All about Ghetaliele

All about Ghetaliele

Today, music stores offer a large range of products to the most demanding taste, and on the Internet and can be achieved any exotic tool. In this case, the guitars traditionally enjoy special demand, but in addition to all known models, unusual new items appear on sale, which are still few people know. One of them – Ghetella, very similar to the Hawaiian guitar Ukulele, just not with four, and 6 strings. Let’s figure it out than she is interesting and how to play it.

What it is?

Ghetalela is something mean between the ordinary guitar and the miniature ukulele, which came to us from the Hawaiian Islands. An unusual tool has neat gabarities of the Hawaiian sister. It repeats its tenor or baritone sizes, but at the same time Ghetalela has 6 strings. Accordingly, they play on Ghetalela in the same way as on a standard 6-string guitar. Sometimes you can hear another, less common option tool name – Gitarlel, but in this article we will focus on more familiar.

The three of the first strings of the Gitalere are made of nylon, and the remaining bass plates are covered with a metal lamp. The dimensions of the first 3rd strings are special, they are adjusted according to the value of the tool, and therefore have a length less than standard. Vulture of this mini-guitar is wider than the usual. It is only 18 lads on it, while usually on their guitars from 19 to 27.

By the way, on acoustics they are usually 20-21, only the vulture is much longer.

Some tool variations are equipped with a built-in microphone, it can be connected to the amplifier, and then the sound will be louder. Those who can play on the guitar, it is quite easy to master the Ghetella – the usual chords and techniques can be applied to it. For miniature sizes, it is sometimes called a children’s guitar, although its possibilities of slightly inferior to the possibilities of the usual, as well as a guitar of travelers. Interesting the fact that, in addition to Ghetalela, there are other hybrid tools – Banjolem, Bakulele (hybrid with balalaica). It is easy to understand that they also occurred from the Hawaiian Ukulele.

It is difficult to say where this exotic novelty comes from, it resembles string tools found in the studies of traditional Anglo-Saxon music. Little guitars with such a building in ancient times were used by residents of Spain, as well as Colombia and other countries. For sure, you can only say that in its modern form, Ghetalela appeared thanks to Yamaha. This global brand has established mass production of Ghetaliele in 1995, and they are produced to this day, as many famous model Yamaha GL-1. Perhaps this model of Ghetella can be called the most famous tools.

The tool from the Japanese company has a standard system, 3 nylon and 3 metal strings. Her upper deck is made of a noble spruce, and the shelter and the lower deck from the Sapele – the species of the trees of the family of Mlias. It is estimated approximately 9 thousand rubles, and, according to lovers of Ghetalela, this price is justified. Thanks to good materials and high-quality execution, this small model Yamaha is nice to keep in hand. It does not need to be improved or replacing parts, perfectly sounds, like other brand famous brand.

In addition to the giant of the Yamaha musical market, there are other manufacturers of Ghetalela, whose brands are not as popular, but also deserve attention. Among them, Cordoba Guilele, Koaloha’s D-Vi, Mele’s, Luna.

By the way, the Luna brand has the name of this musical instrument as a 6-string ukulele.


The length of the Ghetella corresponds to the size of 1/8 from the classic. For instance, The popular Yamaha GL1 model has a length of 433 mm. This is a little less than the value of the ukulele, which reaches 55-67 cm. An unusual musical instrument will probably like those who wanted to master the ukulele, but could not go to 4 strings. And he can come to the soul of bites that dreamed of adding bass to her.

Noteworthy and unusual guitar system Ghetalela. To four strings, sounding like ukulele, have two bass, thanks to which the tool gives a wide field for musical experiments. Chords of the usual guitar as a whole are applicable for Ghetalela, but there are its distinctive moments due to its design. We will talk more about this at the point dedicated to the configuration of Ghetella.

Accessories and accessories

The tool is convenient to transfer thanks to a high-quality dense case with adjustable straps. They are located like a backpack, that is, wear on the shoulders, so Ghetalela is comfortable to take with you on travel, visit or just in nature. Case can be insulated to take a tool in winter walks.

The strings for the guitalere in short due to the smaller body length of the musical instrument. For example, from AQUILA 96C – 17 inches or 42.3 cm. And the string for a regular guitar this indicator is usually 105 cm.

Wooden tool loves careful care. It is necessary to store it in the case, use moisturizers, wipe the cloth. There is a model from HPL – relatively inexpensive plastic, which is considered an environmentally friendly material. He began to be used in industry not so long ago, therefore it is difficult to speak about his characteristics. It is believed that the tools are less needed to care.

How to setup?

After buying a guitalere in the store or getting it to the courier tool, of course, you have to adjust. No matter how good the manufacturer it is produced, but after the factory it is necessary to do this important manipulation with it.

Only after this game on the instrument will bring you the maximum pleasure.

ADGCEA Structure is used to configure Strings. It is somewhat unusual for a guitarist, because all the standard chords of this tool are sounding at 4 steps above. The first string does not produce “mi”, but “la”. The same thing would have happened if you put the cap rods on the 5th Lada. For example, the usual C-chord on Ghetalela will sound like a chord f on the guitar.

To configure musical instruments today, mobile applications are widely used. For example, you can download the Guitartuna program with the preset “Ukulele Soprano in C”. Do not be surprised that you will have to choose a mode for ukulele, since the first strings of two tools are identical. To start, adjust the first strings according to it in accordance with the reduced system. The rest can be adjusted for rumor on the 5th Lada, comparing with the previous string.

How to play?

Play on this unusual tool need, as on the guitar. Chords differ little from ordinary guitar. Complexity for guitarists who are accustomed to the usual version of the guitar, in the fact that the system of guitalere overshought. In addition, the distance between the frets is less than the guitar. At first, it may be a feeling that it will not be able to clamp during the game. But, according to experienced musicians, adapt to such an atypical position of the lads and the sound of the strings can be pretty quickly – the main thing.

Embedded Anchor helps to play with build and various string gauges. For example, Italian strings AQUILA 145C or AQUILA 153C allow you to set up a standard guitar system.

And the Ghetalela may like children who are difficult to master the guitar because of its too large sizes. Even the children’s model of the value of ¼ seems to be too heavy, but his desire to master the string instruments are still great, you can try to start studying on this miniature guitar.

To make the trip even more joyful and memorable, but not carry a pretty overall guitar, take Ghetalela. Her sound will scratch campaign, picnic, kebabs or even vacation in another country. If you unscrew the handle of this mini-guitar, you can even put it in a manual sting, without fearing for the safety of the tool in the baggage. You can even play on her in a train, drowned in a pillow and quietly swore strings if you want to consolidate a new melody and do not interfere with anyone.

In a word, Ghetalela is a good acquisition for music lovers, which will delight you with its charming sound and will allow you to breathe in your creativity fresh.

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