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Wool care poodle

The main decoration of the poodle is his woolen cover. In order for the poodle to always had a flawless look, you need to carefully care for him. Keep in mind that the wool of this dog has its own characteristics.


Most dogs have druising hairs during molts, but the poodles are different: they are confused in curls and remain there. That is why the dog should regularly calculate at least twice a week. It is best to use a large comb with frequent teeth or a massage brush.

Pulling is made by alternating movements and against wool, before the procedure, you should certainly see the pet’s body for scratches, abrasion, damage, and fleas and ticks.

It is not necessary to calculate dry wool – it is advisable to use special oil or spray-air conditioning. Cooling is carried out ranging from tips towards roots so as not to leave a single raw area. If there are koltuns in the wool, they are disassembled by their hands and only after that paste. To facilitate action, you can use a special anti-coltual.

Young poodles need to leave daily, because their wool is thinner and less often than adult pets.

The washing up

Padel loves all the noisy procedures, it is important to understand that dirty wool does not grow – this is the basic rule of growing dogs with a healthy hairproof. You can wash pets from three-month age.

Exhibition Dogs Batter every 10-14 days, usual – once every 1-2 months.

Shampoos of such species are used for washing: for deep purification, bleaching, painted wool, and there are special means to give volume and structuring hairs, and it is allowed to use several detergents at once within one wash.

Shampoos are bred with water and applied in a liquid form, it is necessary to clean your pet well and achieve the appearance of foam. If the wool is strongly fan, you can rinse it twice.

After swimming, they must be applied to balm, it is also pre-bred for convenience. Hold balsam on wool in accurately according to the instruction of the procedure time, after which it is cooled with water.

After that, the dog is placed in the bath and press the hairs with their hands – you don’t need to wipe the wool with a towel, it will be enough just to wrap a pet so that the fabric absorb the rest of moisture.

IMPORTANT: The head should be washed with great care – the ears when carrying out the procedure, it is necessary to close with cotton swabs, and after washing gently wipe their soft gauze.

Drying a dog is allowed using a hair dryer – for this, individual strands are pulled by a brush and send a jet of warm air to them. The drying starts from the head, then go to the back and sides, finish the treatment of tail and paw.

Washing the poodle is best to spend in the evening so that after washing the dog remains warm and until the morning walk managed to completely dry. And one more important rule – in whatever time you are making your pet, after the procedure, the wool must certainly be carefully calculated.

A haircut

Poodle – a dog with unique wool, so it should be regularly cut. Usually they turn to the dogmalachera for this, to maintain the neat view, you should adjust the haircut once every 1.5-2 months.

The most popular poodle haircuts include the following.

  • Modern is one of the most common hairstyles. In this case, the wool on the head is made in the form of a crown so that the eyes are clearly visible. At the same time, a straight line with the neck is formed on the sides, on the face the wool is divided into the inner corners of the eyes, as well as under the eyes, after which the lower jaw and neck “cut”. Breasts are cut towards the elbows to the elbows, so that a smooth transition is created from the waist. On the back, stomach and cereal leave the hairs with a length of about 1 cm, on the legs are made up of “pants”, the paws themselves near the fingers perform completely. Tail attached a spherical shape.

  • a lion – In this case, the head is also littered in the form of the crown so that the eyes are visible. On the lips usually leave the mustache, and the wool on the ears is slightly lifted. Hair on the chest, neck and torso until the last ribs leave extended, and croup, hips, lower back and knees are very short. Fluffy pumps are formed on the thrush and cranky joints.

  • English saddle – This hairstyle differs from the “Lion” by the fact that on the sides of the wool the machine is cut off by semi-rays, and it is left near the vertebra 3-4 cm long. On the hind legs, wool align so to get “pants”.

  • Puppy – as follows from the name, this haircut is optimal for young dogs. Typically, in the first months, only the attachment poodle, the sweeter is left all over the body in the maximum length, slightly aligning with scissors. By 8-10 months, when the wool changes completely, puppies cut a little differently – the head is sinking the same as before, and the rest of the fighter is shortened to 3-4 cm without losing the waist. Tail make with pompon.

Separate attention deserves care for the coarse on the head. In the period between exhibitions, long sections are usually tightened into small beams and fixed with rubber band: or silicone, or soft tissue. Some breeders use papillos.

Wool near the besses wrap in a comfortable plastic material or in special papers, they usually scroll them several times and fasten the elastic band, trying not to tighten the ear in itself – it can cause tissue necrosis.

There are quite a lot of other haircut options, if the poodle is not an exhibition, the model is limited exclusively to the fantasy of the breeder.

Other tips on caring for wool poodle can be found in the video below.

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