All about Vargan

All about Vargan

People exploring the emergence of musical instruments, collect information not just on the grains, and often build complex interconnection chains. Alas, reference material in this area really lacks. For example, Vargan is an interesting musical instrument associated with magic and magic, but no excess information and there is no. Because any historical mention is considered in detail and are associated with the existing material. It turns out interesting.

What it is?

Vargan – a tool that is represented by the tongue freely moving in the opening frame. In motion, the tongue is given or a finger of a musician, or twitch for thread. The tool holds at the mouth, and the resonator serves the mouth cavity, and the cavity of the nose, and even the lower respiratory tract. Man’s articulation apparatus, his breathing is able to change the timbre of Vargan, reinforcing overtones in the sound spectrum.

Variations of forms and types of Vargan – a huge amount. It is made in various points of the planet: in Polynesia, Asia, states, Europe, Russia. Knish Vagan and Africa and the Middle East. True, in these regions, the tools were delivered by the colonists, he was not considered traditional for them. If you collect all the variations of the names of Vargan, there will be about 1000.

Interestingly, for example, in English, the Vargan is called “Jewish harp”, and this is the only example of the tool association with a specific nation. The word “harp” is found in the name of Vargan in Scandinavia, for example, Munnharpa in Norway and Finland.

To track the history of the tool, you need to have a sufficient number of archaeological finds. And at least copies in the leading musical collections of the world enough, but there is not enough historical authenticity. Large vargans are rarely found, since the climate is interferred in their preservation, and the material is not quite successful in terms of long storage. But if you find it, it is usually the tools, the related epochs of Christ, or even age in 4 thousand years.

More often find arcuate warrgans, however, only arc and find – it is preserved better than the other parts. But without tongue, the tool is actually useless, but only for the game, but as an artifact he is still important.

According to the modern conclusions of scientists, most likely, the birthplace of Vargan is Asia. And in Europe, the instrument was in the XIII century. Moreover, in Europe, Vargan has already been fully formed. But it is just known that this is an ancient tool. And distributed the world he probably through trade.

Review of species

The design of Vargan is simple: a fixed base in which the tongue fluctuates loose. The design can be solid, and maybe composite. Consider the type of tool.

  • Arcurate. They are made by a forging of a metal rod, and in the center of the instrument fix the steel tongue having a hook at the end. The arc option is considered a more modern type of Vargan, still make it from metal. It has a lyra form. The arc option should be tightly pressed to the teeth in order to achieve a loud and expressive sound. In fact, the resonator in this case protrudes the entire cranial box. Ancient finds of 700-900 years, in shape they resemble a hairpin, an arc in them is practically not expressed. Such warrgans found, in particular, in Sweden and Japan. Probably, at first the form was really not so accented, the explicit formation of the arc happened later.
  • Platery. Other Name – Framework. Usually it is a wooden tool, bamboo copies are found, as well as bone vargans. Metal Variants of the Lifting Tool appeared later. It looks like this: plate, in the middle cut the tongue. It was part of the evolution of musical chips. This tool refers to idiophonic, because it is compared with the case. It must be pressed to the lips, and the tongue will start moving with the help of a musician’s fingers. But you can use a thread that will move the tongue.

Plateful Vargans are considered particularly fragile, they are not very loud.

Consider several popular tool models.

  • Tools Glazarin. Its products are distinguished by volume and sensitivity. Let their acoustic properties are not the most outstanding (although they are bad, of course, do not call), it is the most massive tool in the world of Varganov. The model “Phantom” is one of the most running, it does not lag behind “Cricket”.

  • Vargana Potkin. Leaders among the Altai masters, the quality and stability of the tools is better in this region not to find.

Many prefer the PP27 model as the first tool.

  • Vargan Dubrovsky. Khabarovsk Master specializes in bass warrns, very unusual externally. Their sound is low and deep, the timbre is saturated, but neutral. In short, the ideal option for low sound lovers.

  • Pyzov tools. The name of the model “Leader 85” is a balanced and neat warrger having a smooth timbre. Good option for beginners.

  • Tools Kowatsenko. The product has a hard and massive steel case, the sound of the instrument is rich, long – goes deep, rises high. It has a classic shape, suitable for different game styles.

  • Vargana Volgutov. Famous model “Venuner” – great quality, loud sound, interesting design.

For beginners, a very successful option, like the model “Rouh.

  • Tools Masko. Very beautiful, you can say designer tools at affordable prices. Made from bronze and stainless steel.

You can order a tool with a wolf, cobro, Celtic cross, Rune Tree and other options.

  • Vargana Kazantseva-Minakova. Altai masters make tools that, in shape and sizes, resemble the works of Potkin, but differ in detail – rovingly cut inside with decisions and surface polishing.

The choice of instrument is separate art, because everything should match: and sound, and design, and size, and price, of course.


Cases and covers – like the second skin, they are important and from the point of view of the mainstream storage of Vargan, and in terms of completing his appearance. The most popular are leather models that ensure the protection of the tongue. Colors are different, but mostly natural shades. The most popular are brown, red-brown, beige, sandy. No less interesting and carved covers look: they are even more authentic than leather.

