Yavanian cat: what looks like and how to care for her?

Yavanian cat: what looks like and how to care for her?

Yavanian cat or Yavaneza consider a rather popular breed. This animal is characterized by the eastern features of appearance, as well as a playful character.

History of origin

Motherland of the Yavansky Cat is considered North America. The breed was removed as a result of the experiment of young scientists: m. Davis and E. Stenner. The aim of women was to eliminate a cat, which will have an external similarity with oriental, as well as long wool painted by Point shades. In 1978, they crossed the representatives of the Siamese breed with Balinese cats. The result of painstaking work was the birth of kids with long fluffy wool and the color of the Siamese breed.

In 1979, Yavannez was officially registered. To date, the Yavanian cat recognized many international fengological organizations, including WCF and FIFE.


The Javanese cat is a medium-sized pet, she has a massive body structure, which you will not say about other individuals of oriental breeds. Torochik is characterized by an extended shape, it is elegant and flexible, musculature is developed very well. Feet at pets Long and strong, pillows on the legs are small, they have an oval form. The tail is thin, and by graduation narrows.

The neck is long, beautiful, on it is the head with the right wedge-shaped form. Yavanese ears are widely supplied, they are large, with pointed tips. The muzzle of the cat is characterized by an elongated form and rounded cheeks. Nose long and straight. Pet’s eyes have a almond shape, they are widely supplied and somewhat coit. The color of the visual organs can have any shade of green or blue.

Fur Yavanese silky, soft and pleasant to the touch. Shorthair cat has no undercoat. The collar consists of long hair, as well as the tail. The weight of an adult individual rarely exceeds 5 kilograms.

Character features

Javanese cats are characterized by severe affection for their owners. They like not to miss the owner out of sight and not to move away from it. Animal prefers to be close to a man during sleep, and also often sit on his hands. This pet is not so noisy as Siamese, however, stubbornness in it as much. The cat constantly wants attention to himself, and also shows the desire for widespread control.

Yavaneza distinguishes intelligence, dexterity and sportiness. Kittens love to play and climb on trees and brake. Adult pet can be taught walking on a leash, as well as perform some tricks. To the animal did not make a mess in the house, it is worth borrowing anything or toy. Such a breed of cats does not fit pedantic and calm people.

Painful for Javanese cats is loneliness, so it is recommended to start several pets at once. This breed is considered one of the most kind of light. The cat is characterized quickly to find a common language with all family members.

In relation to children, animals do not show aggression.

Options Color

Unlike Balinese cats, yavalnesses are usually painted by Point shades. Long and painstaking work of scientists brought the animal with the following possible colors.

  • Solid Color Point, Basic white color. Such color can have a variety of shades, for example, light smoky, silver, red or cream with pink spout, cinnamon color with beige spout, and a fawne with a gentle pink nose.
  • Links Point. This type of color can have different options, ranging from blue and finishing.
  • Pati Color Point can have a variety of combinations of staining.

Conditions of detention

Since Yavannez is an animal with a rather active way of life, its habitat should be spacious. That is, if you have a small-sized apartment, then it is better to give up from the pet of this breed. An ideal option can be called a country house, because it is there that the cat will have a lot of entertainment space. They are not soleed very well, but there are exceptions in this rule. In this case, the owner should be prepared for the fact that the animal will touch even prohibited items.

If such an opportunity is available, then it is worth walking as often as possible to the Yavanian cat. For such procedures, leash and polls must be purchased in advance. This breed of cats for the soul of the game in the fresh air, they are well appreciated on the hands.

The owner is worth protecting the pet from aggression from strangers and dogs, as it can end for Yavanza traumatic.

With regard to care, these cats are undemanding, so there are no problems with them. Some difficulties can be with a pet’s wool, as you will need to watch it constantly. Properties and structure of the fur of the Yavanian cat contribute to the ease of care. Animals have no undercoat, their fur coat is characterized by silkness and subtlety. That’s why Combing the cat just once every 7 days.

