Description and selection of New Year’s tablecloths

Description and selection of New Year's tablecloths

New Year’s tablecloths allow you to create a unique atmosphere of a fabulous celebration. They can become a chic interior decoration. To select a true option for aesthetic table serving, you should familiarize yourself with the views and rules of the selection of tablecloths. Currently, manufacturers offer a large selection of products that create the desserved environment of a magical holiday.


Festive Christmas and New Year models of tablecloths can be manufactured from various materials. Most often, manufacturers cover them with a thin layer of synthetic substances to save problems as pollution and damage.

Consider the types of modern tablecloths for the celebration of the New Year.

  • Classic options cover the table completely. Decoration of such tablecloths serve prints with New Year’s theme. Are often complemented by napkins having the same color palette or contrast elements. Decorated with lace, embroidery and measurement.

  • Tablecloths are located on top of the main tablecloth, most often used for rectangular table tops. You can also roll without the main canvase if the track is quite spectacular. Most often made in saturated colors, can be decorated with prints and appliques.

  • Combined models – This is the main tablecloth with an extra, small, stealing from above. The most interesting option is a round and square tablecloth set.

Material overview

Tablecloths for such a celebration as new year can be made of various tissues. Consider the most popular options.


There are several natural matters from which high-quality tablecloths are sewn.

  • Linen – Perfect option for the New Year serving. The texture of matter allows it to be a real decoration of the table. Linen products are well kept form, unable to lift, so they will not lose bright, rich color with numerous washers. Products from this fabric have a high cost, as well as they are rather demanding in care. Can often sink, they are hard to iron.

  • Rogozhka represents an extremely durable and practical cloth, which can be considered bilateral due to its properties. When applied to it, it has an equally attractive appearance on both sides. It is manufactured using threads that give the finished canvas aesthetic brilliance (pearl, gold or silver), which is a positive quality for a festive tablecloth that should be elegant. Fabric is lightweight, beautifully flows, thanks to which it looks perfectly on the table top.

  • Tapestry is a beautiful material with a long service life. He will decorate the New Year’s table for many years. In the manufacture of the canvas, threads of different sizes are used, which, when weave, create unusual textured, interesting drawings and patterns in the subject of the new year. Tapestry can be made from different threads, but most often it is made from natural. He does not stretch, not exposed to shrinkage.

Material is heavy, so it is recommended to acquire lightweight options.


Artificial fabric products are most often made with impregnation, allowing to protect the countertop more efficiently. It can be both an ordinary oilcloth and a more original polyvinyl chloride tablecloth. Similar models have a lot of advantages.

  • There are many forms and sizes of tablecloths from artificial materials, so everyone can choose exactly what is necessary.
  • Practical and durable products, are not afraid of pollution from fat and drinks. They are not afraid of exposure to high temperatures.
  • Manufacturers offer tablecloths in different colors and a variety of patterns. This allows you to choose a model that will be harmonized with other elements in the interior.
  • The cost of such products is democratic.
  • Behind the similar Christmas canvases it is easy to care for, they only need to clean with a sponge or tissue cloth.

Mixed fabrics

Currently, mixed materials are rapidly gaining popularity. They are made of cotton and polyester. Such products retain aesthetic appearance for a long time, despite numerous washers, retain the original shape and saturated shades, so you can use them for many years.

And on sale you can see disposable Paper New Year’s tablecloths that can later be thrown out.

Forms and sizes

The form and size of the web for the new year is chosen based on the parameters of the table. Exist Square and Rectangular Products for tabletop of the same form.

For round tables it is worth purchasing square tablecloths, rectangular are perfect for oval. There are also special oval and rectangular products.

Sizes vary from the largest to compact. You can see both the classic tablecloths of traditional sizes and small tablecloths.

Design options

Classic New Year’s facilities have small colorful decorations in the form of thematic prints around the edge. Interesting options are the tablecloths on which the embroidery is located and beads added. Manufacturers offer beautiful canvas in a cage, products with images of deer and snowmen, as well as other tablecloths.

Color can be chosen based on the taste of the owners, but it is best to select shades associated with the New Year. There are different options.

  • White color is the main color of winter. Such products can be combined with a variety of dishes, they are selected both red and blue napkins. With the right combination of shades on a white tablecloth, you can create a pleasant and original design of the table.

  • Red color is a symbol of Santa Claus. If completely red canvases are unattractive for you, you can use a product with a red edge. In this case, the main color of the tablecloth will be white or gold.

  • Blue tones can be both saturated and gentle blue. Such tablecloths look noble and effectively. The most interesting option are products with basic blue and silver tint.

  • Green Many are associated with a Christmas tree.

In such a color it is better to acquire a tissue fabric, the texture of the material of which will be coarse.

  • Gold and silver – Basic colors creating a festive mood. On New Year’s Eve, they are used in any quantity, so the tablecloths with silver or gold patterns will be a real decoration of the table.

There are also several options for cleaners.

  • Actual decoration of festive tablecloths – Embroidery Moulin or Beading. Such models have a long service life, and will also help to issue a table not just beautiful, but really effectively.
  • Models with painting on fabric can be purchased at any store, and they can also be created with their own hands at home, as the painting process is not too complicated.
  • Appliques in the subject of the holiday will undoubtedly please both the owner and guests.

Child Nuances

To select a suitable tablecloth, which will be a decent basis for the design of the New Year’s table, you must be guided by several rules.

  • The size is worth choosing taking into account the parameters of the tables. The edges of the tablecloth must hang from the table top for 30 cm.
  • It is better to lay a product from natural textile on the table, it is much more pleasant to artificial materials, has a spectacular appearance and gives pleasant tactile sensations. For such tablecloths, it is a little more difficult to care than behind the synthetics, but they will definitely create a cozy and solemn atmosphere of the holiday, making a serving perfect.
  • It is important to remember that napkins must be combined with the tablecloth. Therefore, products must have a similar color or a contrast shade.

About how to sew a new year’s tablecloth with your own hands, tells the following video.

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