Tips for choosing dryers with ultraviolet for shoes

Tips for choosing dryers with ultraviolet for shoes

All year round there are such situations where the shoes of an adult or child can get wet enough, and not only outside, but also from the inside. Such a nuisance may occur due to bad weather or due to increased sweating stop. The moisture, which appeared inside the shoes, not only creates an unpleasant smell, but also is dangerous in that in a similar favorable environment, spores of mold, bacteria and fungus, affecting the skin and nails multiply.

You can solve the problem being created if you regularly apply an ultraviolet dryer for shoes. This device will not take a lot of space in your home, it is quite easy to use and literally in a few hours it is able to dry and disinfection wet shoes, spending the minimum of electricity. The use of this modern device is approved by dermatologist specialists.


Electric shoe dryer with ultraviolet has a lot of advantages. Drying can be carried out not only for the purpose of protection of shoe material from moisture, but also as antifungal prevention. Ultraviolet electric dryer will help protect the feet from the fungus during a long trip, after playing sports, the device is used For disinfection of shoes, Which you often apply to work in the garden and so on.

The use of ultraviolet dryer allows extend the life of the shoes. In worst condition, it deforms, loses its initial species and is more susceptible to mechanical damage, breaking.

Dryers are shaped shoe pad, Therefore, when using them, shoes will not only quickly dry, but also acquires its original appearance. A pair of pads-dryers are interconnected using a long electrical cord that connects with a plug to an electrical outlet.

Inside the housing of the dryer pads There is a small element that heats up under the action of electric current. In addition, the design also has a lamp that radiates the spectrum of ultraviolet rays. On the case drying Technological holes, Through which heat flow and rays of ultraviolet go to the external environment – that is, in the dried shoes.

It is enough just to put dryers-pads into each shoe or shoe, turn on the device into the outlet Power supply and leave the device inside shoes for several hours. The duration of the drying process depends on how much the shoes wet, as well as from its size. On average, the whole process takes 4-10 hours.


Currently, the device for drying shoes with ultraviolet is released Universal, That is, having the ability to be used for shoes of different sizes. Such a modified option is most popular with buyers. In addition to universal devices, there are Specialized models.


This type of dryer is designed to dry the children’s shoes. The device is made of environmentally friendly polymeric materials of various colors. He just like a device for drying adult shoes, has antifungal effect. Children’s ultraviolet dryers are suitable for toddler shoes with 22 sizes.

The device, if using it strictly by purpose, does not constitute dangerous for children, and they willingly use them.


To use dryers with ultraviolet, it is not always possible to keep it from the mains. In this case, the release of wireless devices, which work from finger cells. Such a model is published under the name “xenlait”. She is indispensable for those who love to travel or play out sports. Inside the device, as in its wired analogs, there is also a lamp with an ultraviolet radiation spectrum that creates an antifungal effect.


Another option that can work without connecting to an electrical outlet – here it will be replaced by a special plug, connected to the car cigarette lighter. Dryer with ultraviolet can be used for boots, shoes, sneakers or boots – It is convenient to apply it in road conditions during a long car trip. Car type dryer can deliver shoes from dampness and unpleasant odor. The power of the device is enough even in order to put the high Rubber large-sized boots.

Such a device will appreciate not only motorists, but also fishermen, as well as hunters.

How to choose?

Dryer with ultraviolet – a convenient and practical thing that many would like to have in their domestic use. To choose such a device, you need to consider some important nuances.

  1. Explore the opinion of those people who have already acquired similar devices and have experience in using. What manufacturers are most reliable and what specialists say about their products.
  2. If you need a universal dryer, which all members of your family will be able to use, then the best solution will be the purchase of a set of dryers of the brand Timson called “Family 3 in 1” – It includes 2 dryers of various sizes for drying the shoes of adult family members and one dryer for children’s shoes.
  3. If you most often need to put in order, the wet sports shoes, which will be the most convenient option Model “Abpeard” from the manufacturer Timson. Dryer pad is designed for sport shoes starting with 37 sizes.
  4. To dry the shoes of children conveniently use Special children’s models in miniature, who will not excessively stretch and deform it when drying.

Choosing a dryer with an ultraviolet for shoes, do not chase for cheap options from little-known manufacturers. The drying process occurs a few hours, so it is best to be sure that this electrical appliance can be left inside the shoes and not be afraid of the emergence of a fire hazardous situation.

Such confidence can only give goods from reliable manufacturers.

Rating models

Today, leading among other similar producers is the Timson brand. For several decades, the company has won its authority from the consumer and can rightly consider itself the industry leader. Dryers with ultraviolet for shoes Timson are available in Russia. This manufacturer has a modern design, reliable design and a lot of positive assessments from consumers. The device is calculated for 10 hours of continuous operation, after which it requires a small break. Brand Timson is recognized as the best among producers of such household goods. This manufacturer releases several product options for drying shoes, the highest rating among which took the following.

