What are the dispensers for napkins and how to choose them?

What are the dispensers for napkins and how to choose them?

Paper napkins have long proved their effectiveness and become an indispensable part of life. They are distinguished by high level of comfort, durability and acceptable cost. Virtually any kitchen or bathroom you can find similar products. In order to use them, it was most comfortable and convenient to use special dispensers.

What it is?

The main purpose of the dispenser for the napkin is, To significantly simplify the process of use. To some extent, the dispenser is a box or a napkin, which gives one-time napkins defined in advance portions. They can be used not only for napkins, but also other paper items for hygiene. Such products combine many functions in themselves and allow you to quickly get the required number of napkins.

It is thanks to the dispensers that it is possible to turn cooking food into a real fascinating process. If the towels or napkins lie just in the closet, you will need to first wipe your hands and only then get such products. And thanks to the dispensar, you can simply stretch your hand and get the required number of napkins, for which there will be several light movements.

Dispenser for napkins is a container than which can be dosed using any paper products. It should be noted that The versatility of such an accessory allows you to use it not only in the kitchen, but also in other rooms. For example, dispensers will become an excellent solution for the bathroom or kitchen. In addition, such compact devices perfectly fit into the design of the living room. Some models presented in the market are wooden chests that can boast not only with its functionality, but also decorative attractiveness. Often dispensers are used in cafes, restaurants, office centers and other similar rooms.

Such high popularity and demand for dispensers is explained by a number of benefits of such products. First of all, the use of this accessory allows you to achieve maximum hygienicness in the process of cleaning the hands. In addition, rolled napkins will not dust, do not have to constantly tear the necessary parts, but it will be enough to pull one napkin. Also, thanks to the use of the dispenser, you can no longer worry about the fact that the roll of the napkin will slip out of the hands and will be on the floor.

Dispensers that are installed in public places can boast of built-in protection, thanks to which it will not be able to pull out too much napkins. This is an excellent solution for owners of restaurants and other similar establishments, as it allows you to protect yourself from unscrupulous customers. Using the dispensary allows you to give the room more attractive and status.

Description of species

The modern market presents a huge amount of dispensers for napkins, which differ in their appearance, functionality and cost. The most popular are automatic containers and cases that reduce the actions of a person to a minimum. They can independently extract napkins, which greatly simplifies the process of using this accessory.


One of the most popular and demanded on the market are desktop dispensers. Such varieties are presented in a huge assortment of designs and color solutions, so that every person may find an optimal option for itself. Desktop models are perfectly suitable for use in an apartment, a country house or a restaurant. Often such products are equipped with a special case that can be closed if necessary.

This not only provides a more attractive and stylish look, but also allows you to protect the napkins from dust and other contaminants.

Wall mounted

Wall-mounted models are distinguished by the presence of a special holder, with which the product can be attached to the wall. Such dispensers for napkins will become an excellent solution for public spaces, where there is no possibility to attach the product to the horizontal surface. This location of the dispenser allows you to get access to the napkin as much as possible and use it. Often such models are distinguished by the presence of an electrical mechanism that adjusts the supply of the napkin.


There are many dispensers in the modern market, which differ in the manufacturer. Metal models that are made of aluminum or stainless steel are most popular and in demand. Similar accessories can boast not only maximum strength and reliability, but also an attractive appearance. The unique properties of such dispensers allow them to be installed both in the kitchen and in the bathroom. They are able to become an addition to any interior, regardless of its stylistic orientation.

In the process of selecting a metal dispenser, you need to pay close attention to the fact that there are no traces from fingers on the product, as it can adversely affect the appearance of the accessory.

The second most popular is plastic dispensers. Here it is necessary to give preference to products, in the process of which high-quality raw materials were used. These dispensers can boast durability and security for a person. The main difference of high-quality plastic lies in the fact that it does not throw in the air of harmful chemicals and does not lose its appeal after a while. The main advantage of plastic products is their low weight, so that such accessories can be easily hanging on the wall and do not worry about the mount.

The modern market presents a huge number of manufacturers who produce dispensers for napkins and paper towels. Each of them offers unique accessories that differ in their functionality and design.

One of the most popular and famous companies Tork, which offers a huge range of overall and compact models. In the brand catalog you can find wall, desktop and even mobile models that can be taken with you. Close attention The manufacturer pays the reliability of its products, therefore uses only high-class plastic or stainless steel as raw materials. It is due to this accessories of this company constantly get exclusively positive feedback. A large range of products allows each person to choose the most ideal option for it.

In addition, brand products can boast not only durability and long service life, but also available.

Another company that has successfully proven itself in this market is Katrin. The brand catalog contains models that are made from high-class plastic. In addition, there is a dispenser from stainless steel or enameled metal. The company pays close attention to the production of compact models that are distinguished by their practicality. All dispensers brand represented in the catalog can boast a concise design, so they organically fit into any modern interiors.

Company Kimberly Clark Specializes in the release of dispensers for every taste and budget. The manufacturer’s models are distinguished by a high level of comfort, as they include all the necessary parts for convenient use. In the brand catalog you can find dispensers in any color decision, and the cost is one of the most affordable on the market. The company offers models in natural leather boxing, which can be put on the table.

Production of the company also boasts a large assortment Veiro. All models of this manufacturer are performed in neutral color solutions, so that they can be successfully entered into any interior. In addition, dispensers from this company boasts their practicality and ability to save an attractive appearance for a long time.

Serets of choice

In order for a dispenser for napkins to fully coped with his duties, close attention is necessary to pay the selection process. It is best to give preference to compact models that do not take too much space. In addition, the optimal dispenser must be as practical and comfortable for use as possible. Many make a mistake and choose new-fashioned accessories that do not boast practicality and functionality. As a result, the process of use becomes quite uncomfortable, which reduces the effectiveness of such a purchase.

First of all, it is necessary to determine which napkins will be used, rolled and leafy. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the size of the future paper product, because they must be approached for a specific Dispenser model. If there are not so many people in the house, and the napkin is not used very often, it is best to pick up small models.

The quality of the material that was used in the production process also has important. This is especially true of plastic products, because if there is a certain defect, such a dispenser will not be able to serve for a long time. Before buying a wall-mounted version, it is necessary to make sure that in the kitchen or in the bathroom it will be possible to find an optimal place to install. Usually for the kitchen it is best to pick up the board items, but a wall variant will be a great choice for the bathroom.

In the process of installing dispensers, it is necessary to remember that they should be comfortable to use all residents. For example, if you have children, you should not install such accessories too high, since the children simply cannot reach him. For public seats, you can select special anti-vandal models that are quite expensive, however, it can boast of their resistance and ability to resist mechanical effects.

Do not buy products from an unknown company, especially if it does not offer warranty service. First of all, it concerns electrical models that may fail, and they will not work independently.

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