You can find a master who will make a cover or case on the author’s drawing of the Customer or by his verbal query.


Gaming essence of this product demonstrate the tongue and its features. The design that he is long, give sound down. But if in a long model there will be a tongue from high rigidity metal, it will sound higher and shorter.

List the main properties of the sound of Vargan.

  • Height. Each VANGAN has its own basic frequency with which the tongue moves, it corresponds to the height of low sound – the lowest to this tool. If the frequency coincided with the frequency of a specific note, the tool can be considered configured.
  • Timbre. A set of overtones is tool voice. Products are cracked and smooth, the first sounds unusual, significant crackle is able to confuse. But the smooth game requires mastery from the musician.
  • Relief tongue. It defines the tactile properties of the process.
  • Mechanics. Mechanical properties – this is the ability to maintain the purity of the sound with variables and significant blows, with the difference in the auditions of the tongue.
  • Sensitivity. The volume of the sound will be varied even with shocks of equal strength by tongue, sensitivity determines the volume of sound volume to efforts that are spent on obtaining it.
  • Volume. It is usually associated with timbre and sensitivity. If you play just at home, without spectators, the volume is not so important.

Wank music is often called suitable for meditation: deep, piercing, relaxing. And this is also the benefit of the instrument, even if not to play on it in public, he is psychotherapeutic for the person himself, helps to gather, tune in, to stay with you alone.

How to choose Vagan?

The main thing is to decide why the tool is selected. If just for yourself, for balobiness, one’s own interest, the option can be found budget. It will be akin to acquaintance. If the person’s use will be able to use the product often and its requests to the instrument will increase, it will be possible to find something better and expensive. But immediately order an expensive Vargan is not quite true, you need to still see how relations with the tool.

The second option is equally correct – to trust the professionals. If, besides, the pro is taught by the game in Vargane, they can give a delight tool tool. And it will be accurate, as they see the pupil game manner, its temperament and personal features, which also matter when choosing Vargan.

How to learn to play?

You can use tutorials, video tutorials, layout circuits – all works. No need to force yourself to master the instrument quickly: it is too meditative for such a pressure. To it first you should get used to, evaluate, try to play in different states, at different times of the day.

These recommendations will not be superfluous.

  • If immediately the Vargan seemed not to the most convenient in the holding, this is not a reason to postpone it and look for a new. Almost every tool will create such a first impression. To anyone will have to get used to.
  • Sound is not all. He is not an end in mind that it doesn’t matter what labor costs are needed. No, it is a way of extracting sound dominates, the impact force is more important.
  • Do not ask for loved ones to appreciate, as the first experience, how the tool sounds. Vagan more for the game, not for hearing. He serves not as many spectators, audience, how much to play.
  • Playing, you should feel all the sounds – both vowels and consonants. Should open / close the throat, try to move the larynx. In a word, the game on Vargane is a great field for experiments and studying the abilities of its body including.
  • Attention should be paid to each movement, evaluate the result, try differently. For musicians with a cholecal temperament, this, of course, will not be easy.
  • If you play on Vargan, standing in the middle of the room, the sound will be one. But if you get up to the window or with a stop to the wall, the sound will take other outlines. And this is the special interest of studying Vargan.

To play the instrument, you don’t even need to know the notes, that’s why Vargan is called a specific tool. Not even possessing a musical hearing, you can master it.

What to do the first time with Vargan in the hands – specialist advice.

  1. District part of the tool can be put on the index and middle fingers. Fixation takes place with a thumb at the point where the tongue is attached. It is important to organize a close press of two guide products to the teeth. The main thing is that the tongue when the game has not met obstacles.
  2. The tool should be pressured to the teeth, remove the tongue and quickly release. So you can hear Vargan’s voice. From it you need to try to extract more different sounds.
  3. You can move the tongue, press it to the sky: it is significantly, then with a slight touch. Language can be moved from side to the side, you can try to even shove it into the throat.
  4. It is necessary to close the throat, imitating water in the mouth. Then play in the breath and exhale. After one strike on the tool tongue, breathe deeply – so the vibrating sound can last to minute.
  5. If in the game of the game to make the sound of the throat, it turns out a throat singing. Two sounds can be combined.

The main principles of learning the game on this tool – improvisation, search, perseverance.

Interesting Facts

For those who have already become interested in Vargany, a few more curious facts:

  • In ancient times, it was used as a sacred tool involved in rituals, and later applied and as a device for a rite of healing+
  • Austria was the most active in the sense of the production of lifting instruments of the European country+
  • Famous organ Creator Friedrich Bushman, inspired by the Tongue System of Vargan, came up with a lip harmonic+
  • It is said that the ancestor of Vargan – the usual pinch, Tuvinian instruments suggest researchers for such a thought+
  • In the movie Dinar asanova “What would you choose?”Wagan sounds, and refers to him as things needed+
  • On the old European scenic canvases, you can see that even angels play in Vargan.

Hobbies, serious lessons or profession – Vargan can be used in all these variations, it all depends on the playing. But if you develop it even only for the sake of meditation, it is accurate.

About how to play on Vargan, look in the following video.

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