WelshTherer: Description, Content and Training

WelshTherer: Description, Content and Training

Miniature and energetic Wielstistra consider one of the bright representatives of the Norny Ps. This four-way creature is characterized by fearlessness, friendly and difficult character.

History of origin

There are a large number of types of terriers on the planet, some of which have already disappeared, but left heirs. Welshterrier is one of the representatives of hunting dogs whose first owners were the Wales Farmer. People used charming dogs to combat rodents. For the first time about representatives of this breed, they were mentioned in the XVI century, this is evidenced by engraving with a dog image.

The official recognition of the Breed of the Wales Terrier occurred in 1886, a little later by dog ​​breeds was established by the standard of this breed. Currently, the worsterrier is quite popular in England, which is considered his homeland, USA and Germany.

There is information that at the time of the formation of the phenotype, Foxterrier, Irish Terrier, Lakendterrier.

Description of breed

Welstters – these are small dogs who are inherent strength and endurance. The maximum body of the dog can be 10 kilograms. In the height of the males reach 0.39 meters, females are more compact. Animal Head has a square shape, clear outline, flat strong forehead. Animal teeth are characterized by a fortress and snow-white, as well as scissor bite.

The nose was a classic square shape, it painted in black. Nostrils Pets are widely disclosed. Welly Terrier Inherent Little Eyes. A look at the PSA smart, alive, full of interest. Ears have a triangular shape. Square torso, but exudes physical power and potential.

Oval neck covered with muscle fibers, she is wider than the head, rather than near the head. The legs at the Velsteroire are located in parallel to each other, they have a strong knee joint, as well as pronounced knee bending. The tail in the animal is located high, it can be stopped. Dog wool is characterized by rigidity, density and dense. Usually the fur is painted reddish-brown with black or black with gray.

Black coloring does not fall below the jumping joint.

Modern Veshterrian has the following varieties:

  • worker+
  • exhibition.

The distinction of the animal of the first species is its strong backbone and hard wool. Such dogs are used as a healthy beast during hunting. At the exhibition beast softer wool and easier skeleton.


Wales Terriers are cheerful, shavy and energetic creatures, they are excellent companions. This is a smart and obedient animal, which can be easily managed in everyday life. Logging and fearless pets do not combine with dog aggressiveness. Welshterrier tries not to participate in conflicts, but if necessary, he may stand for himself.

The representative of this breed is cunning, stubborn and resourceful, he always tries to achieve what he needs. Pet is unpredictable in behavior in relation to other living beings in the house. With other breeds, it can easily find a common language that you can not say about the attitude towards cats. Small animals and birds he considers as potential prey.

Willshters are sincerely committed to their owners, they with adoration treat all family members.

Unconscious people call the dog alertness or indifference. Since this is a pretty brave dog, she is always ready to stand up on the defense of its owner and property. Since the dog has hunting roots, he is curious and energetic participates in the hunt and pursuit of small beasts. Lack of attention can lead to the destructive state of the dog. Most of the breed of the Wales Terrier is suitable for active people. Such pets should not start phlegmatic personalities.

Life expectancy

Wales Terrier is characterized by endurance and health strength, as it has a good genetics. Among the hereditary diseases of the representatives of this breed can be called the following:

  • Eye illnesses – among the common diseases of the organs of vision, they allocate cataracts, dislocation of lens, glaucoma+
  • Allergic reactions+
  • Thyroid Function Disorder+
  • Delf dermatological diseases+
  • epilepsy.

To increase the life expectancy of a pytivarius, as well as maintain health, it needs proper and balanced nutrition. And also the owner of the Wielstistra should not forget about the timely visits to the veterinarian, regular vaccinations, processing from parasites. On average, the life expectancy of the representative of this breed ranges from 14 to 16 years.

Conditions for content

Education of the Wales Terrier is not a completely easy process, which you can not say about the content of this animal. Due to the small sizes of the body of this pet, you can keep in the apartment and private house. The dog is characterized by activity, so needs frequent outdoor walks, as well as in physical exertion. Provided that the pet lives in a country house, he will be able to walk for a long time on the household plot.

Weltersterior can be kept in the aviary, but it is prohibited to plant it on the chain. When walking in the city of Psa, you need to keep on a leash, as it can run for the object of interest.

This breed of dogs does not apply to the “sofa”, so the owner will have to walk it for a long time and play active games.

Than feed?

Proper and full nutrition is the basis of the health and activity of the pet, in particular the Wales Terrier. Veneracts are unpretentious in food, they are suitable like dry food and home products. When choosing a natural power supply, it is worth remembering that in the diet of the pet must be present such ingredients as:

  • Meat and meat products+
  • Non-fat dairy products+
  • Buckwheat and rice porridge+
  • eggs+
  • vegetables and fruits.

It is impossible to give the Welly Terrier potatoes, flour, pork, salinity, smoked and sweets. Since this is a small animal is active and physically loaded, it should be given vitamins and minerals. Feeding ready-made industrial feeds is much easier than the previous version, since it already includes the components that are necessary for the normal life of the organism of the dog.

If the pet to taste is homemade food, then in a veterinary pharmacy you can purchase additives.

How to care?

Willshters are rigid-haired dogs, so they need trimming, plucking mature wool hand with the use of tool. Trimming is worth starting from three months old, while you need to pull the fur throughout the body, with the exception of the mustache and beard. Show dogs need a special exhibition scheme. Pet trimming from 2 to 4 times a year.

Bathing representatives of this breed must be required more than once for a month. In the process of washing the dogs you need to use shampoos intended for the type of wool. If the animal is contained in the aviary, it is necessary to bathe only in the summer, and in winter the fur is cleaned with snow with snow. And also the owner of the Wielstiberian should not forget that his pet is needed daily inspection of auditory shells, eyes. Pet need to regularly brush your teeth and coat claws.

Education and training

Wales terriers have a strong hunting instinct, for this reason they should be involved in communicating with other animals and train from early age. The dog is inherent in developed intelligence, so even a young dog without difficulty absorbs new information and teams. With the beds, it is better to use the game form of training, she is in spirit. Sometimes in the upbringing, the animal may exercise stubbornness, so The owner will need patience and stubbornness in training PSA.

Theism of the Wielststerior contributes to the fact that Even at the side of the owner and his elevated voice tone, he understands what is required. Representatives of this breed are observed only by the leaders, so in the eyes of the animal, the owner must deserve authority. During the training of PSA, it is worth encouraging it, praise, motivate and treat. Repeat the desire to learn from a pet can swear and physical punishment.

Properly educated terriers are excellent helpers, they can bring sneakers, newspaper, collecting toys in the basket. This animal can become an excellent circus artist, since its ability to perform various tricks. Dog sociability allows him to work with the public.

The process of training of the Wielststerior is to carry out in a closed room, since due to curiousness, the animal may be distracted from classes.

After purchasing the Worstterster, the owner may noted the following benefits of the breed:

  • activity+
  • sociability+
  • balanced nature+
  • Good endurance+
  • learning.

As well as the content of the representative of this breed has some disadvantages, namely:

  • strong attachment to man+
  • Possible nervous breakdowns+
  • mischievous, stubborn and too excitable.

The Wales Terrier will become an excellent inquisitive companion for a person, and the dog’s intelligence will allow to grow a raised pet that performs a lot of teams.

About the features of the breed, see the video below.

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