All about wood cloth

All about wood cloth

Proper table setting is a real art. One of the required attributes of a beautifully served table is the nap fleets. Currently, the coasters under the napkins are very diverse. They can be made from various materials (plastic, metal, wood) and have different shapes (round, square, triangular, curly). Wooden napples are great for interiors decorated in country style, eco or classic.

Advantages and disadvantages

Wooden napples have an attractive appearance and are made of natural environmentally friendly material. Different varieties of wood can be used for the manufacture of this object of serving. This material has unique characteristics, thanks to which there is an opportunity to give the napkin any shape, decorate carvings or engraving.

Sal came on the table should be placed correctly, namely: one stand is intended for four people. These are decorative and at the same time practical products.

The advantages of the coats under the napkins of the tree:

  • Safety material+

  • Many original options+

  • The possibility of making objects of various forms+

  • Easy product care+

  • the convenience of use+

  • Attractive appearance.

Disadvantages of a wooden table setting:

  • does not fit into every interior+

  • Higher price in comparison with plastic products.

Wooden’s cloth must have high-quality processing, then it will last for many years, decorating the table.

Options forms

Wooden coasters for napkins can be three types:

  • closed+

  • Open+

  • figured.

Closed closets have a minimalistic design, it looks like ordinary boxes. Such supports can be carved, artificially aged or maintain a natural appearance.

Open products can be square or rectangular, consist of one or more offices. One compartment is intended for the standard size napkins, and in the other can be stored, for example, tanks for salt and pepper.

Figure coasters – unusually beautiful wooden products that can be made in the form of houses, locks, forests, various animals and many other.


Square products can be both horizontal and vertical. But the horizontal option is more common. Such veniers look very concise and have a discreet design.


Triangular Wipes Stands – This is another pretty common type of vertical napanetes. Despite his simplicity, they look pretty stylish.


All the variety of shapes of wooden clips is difficult to imagine. Fine coasters under napkins depicting carved silhouettes are very popular and in demand. This may be, for example, the figure of the ballerina, or the product in the form of a girl in a dress with a fan or with an umbrella. The originality of this design is that the napkins are stacked in such a way that they form a beautiful dress.

Especially attractive such a napkin looks in the event that napkins with a pattern or multi-colored.

The napkin can be in the form of kitchen accessories: kettle, cups, pans. Maybe look like a silhouette of some fruit: apples or pears. Animals, including fabulous, flowers, birds, leaves, ships, buildings. Anything can be the basis for the manufacture of a coaster for napkins.

How to make it yourself?

Beautiful and original vessels from wood or plywood can be made with their own hands. The design can be quite simple for those who do not have the necessary experience of such work. Many more complex products are available for experienced masters, which suggest drinking and connecting a large number of small parts.

Directly the process of manufacturing stands for paper napkins is not too complicated. For the manufacture, a plywood will be required, the thickness of which is 3-5 millimeters. The material must be high quality, smooth, not to have cracks, bitch or chips.

To get started, the material should be pre-prepared correctly. To this end, it is necessary to clean the surface with shallow emery paper in order to completely remove all roughness.

The drawing of the future product can be developed independently, but you can also use ready-made drawings and schemes. Such a drawing must be printed and cut, thanks to what the template is obtained. After that, the scheme is required to transfer to the prepared Phaneur.

The next step is the cutting of all billets. Often the scheme involves cutting various patterns. A similar type of work is performed exclusively using the use of manual jigsaw. To install the Lobzik cloth, you need to drill several small holes in the contour contour. First, the inner pattern is pushed out, only after that the billet is cut across the outer edge.

After completion of the pumping process, all burgers and irregularities are necessary, which were formed during the work, remove with the help of sandpaper. Careful grinding will help you achieve. Nadfil can eliminate the flaws of the indoor pattern.

When all parts are cut and ground, you should proceed to assembling the product. Prepared details need to be accurately inserted into the grooves, pre-lubricating them with glue. After complete drying, you can proceed with the decoration of the new cloth. You can do this using a wide variety of techniques, for example, decoupage. And you can also use the usual balloon paint.

For decoration, you can use a variety of items: ribbons, ribbon, lace, pebbles, beads, rhinestones and others.

With the help of the electron, you can decorate and the main part, and the edges of the cloth with patterns of different shades.

For the finish finish it is worth applying a veil. After processing the vessel, the finished product should be covered with transparent varnish several times.

Beautiful examples

Rightly popular use unpainted products, where the beauty of natural wood texture is clearly manifested. Such products are covered with oil or varnish and have a natural view.

Very napkin, which can be called “Toreador”. One wall looks like a silhouette of the bullfighter, while the other is a silhouette of a bull. When red napkins are inserted into the gap, it turns out a completed picture with bull battle arena.

Stand for napkins can depict an air cloud. For this edge of the white subject for serving are made uneven, in their contours resembling a drawing of a children’s cloud. If you put colored napkins in the clock, then the effect will be excellent.

And also interesting on the table looks a product, which in its appearance resembles a cup with coffee.

Another interesting idea is a closet of a crown.

There may be a napkin in the form of a medieval castle, two hearts, butterflies, wooden hut, steering wheel.

Some people prefer a simple rectangular napkin coasters, but with interesting scorched patterns on the surface. Image themes can be very different, it all depends on personal preferences.

Wipes for napkins – this is a special accessory of serving. Thanks to a properly selected wooden closet, the situation acquires a highlight. And if the product is done with your own hands, it will be unique and unique.

On how to make a napanese of wood with your own hands, see the following video.

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