All about Xiaomi shoes dryers

All about Xiaomi shoes dryers

Xiaomi has perfectly showed itself in the smartphone market, and today the brand is associated with mobile gadgets. But the craftsmen from Xiaomi are able to do not only high-quality smartphones, but also many other useful devices at attractive prices.

Xiaomi shoe dryer – the best device for care of shoes, and then you can read the advantages and disadvantages of this device.


Among the main features of the device, you can select a number of characteristics.

  • Dryer Universal. It can come in handy not only for drying shoes, but also for clothes. For drying, you can simply send air hoses to a wet surface.
  • The ability to dry 2 pairs of shoes at the same time. To do this, the hose is provided on each tubular hose: one hose is divided into two holes, so you can dry 2 pairs per session.
  • Quick Sterilizer Dryer. To turn on the unit, only a record 15 seconds will be requested, after which the active mode of operation will begin.
  • All inscriptions on the dryer for shoes Xiaomi in Chinese. It may slightly worsening the use of the gadget, but it should not be upset – after 5 minutes of studying the buttons, it is possible to intuitively understand the purpose of each of them.
  • Timer Installation. You do not need to wait for the end of work and deactivate the dryer yourself: it is possible to install a timer to 30, 60, 120 and 180 minutes.
  • Standing standing. The retractable mechanism works so that the device remains in a standing position and did not fall. However, the fragility of the stand makes think about a more reliable position in the drying process.
  • Flexible telescopic pipes offer individual and delicate drying: Long boots or berries will be perfectly dried, because the hose can be inserted deep into the shoes.
  • Chinese socket. To use the device, you will need a special adapter for a socket – the Chinese plug is not suitable for European connectors. Usually the seller invests a cheap, but the working adapter under the outlet, but may not do this.

Review models

The company offers two main models of the dryer:

  • Advanced Deerma HX10, in which tubes are retractable, and all the functions are communicated to the ideal+
  • Xiaomi Youpin – budget dryer with wired capsules, which are made in the form of two devices of oval shape.

Xiaomi Deerma HX10

Model on consideration – Electric ultraviolet Xiaomi Deerma HX10 with ionizer. This design with ozone handling is the best selling, and it is about it that will be speech.


Technique from Xiaomi most often supplied in simple cardboard boxes in order to save and reducing the price: After all, the user is not going to brag a box from the dryer for shoes, and on the price it affects the good side.

The box from the electric dryer is a foam that protects the gadget from falls during transportation, instruction in Chinese and the dryer itself. The instruction is complemented by illustration, Which will help to understand the device without reading Chinese characters.

The dryer is already collected and ready to start work immediately, which positively characterizes the goods: no manipulations for assembling dryers will not need.


The device is minimalist. Plastic frame dryer painted in white color with gray tubes, on the sides are small ventilation holes for air reception.

The length of the wire for connecting to the network is 190 centimeters, and the total weight of the gadget is 1.3 kg. Wires with a margin enough to connect it to the outlet and install a gadget on the floor. Corrugated tubes increase by stretching 4 times, which significantly expands the boundaries of the possible drying.

Modes of work

4 full-fledged drying mode.

  1. Basic – This is the most powerful mode in which the drying is made as efficiently as possible: the temperature reaches more than 50 degrees Celsius. Use the mode better for long boots or compacted sneakers.
  2. Leather shoes. Is a delicate mode, retains the maximum temperature, but significantly less ventilation pressure. Energy consumption several times less than in standard mode.
  3. Weak drying. Suitable for fine shoes: sneakers, sneakers and other similar models. The temperature of the supplied air is reduced to 50 degrees.
  4. Ozonization – No hot air, but ventilation works as much as possible and dries off shoes, removing unpleasant odors, the bacteria are completely destroyed. It is necessary to consider that after the ozonation procedure in the room will smell the ozone, so it is desirable to use this option indoors with the windows opened.

How to use?

Operation is very simple. There are no complex settings and options in the dryer: three buttons are displayed on the control panel. The left button is responsible for switching operation modes. The average is to turn on the timer: each pressing the button changes the amount of time set by the timer. The button on the right includes and disables the device.

After turning on the device, you need to select the mode of operation and set the drying time – from 30 minutes to 2 hours. After that, you can safely engage in your business, from time to time checking dry boots.

Xiaomi Youpin

Chinese brand youpin belongs to Xiaomi, so you should not be afraid of another name of the brand. This dryer is the most economical option, however, has its advantages.


Traditional white color can be changed and choose from an assortment of blue or pink, which are available for purchase. The device is a long wire that is divided in half, and the dryers themselves are installed at the ends: longitudinal elements that fit into any shoes.

Long wire comes with a European outlet, so you can not worry about adapters. As a separation of the wire for 2 parts, a block that distributes power and shows the settings indication: what mode of operation is currently enabled at the moment. It is noteworthy that the material of the dryer firebox – he is not afraid of fire at all.

The weight of the whole design does not exceed 300 grams, which makes the use of the gadget very convenient even on the road.


Model Xiaomi Youupin has a number of distinctive features.

  1. Heating stably holds 60 degrees, preventing any problems with shoes: humidity, microbes and derelicness of shoes.
  2. Bilateral ventilation outputs on each dryer are designed to maximize air intake.
  3. The tilt of the wire is set at 45 degrees for a comfortable room of devices inside the shoes.
  4. There are several options for one model. This means that in some additional features are available, such as timer, ozonation and other. Whether to pay extra for it – each user decides for himself.

How to use?

A small block separating one wire into 2 parts is equipped with a single round button. The button executes the mode of changing modes. One press changes the number of hours to which the device turns on.

Review of the dryer with ozone for shoes Xiaomi See next video.

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