  • Family option 3 in 1 – The kit consists of 3 pieces of dryers: large has dimensions of 172x75x52 mm, average – 142x72x43 mm and children’s – 115x62x30 mm. Thus, each member of a family consisting of 3 people will have their own dryer for shoes. These devices work simultaneously together from one outlet – they will dry and sterilize 3 pairs of shoes at once with ultraviolet radiation. According to consumer reviews, the device has a rather short cord and it is not possible to separately use 1 pair of dryers. The cost of such a set ranges from 2700 to 2900 rubles.

According to marketers estimates, this set occupies a leading position in demand for this line of goods.

  • Children’s option – Dryer with ultraviolet has a size of 105x55x15 mm and is suitable for children’s shoes starting with 22 sizes. The case has different color solutions and is made of ecological material. The dryer tears well children’s shoes in a few hours. The cost of such an instrument ranges from 800 to 1200 rubles. According to the level of demand, the model takes 2 position after the family version.

  • Sports option – It is suitable for adults who regularly engage in sports and have the size of the legs from 37 or more. The parameters of the ultraviolet dryer are 140x70x40 mm. Dryer-block has a certain configuration that is ideal for sports shoes. With this device, you can quickly dry out not only sports models of shoes, but also everyday. Ultraviolet lamp allows you to qualitatively deodorize the inner surface of the shoe, eliminating it from the shaft smell and the spore fungus. If the size of the shoe is quite large, in some cases drying can be uneven, and to avoid it, the dryer needs to be moved from time to time. The cost of such a device is from 1200 to 1500 rubles. Despite the high cost, this model is in demand.

  • Car option – The dryer has dimensions of 166x70x48 mm and is suitable for shoes size from 37 or more. Dryer can be used for drying high boots or boots. Food device is carried out from the car cigarette lighter. Ultraviolet lamp reliably disinfects the inner surface of the shoes, eliminating spores fungus and mold. Cost can be from 1000 to 1200 rubles.

Another brand of ultraviolet dryer is “xenlait”. This manufacturer can purchase a wireless type device running on finger power elements. The device has not only an ultraviolet lamp, but also a patented moisture composition, with which the drying process of shoes is accelerated.

Outwardly, the design has the appearance of oblong lamps enclosed inside the case with technological holes for the output of heat and rays of ultraviolet. The value of this model is that inside its body, real medical lamps with ultraviolet spectrum are used, and not LEDs. The degree of disinfection in such a device is higher than that of its analogues. The model is considered an exclusive and its value from the point of view of buyers is unreasonably overestimated, making up an average of 2100-2300 rubles, and it is quite difficult to find it in retail chains.

There are many manufacturers of devices for drying shoes. The most budget options can be found among the Chinese products, but the high rating of these goods do not deserve due to the large number of complaints in quality.

How to use?

As the dryer for shoes with ultraviolet is an electrical appliance, then before its use It is important to carefully examine the shoes and take care that there are no metal objects, water or snow inside it. Before the start of the drying process, you need to put in each shoe on the dryer, and only after that insert the plug of the device into the power outlet.

The cycle of high-quality drying on average is at least 6-8 hours, And if your shoes are wetted strongly, then for bringing it in order may be required 10 hours. More than 10 hours, the electrical appliance should not work – if your shoes still need drying, then remove the pads from it and give the electrospode about 0.5-1 hours to stand in the off state, after which the drying cycle can again be continued.

The shoe dryer is categorically not recommended to be placed in a liquid or disassembly at a time when it is under voltage. Store the electrical appliance is best in the cardboard box, which is attached by the manufacturer in the form of packaging. The device should not be left for a long time without supervision and give them to play children.

Ultraviolet shoes dryer will serve you for a long time if you comply with the rules of its operation and will deal with the instrument of carefully.

Review reviews

The opinion of doctors who are experts in the field of dermatology is expressed in the fact that they Unanimously consider ultraviolet drying for shoes with a useful device, which should be taken for armament in each family, Where care about your health. Currently, a disease called mycosis is a very common phenomenon, and for its prevention it is necessary to ensure that fungi, bacteria and mold do not multiply in your shoes.

Ultraviolet emission spectrum is able to effectively deal with pathogenic microflora and causes death almost 99% of all microorganisms.

Most effective In this issue, special lamps possessing ultraviolet radiation, which can penetrate at least 0.65-0.66 mm. To destroy the fungus was guaranteed, the lamp period inside the shoes should be 4-6 hours. Such devices must be in every family. Use them is recommended regularly, and not on the case of the case. Ideally, each family member should have their own ultraviolet dryer.

According to buyers, who purchased an ultraviolet dryer for shoes and enjoy a long time, the device fully justifies its cost. Footwear after drying serves much longer, keeping its original appearance and properties. Thanks to the device, it is possible to eliminate the unpleasant odor, as well as reduce the frequency of skin diseases and nails. The device is used as a prophylactic agent, as well as to prevent the recurrence of mycosis after recovery.

Healing from the fungus, people disinfect with ultraviolet all their shoes, which makes it possible to keep the health of the legs.

How to choose a dryer for shoes, look in the following video.

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