Water causes a fear of the Yavanian breed, so they are negative. Bathing such an animal is not more often over a year, as the cat independently copes with this task. If it was still decided to batting a cat, then it is worth useing Special zoological shampoo, which is intended for fine-seat pets.

Since the ears have a curious Javanese big, they often gather dirt in them. Therefore, animal sinks need to be cleaned several times a week, using a cotton disk, moistened in hydrogen peroxide or a special agent. Wipe the eyes of Yavanasha stands every morning. For this purpose, we use cotton swabs dipped in boiled water. A good option will be the use of grasses brave, for example, chamomile, calendula.

Procurement of claws of the Javanese cat is required several times a month. The owner should be taken to this procedure with special scissors. To the cat can independently delete the erased nail records, it will need high-quality brazetchka. And so that the favorite does not have problems with teeth and gums, the owner costs every 7 days to carry out hygienic procedures in the cat’s oral cavity. The best option for these events will be pasta, which does not require washing, and a small soft brush.

As a toilet, Yavalneza is suitable for any trailer, as the cat’s special requirements in this regard has no. The filler should also be selected at its own discretion.


In the feeding of the Yavanian cat, you should stick to two rules:

  • Use only fresh food and high-quality feed+
  • do not bring an animal before overproing.

    This breed of cats, like the Himalayan family, has a tendency to overeat and suffer from this obesity. High activity is peculiar to Javaneza, so they often spend almost the entire stock of vitamin B, which is why its shortage can be observed.

    The owner of the baby should be added to the main diet of the kitten eighth of the teaspoon of beer yeast.

    So that the carrice of the pet looked beautiful, the yavana is better to give balanced feed, in which amino acids and zinc are present. The whimsality of this animal is not relevant for the nutrition, however, it is worth feeding it right. The optimal option for pet will be dry industrial premium food. The fish feed this breed is not suitable, since it can become dull and dark.

    The best feeds for adult yavalnes can be called the following:

    • Royal Canin Indoor – This is a French Premium Product+
    • Acana Grasslands – Canadian holistic+
    • Summit Original Indoor Cat Recipe – Canadian Super Premium Product+
    • Fitmin for Life Hairball – Czech food of the highest category+
    • Go! Natural Chicken, TURKEY + DUCK RECIPE – Canadian holistic.

    Kittens can give such types of feed:

    • up to four months old – WAHRE LIEBE JUNGE+
    • From Double-month Age – Orijen Cat & Kittens+
    • Royal Canin Kitten.

    If the owner of the Yavansky Cat prefers natural products for feeding a pet, he must remember that it is prohibited to mix them with the store. The basis of the diet of the animal should be meat, since it is in it an indispensable amino acids. The menu may consist of such products:

    • Beef in the form of by-products and muscular fabric+
    • chicken+
    • Rice, buckwheat, oatmeal+
    • Vegetables, greens, with the exception of potatoes, onions, spicy herbs+
    • Cottage cheese, kefir, Prostokvash+
    • a raw egg.

    Daily percentage of protein in Yavanese food should not exceed 60 percent, otherwise the quality of animal wool may suffer. In turn, fats should be no more than 30 percent. In the food of cats, you can add egg yolk, vegetable oil or animal origin. Carbohydrates should be the least. Getting vitamins comes from consumption of vegetables and milk products.


    On the territory of Russia, this breed of cats is not very popular. The greatest distribution is observed in America, Canada. The breeding of this animal is engaged in the nursery, the main focus of which is the Balinese and oriental breed.

    Breed cats on their own – a very laborious business, and it will be very difficult to implement it. The breeder will need to receive an appropriate education, open a nursery, acquire animals, to participate with them in exhibitions to admit. Just so to breed yavalnesses, in the conditions of an apartment or at home, will not work.

    The Yavanian cat is an animal that has a good and non-aggressive character, it is playfully and very much man. Lowing in the house of such a resident, can be acquired by an intelligent friend for adults and children.

    About how to care for Yavanny cats, look in the following video.

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