Features of balalaica prius

Features of balalaica prius

Balalaika – symbol of Russian folk musical culture. Her name presumably means “balalauer”, “speak”. Indeed, this simple tool is able to transmit a whole range of feelings: from fun to sadness.

What it is?

There are several varieties of balalaika. Among them, the most famous can be called balalaica Prima. Her creator is in. Andreev. He transformed the folk instrument, gave him a modern size and improved the form, having achieved a deeper sound.

Such a name – Prima – Balalaika received quite deservedly. In its family, she is a presenter soling. It is subject to the most complex works requiring high equipment performed by the work.

Sizes of this tool range from 600 to 700 mm. The triangular body is not solid, consists of 6 or 7 elements. Made of wood, usually from beech. Deca (the upper part of the case) – from coniferous rocks, for example, from ate. Deck serves as a resonator that gives a depth of sound.

Vulture is somewhat rejected back, includes from 16 to 31 Lada.

The balalaika has three strings, most often metallic. Two strings earlier did from lived, and now they are made from nylon or carbon. In its characteristics, Balalaika is not inferior to symphonic tools. The range of its sound – from the “Mi” of the first octave to “up to” the fourth.

Merit B. Andreeva consists in the fact that he introduced a balalate system that is called academic. At the prima he is: “Mi”, “Mi”, “La” of the first octave.

Balalyaks are different species depending on the destination. There are students who enjoy those who only master the subtleties of the game on this tool. Professional balala retreats play at the concert balalaica. This is a tool created from valuable wood, configured and debugged masters. It is intended, respectively, the name for academic performances.

Concert balalaiki can be factory or master execution. The second most appreciated, since they have a unique sound. They are divided into several categories: 3, 2, 1 and the highest.

The category depends on how valuable wood was used in the manufacture. The material can serve, pear, maple.

Accessories and accessories

With all the simplicity of Balalaika – a rather complex structure tool. From how high-quality items are used in it, the life of the instrument and its sound depends. Part of the elements need regular replacement and fit.

Strings determine the purity of sound and timbre of balalaika. Too thin strings create a rattling, too thick make a sound removal, reduce singers, and can also break.

The chicken mechanism is on the shovel, the final neck, and serves to pull the strings. It needs to be changed from time to time, since the rods wear out and do not allow the high quality game.

Standing for strings regulates the quality and power of sound. The best material for its manufacture is maple. The stand must be the bottom to fit tightly to the deck. In this case, there will be no rattling sound. From the height and correctness of the standing of the stand depends the sound of the instrument, as well as the convenience of playing it.

Access and selection of accessories. Shoulder belt will help reduce tension in hand, especially when the musician plays standing or moving during the performance of the work.

Balalaika, like any musical instrument, requires careful care. Therefore, the need will be the case. It will help keep the tool from dust, dirt and dampness.

Tips for setting

The setting of the balalaika is not very difficult, especially if the tool is used only for home musication. The first string is configured on the note “La”, and the second and third – on the note “Mi”. The tool can be adjusted for rumor or check the adjustment accuracy with piano. Check are carried out in this way: after setting the lower string, leave free, and the two top press to the fifth Lada. All three strings should sound in unison.

When you need to configure the concert tool, you should approach this more seriously. Create the correct sound of the string is needed using tuner, accordion or piano. Of great importance is how well the strings are tightened. The life of their service depends on. And it will help to avoid trouble during the concert.

Starting your story a few centuries ago, Balalaika remains a favorite and famous tool. She is fond of and conquering their sound and folk holidays, and academic sites.

Covers for the choice of balalaika in video.

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