Review of the trash can Xiaomi

Review of the trash can Xiaomi

Chinese brand Xiaomi long surprises buyers with original products with useful performance. It was this company first guessed to automate the garbage packaging process. So there was a “smart” trash bin, the convenience of which has already been appreciated by many users. Consider the features of this unique device in more detail.

About brand

Xiaomi – Chinese company, founded in 2010. Today she is known for the release of smartphones, tablets, headphones, fitness bracelets. Besides, The company offers “Smart products” for home. For example, many have heard of a heated toilet cover, a bidet function and illumination. Another example of comfortable arrangement – automated laundry dryer.

In 2014, the company introduced a whole home automation system. Smart Home includes alarm, surveillance cameras, night lights, home appliances control unit. And it has reached the topics of garbage. Special bucket TOWNEW T1 decorates the house and facilitates the life of his residents.


The product is supplied in a cardboard box filled with protective elements of foam. The kit includes a bucket, cartridge with garbage packages (28 pieces) and charger. And also attached instructions. It is written in Chinese, but detailed illustrations allow you to easily deal with the connection of the device.

Bucket can be kept constantly included in the outlet. If this option does not fit you, you can simply periodically charge it. Built-in battery (2000 mA · h) runs about 45 days. To fully fill the charge, it takes 10 hours. During recharging, there is an internal illumination. When the process ends, it turns off.


The model is called Xiaomi Townew T1 Smart Trash. Bucket made of plastic, has a rectangular shape with rounded edges. Dimensions of the device 40.2x28x24 cm. It should be noted that the bucket should remain free space for at least 70 cm. Otherwise, the lid will not be able to fully open. So if you plan to put a bucket under the sink, make sure the places are enough.

The container is hermetically closed. Its volume is 15.5 liters. Size can be called average, but it is quite enough for domestic use.

Bucket performed in minimalistic modern design. The manufacturer offers models in two colors: white and black. Both versions of matte.

And there are two specifications. The first has rubberized legs, pallet (in case of garbage flow) and 3 LEDs on the inner surface of the cover. The second option is cheaper. The pallet and legs are not here, but there are 6 LEDs.

Principle of operation

When a person comes to the bucket and makes a hand to him, the motion sensor works. The lid opens. This allows you to quit trash inside. When the hand is cleaned, the sensor tracks it. The device is closed.

The automation works only when moving above the lid (sensitivity of the sensor – 30-35 cm). And if you, for example, are used to throwing a crumpled paper from afar, here this number will not pass. We will have to approach the device.

In the process of opening / closing the lid there is a small noise. According to users, he is a quiet and completely unprofitable. It is worth noting that If there is something that interferes with the lid movement in the trajectory of the lid, the process will automatically stop the process. Therefore, put the tank in a small locker and throwing the garbage into a half-open container will not work.

When filling in the bucket, activate the automatic package. To do this, click on the button. The upper part of the device leans. There is a beep. Hermetically packaged package can be taken. Then the container is automatically closed. Bag change occurs.

After removing the bag, the fan is activated. With it, a new package blows. Due to vacuum, polyethylene is evenly distributed over the walls of the container.

Management bucket TowNew T1 is carried out using two buttons. That is located on the back wall, includes a device. The one is on the front of the container, is programmed into several options for action:

  • One press – opening the lid and disable automation, including the motion sensor (this mode allows you to change the cartridge)+
  • Repeated pressing – closing the lid and switching on the sensor+
  • Long retention (4 seconds) – shift of the garbage bag.

    Cartridge with replaceable bags is installed on the cover from the inside. Garbage packaging can occur in two methods.

    1. In the usual situation, the package seats occurs inside the tank. After the procedure, the cover opens, a beep sounds.
    2. If the package is full, the upper part is raised and captures all the garbage. Only after that the packaging is carried out in open mode.


    Advantages of bucket TowNew T1 is obvious:

    • The device is characterized by ease of use (to deal with the connection and the principle of work can each)+
    • Contact contact with garbage, disappears the need to manually tie a package, change it to a new one (everything happens in automatic mode)+
    • Unpleasant odors do not go beyond the capacity, which allows you to put a bucket in any room+
    • Stylish design allows you to place a bucket even in a prominent place+
    • There is a blocking from children, not allowing to turn a trash can in a toy+
    • LED backlight – useful feature+
    • If desired, the bucket can be used in manual mode.

    The disadvantages include only the high cost of a “smart” bucket. But numerous advantages fully justify the pricing policy of the company.


    Many buyers the device seemed interesting and helpful. Users note that bucket exploitation is simple and quite pleasant. And inclusion and installation of cartridges does not cause any difficulties. At the same time, the person remains only to take out the garbage, the rest of the aggregate does himself.

    Like people and tightness of the container, and its design. The versatility of the shape and color decoration allows you to harmoniously enter the TowNew T1 in any interior of the kitchen and even rooms. Some have adapted a bucket for paper garbage, candy candy, putting it near the desktop.

    Product quality does not cause complaints. False triggers of the motion sensor does not happen, the package seating process always passes properly. The appearance of the tank is almost flawless – everything is accurately done, if not finding fault.

    Users report that one cartridge with bags is enough for about a month. Brand packages can be called durable, but they do not have handles for transfer, which some are classified as flaws. In addition, the cost of consumables makes think about the feasibility of replacing the usual bucket on the “smart” miracle of technology.

    Today, TowNew T1 can be purchased at a price of about 5,000 rubles. Cartridges are sold with sets of 6 pieces. Approximate price of such a set – about 2000 rubles. If you calculate the price of one bag and compare with conventional dense packages, 10x is obtained. Nevertheless, is it worth paying for convenience, everyone decides for himself.

    About what kind of garbage buckets xiomi, look in the following video.

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