meat broth, sometimes on milk. Portion will need to correctly count on. Welsh Corgi-Cardigan may require additives, but it is not needed, just this breed likes to compose. Be sure to include apples, fermented milk products, zucchini and carrots.

      Rice and buckwheat porridge is useful to squeeze in a small amount of vegetable oil or fish fat.

      A couple of times a week allowed to feed the animal by the sub-products. The diet may also attend:

      • Boiled chicken+
      • Non-fat sea red fish+
      • eggs+
      • Bread Sucari.

        In no case give the dog mushrooms, nuts, legumes, grapes, because they cause flatulence.

        Obesity provides excessive baking consumption, sausages, sweets and pasta. All this dog breeding should try to exclude from the diet of the animal. Extremely harmful Velsh Corgi Cardigan Chocolate.

        How to care?

        The dog of any breed would prefer to live not in the apartment, but in a private house where you can regularly walk in your own yard. Unfortunately, there is no such possibility, but even a small space described breed is loyal. Dog will not be offended if you leave it all day alone, but the evening or morning walk is extremely necessary for maintaining health.

        As soon as it appears the opportunity to go beyond the city or go to the park, be sure to take with you your pet.

        Camping a separate place for an animal in the apartment, you need to take into account the features of his body. If it is a laying mattress, then it is better if it is orthopedic. When choosing a bowl for water or food, it is necessary to give preference to the product that has an adjustable stand. The dog should not be very tilted.

        Care for Welsh Corgi-Cardigan is simple, as its wool has unique water and dirt-repellent properties. Experienced breeders do not advise abuse with swimming pools. Only one bath day should be scheduled for 3 months, it is enough to keep the animal wool clean. Shampoo is bought in a specialized store, and only for hard wool.

        Linka at Welsh Corgai Cardigans happens twice a year. Wool from them remains a lot, she literally everywhere in the house. Inexperienced breeders of dogs remain unhappy with this, but it happens only for the first time, with age, the amount of animal wool in the house becomes less.

        To care for a dog, a small arsenal combs like a massage brush or a rip-up in the form of a robber. At the time of molting, the wool is combed several times a day, paying special attention to the undercoat.

        Care and care require ears. To remove a simple dirt, it is enough to have a specialized veterinary lotion and cotton tampons at hand. When signs of infection immediately need to contact the veterinarian.

        Be sure to trim the dog claws twice a month, otherwise they will laugh and deliver discomfort to the animal. Pet shop can be purchased a specialized tool. Dog to this procedure is involved since childhood.

        Education and training

        Welsh Corgi-Cardigan demonstrates the mind and intelligence during training. Even novice dog breeders do not arise with contact establishment. The most important thing is not to overdo it with monotony, but it’s not worth screaming on the animal. The dog understands everything from the first time, to prove his dominant position will not be.

        Breed has a playful temperament, so it is better to master everything in the game. The lesson should pass at ease, easy. If you demand from the dog too much, in a rough form, then she will soon lose interest and stop perceiving teams. In the learning process, it is impossible not to take into account the fact that Welsh Corgi-Cardigan is a shepherd dog that cannot be a security or service.

        Puppy socialize since childhood as soon as he appeared in the house. No need to wait 6 months for this, then it will be more difficult to teach the animal to the normal perception of other people and animals. The learning process should be built in the following order:

        • Training first skills to go to the toilet+
        • Teaching to collar and leash+
        • Establishing frames permitted+
        • Studying teams.

            You can learn to walk the Welsh Corgi Cardigan to the toilet on the tray or diaper, but better if the dog learns to tolerate and wait until he is launched for a walk.

            From 3 months puppy may begin to get acquainted with its surrounding space. For this, it is trying to take it more often to the street in the park, the courtyard, where there are other animals. Already in 5 months the dog is able to learn the simplest teams. From this period you need to explain to her that barking is bad for no reason, even if another dog ran nearby.

            You can teach the PSA even acrobatic circus numbers, but you need to remember that the jumps are categorically contraindicated. Short paws will not be able to protect the PSA from the strike of the Earth, if it jumps from a high height, the internal organs of the animal may suffer as a result.

            As with the upbringing of the child, in a certain period, the dog occurs in a transitional age. At six months, he can suddenly stop listening to teams, will become a wrinkled, non-permanent. Sometimes shoes suffer from such behavior. The owner will need to show patience – it will pass when the dog matches. Shout and all the more beat it is not worth it.

            All about the breed of dogs Welsh-Corgi-Cardigan, see the following video.

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