All about Diderida

All about Diderida

Didgerid is called the musical voice of such a mainland as Australia. This is a pretty ancient musical instrument, but he received widespread in modern music not so long ago, and therefore many are not familiar with him. About what is a musical instrument with such an interesting name, about history, varieties of Didgerid, sound and features of the game will be discussed in the article.

What it is?

Currently, Didgerid is few known. However, it is precisely it is among the oldest wind musical instruments of the whole world. At the same time, Australian aborigines often use it in various shamanist rites and rituals, where Didgerid is one of the most important components.

To imagine how much an interesting Australian musical instrument looks like, it is enough to remember the familiar and familiar to all the duff. However, the Didgerid has a number of some features that distinguish this tool from that pipe itself.

However, we will talk about them a little later, and for starters we turn to the history of this musical instrument.


As already mentioned, Didgered is from Australia. It is the main part of the mythology of living in some areas of Aboriginal and symbolizes the image of the Rainbow Snake Yurlungur. Such mythological character is a patron saint of nature, or rather, heaven, rain and water.

Usually the game on this musical instrument contributes to the immersion in trance and is most often produced in the rituals of the Corrobori, which are a special ceremonial dance that men perform. With the help of this kind of rituals, according to Aboriginal, communication with the gods occurs. In addition, it also happens that the game on Didgerid Aboriginal is trying to take the girl or a woman who he really liked.

Call the described musical instrument “DJERID” steel only in the West. Indigenous residents inhabiting mainland Australia, refer to this musical instrument in different ways, and any one specific name is simply no. So, In the peoples living in the same areas, it is “Yinggua”, “Bombo”, “Pampa”, “Martba” or “Genin”, from representatives of other regions – “Kakuti”, “Yiiraki”, “Maialai” or “Yiiraki”.

Names are actually a lot, all those are listed above are only a smaller part of all existing.

However, such an Australian brave musical instrument, as Didgerid, in honor not only in Australian Aborigines. At the beginning of the 20th century, they were interested in the famous composer Steve Roach, who at that time traveled in Australia. He attracted the sound of this musical instrument, which was rather unusual and peculiar. Aboriginal Roach has learned a game of such an interesting musical instrument, and soon the western part of the world has filled a new ethnic music for her. So the Didgerid became an integral part of the club compositions, an absolutely all was lit on the dance floors.

The name of Richard David Jones, the famous Irish musician is connected with this musical instrument. He, by using Diderid, created the song Didgerido, which literally exploded Britain’s clubs in the early 90s of the last century. So the tool received even greater prevalence.

Despite the archaic, Didgerid is only gaining its popularity. At the moment, his sound can be heard not only at the tribes of aborigines, but also at different national festivals. Today it is also involved in various musical modern melodies of different styles, among which include rock and jazz, blues and rap, reggae and ambient, as well as many others.

Pay attention to this musical instrument and performers of the legendary group The Beatles. So, during one of its tours in Australia, they tried to use when performing and Didgerid. This experience produced quite a great impression on them.

At this time, festivals of such performers are consistently held, which are engaged in the game on an unusual musical instrument. The most large-scale of them is the festival, which is called AirVault, is carried out in France for more than a decade. It is worth noting that this kind of festival took place in Russia. This event is dated June 28, 2008. The festival of such a tool, as Didgerid, was held in the northern capital of our country in St. Petersburg. By the way, in our country there is even the so-called Didgerid day, he is marked in the calendar the same number, June 28.

Interesting will be the fact that now Didgerid is actively used not only in the musical sphere, but also in the field of medicine. With the help of it, people get rid of snoring. In addition, it helps to relieve stress, get rid of spasms and various pains, and also contributes to muscle relaxation and launch of special internal processes of self-removal.

The sound of Didgerid is also an excellent addition to all those who are an amateur meditation.

What a tool happens?

Looking such a musical instrument, as a Didgerid, can completely differently, at least in his, so let’s say, the discovers – Aborigines. His creature is engaged in nature, he is delicious. Usually, the aborigines do this: they find the barrel of the eucalyptus or bamboo, the core of which the termites were completely removed, after which they take this hollow tree, remove all excess, and the mouthpiece makes from wax. On this process of manufacturing such an ecological musical instrument completed.

So you can say for sure that somewhere else Finding two such identical wind musical instruments will be quite difficult, if not impossible, because each tree is unique and has its own features, Therefore, each tool Didgerid will differ not only by visual qualities, but also on the timbre of his sound.

It looks like a Didgerid usually like a tube or a twin, which may well achieve in size from one to 3 meters. The weight of such an unusual tool can reach from one and a half to two and a half kilograms.

In the modern world, after discovering the musical instrument with Steve Roach, the diagerid began to make not only bamboo stem, but also from cheaper materials, for example, from plastic or vinyl.

To date, the Diderid has a sufficient amount of varieties. Each of them has its own characteristics.

So, such a kind of Didgerida like Keyed, differs from the rest of its equipment of the valve system.

Multidrone It has different from other form and other structure of the channel.

Such a type of this musical instrument, as DJERIBON, is at all, so let’s say, the child of such musical brass tools, like Trombone and Didgerid. The length of this type of tool is variable, since its structure implies the presence of two tubes inserted one to another.

Such a kind of Didgerida, like Flute, has special sound holes.

This feature contributes to the possibility of execution on the tool of the most complex musical compositions.

Sound features

Sound Didgerid is pretty peculiar and unique. It is difficult to compare with something else, and confused with something much more impossible. His sound causes many associations with something mystical and mysterious, it fascinates people and, indeed, can introduce them into trance.

Cannot deny the relationship of Aboriginal with the Environment, Nature. Wheel wind, birds singing, animal voice – all these sounds they try to pass with the greatest accuracy with the game of the Didgerid. Thanks to the sound of the Diderid in combination with the Gorl intonations of the playing to do it.

This tool has a fairly large range of timbre, compare which can with a person’s voice or the sound of Vargan. A feature of the musical instrument is that he sounds only on one note. The height of its tone directly depends on parameters such as the length and width. So if the Didgerid is unallon, but wide, then it will be the highest. Longer, but the narrow tool will sound at times below.

How to play?

Learn to play a DJerid – the task is quite complicated. In addition to possessing a sense of rhythm, you also need to have a continuous permanent breathing technique, which is quite difficult. It will be much easier to make all those people who have previously been engaged in the game on a particular feathery tool. In general, the game on the Diderid in some way is similar to the game on the pipe.

Sound meal

When playing the Diderid, the facial muscles, the muscles of the cervical and language, as well as the diaphragm, are especially involved. The main movements at sound removal are usually performed by the language and cheeks, while the lips remain still, their work is to force the Diderid to buzz smoothly and without interruption, thereby causing special vibrations.

Continuous breathing

This type of breathing is also called circular. It is it that makes it possible to play without stopping, even at the moment when you need to do.

The essence is the following. Before the exhalation, the person inflates his cheeks, they are reduced, thereby producing the remaining part of the oxygen, and the lips do not stop vibrate. With this, a sharp breath is made.

Learn such breathing is not easy, on this professional musicians have a large number of days of persistent training.

Game techniques

The game on the Diderid is difficult to rank to a number of standard. Sound in the game of the game, as already mentioned, is made thanks to lift vibrations.

Distinguish the following game styles: using the front of the mouth or with the help of lips. Choose is the reception that seems most convenient.

How to make Didgerid with your own hands, look in the following video.

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