All about polyester tablecloths

All about polyester tablecloths

Today on each table there is a tablecloth, but no one thinks about the history of this interior item. It began to be used in the times of ancient Egypt, when it was considered invalid to sit behind a uncoated table. In those days, this material was a sign of wealth and prosperity, and today turned into the most common item. Today there is a huge number of ways to sewing, thanks to which you can get different models of the tablecloth. Some of the most popular are the options from polyester, which can boast their high quality, attractive appearance and reliability. It is thanks to these advantages, such coatings in a short period of time have become so popular in people for use on any kind of tables.

What it is?

In modern society, an opinion was formed that natural fabrics are useful for human health and are distinguished by high quality. However, despite this, more and more people have recently prefer synthetic options, among which polyester occupies first place. A distinctive feature of this material is in its affordable cost, as well as high quality and reliability. Even after many years of active use, the product from polyester does not lose their appeal. In addition, they are not afraid of mechanical impact and do not lose their primary appearance with negligence.

Despite the fact that most modern owners are accustomed to the traditional PVC oilcloth, a polyester-based tablecloth is characterized by the same characteristics, but it can boast more attractive appearance.

  • The main feature of this tissue is that it can not even stroke it, as it does not mind and always retains a beautiful view.
  • Polyester tablecloth is distinguished by high quality characteristics due to the fact that it is impregnated with the help of special fat-repellent and water-repellent liquids, which largely simplifies the operation process.
  • In addition, advanced sewing technologies are used to create such materials, which has a positive effect on the durability of the product and its ability to cope with elevated loads.

The only drawback of products from this material is that it does not boast of resistance to the effects of fire, which must be taken into account during operation. That is why it is categorically forbidden to use candles or other similar products on polyester tablecloths.


Due to the fact that the polyester is a synthetic material, it can be painted in any colors, which positively affects the number of types of tablecloths from this material. You can select products like round and rectangular products on the table. The most popular today is a tablecloth with a red cage that can be perfectly fit in the interior of any kitchen. In addition, the market you can find New Year’s options that are decorated with various festive decorations.

A huge range of products allows each person to choose the most optimal solution depending on his personal preferences and interior features of the room.

More neutral tablecloths will become an excellent solution for the living room or dining area, But for the kitchen you can select models with thematic patterns, flowers or landscapes.

Tips for choosing

The polyester tablecloth is selected enough, since almost all products have the same characteristics. The only problem is to choose the right model, as a huge range is presented on the market. It is necessary to choose what is ideal for the features of the interior and will become an excellent decoration for the table.

For daily use, synthetic materials are an excellent solution, as they can boast practicality and durability. During washing, they do not sit, which allows them for a long time to maintain their characteristics. Of course, cotton options for tablecloth are more attractive, however demanding care, and such products are better to choose exclusively for solemn events.

Features of care

The main advantage of the polyester tablecloth is that it is easy to care for her. You can wash in any mode and use almost all powders and means present in the market.

After washing, it is also simple to smooth out, since the material is easily influenced by steam or heat.

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