White Cat Breed Review of Turkish Angora

White Cat Breed Review of Turkish Angora

Sometimes I want someone who warms the soul nearby – Pet. The cat will not only warm you, but will be your friend. What kind of breed to choose? There are many varieties of cats: from Sphinx to Maine Coon, this is a matter of taste of each. But if you want a dazzling white cat with deep smart eyes and a fluffy tail that has a calm and peace-loving temper, then Turkish Angora is exactly your pet.


Although it is known about this breed a long time ago, from the middle of the XV century, it was finally formed only at the end of the XIX century. Officially received recognition relatively recently, in the mid-1970s. It is believed that the ancestors of the Angora breed were Middle Eastern wild and African domesticated cats. The breed appeared on the territory of modern Turkey.

At that time, the capital was called Angora, hence the name of this cat. The breed has undergone some changes, after which it has gained special popularity.

Throughout the time the owners of this cat could be only prominent, noble people. Despite its popularity, this breed could disappear due to bleeding, but now nothing threatens her.


Angora cats possess the following characteristics.

  • Soft wool, fluffy medium length. On the neck, tail and on the hind legs are a little longer. It has a small undercoat.
  • Classic Color is pure-white, but lately there are beige, brown, gray and red colors.
  • Cat has the right proportions, small size, males reach 5 kilograms, the females are almost half.
  • Head of a peculiar pointed form. Thin Neck, Elegant Body and Long Paws. Tail is longer than other cats, very fluffy.
  • Eyes have an oriental incision. Usually green, yellow or blue, there are multicolored.


Describe the nature of the Angora breed in one word will not work. On the one hand, a pet is independent, calm with a psyche stand, on the other hand, sociable, playful and inquisitive. Loves toys very much, but upon occasion can find a living goal. Adores outdoor walks.

Angora cat is very smart. Can master some tricks: bring a toy or, on the contrary, hide, open the door, play hide and seek. It is always predicted to one owner. Gets well with children, to someone’s careful, gets used to. Does not carry rudeness, physical punishment, loud cry. If offended, capable of small dirty.

Pet care

Adult cat

Note the following recommendations of specialists.

  • Wool Turkish Angora requires special care: it is necessary to often determine its fur coat for the warning of koltuns, especially during molting. Bathing is often not required, but to keep the snow-white color, this procedure needs to be carried out about once a month using special means.
  • Eyes. Behind the eyes also requires care: you need to rub them daily, moistened with a special tool. If you notice itching, redness, zaking, suppuration or any other symptoms – immediately consult with the veterinarian.
  • Teeth. No special care cat is not required for the oral cavity, it is not necessary to clean the teeth toothbrush once every 2 weeks to prevent caries.
  • Ears It is necessary to purify as contamination, rubbing with cotton chopsticks or special napkins, moistened in hydrogen peroxide or in a specialized preparation. If you accidentally discovered the appearance of an ear tick, consult the veterinarian.
  • Claws need to cut about once a month, if necessary – more often. Also required.
  • Tray need to select individually, like a litter.
  • Also need to take care About the place to sleep pet.


The care of the kitten does not differ in principle from the care of adults. But still there are several tips.

  • You should not bathe a pet often, it can get sick due to weak immunity.
  • Especially need to take care of eye health, ensure that no suppuration, swelling, redness.
  • To accustom to the tray of the kitten of this breed is pretty easy, but it is necessary to choose the right place, the shape of the tray and filler, since it is at that age the main habits are formed.
  • It is also important to ensure that the kitten does not have any aurous diseases formed.


Kittens need to feed often, at the beginning of the attachment it is necessary to introduce a pet with various products. In order not to load the body, act on the principle, one day – one new product. Similarly, you can find out the preferences of the pet. Offer food is needed at the same time, start from 6 times a day, with time to reduce feeding up to 4 times.

Adult Cat need to feed often and gradually, 3-4 times a day. So that it does not gain overweight, it is necessary to avoid fatty and calorie products.

In order for your pet for all the elements, it is necessary to carry out a course of receiving vitamins 2 times a year.

In the diet can be Poultry, Pork, Beef, Sea Fish without Bones, Vegetables, Different Cereals.It is important to completely exclude: potatoes, legumes, Liver, bread, smoked, salty, sharp. Make a balanced food is easy, but if you do not have time for it, you can translate to finished feeds that must be Premium class. Remember, even a good feed can cause a urolithiasis.

A little about health

Degelmintization, the necessary vaccinations and processing from different parasites should be carried out on a schedule installed by the veterinarian. Although the body of this breed is quite strong and the owner does not deliver the owner, some diseases of these cats did not bypassed. These include: Ataxia, cardiovascular diseases, tumors are possible.

To prevent diseases, just once every six months visiting the vet and perform the necessary prophylactic measures. With good cat leave able to live to 20 years. White cats of breed Turkish Angora can have congenital vices, such as deafness and squint. Therefore, when choosing a kitten is worth conducting uncomplicated tests.

About the features of the breed is told in the video below.

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