Acoustic guitar game

Acoustic guitar game

The game on an acoustic guitar can be extremely interesting for enthusiasts, but beginners need to know how to learn to play on the tutorial. You should know about styles and riffs, country and rock from scratch for novice guitarists. And there are a number of subtleties using tools.

To keep it?

Imitating outstanding musicians or just seeking to play so as not to blush, you need to start with the workshop and standing poses with a guitar. Without this success, do not reach. All similar to other skills: it is impossible to succeed in the sprint, without learning to start confidently. And even world-class stars pay attention to developing habits every day.

IMPORTANT: to work out the hold of the guitar needed with sedentary poses, and sit better on a comfortable chair or chair.

Proper furniture has a hard back, devoid of armrests. Specialized guitar player stool can be purchased at any music store. Sofas and soft chairs are not suitable. With proper placement of the guitar, the thick string is placed at the top, the finest – below. The deck is located in the same place where the dominant hand, and the vulture – where a secondary hand + ambidexters may not worry about this.

Before starting the game, the location of the body of the tool on the thigh must be balanced in the name of convenience. Leading leg remove a little ahead. It bends under 90 degrees. At the same time, the stop should stand straight. The utility foot is removed back and oriented as convenient + spin should be as soon as possible.

Part of the acoustic guitars, made in the dreadnought-format, is equipped with a comfortable bend. Put them on the thigh is not labor. With a good balancing of the body, the tool does not require support by hand. Giort guitar must be necessarily tilted, and under 45 degrees. IMPORTANT: Whatever the game style is chosen, it is that position most adequately + so that the tool does not move, its body supports the elbow or forearm main hand zone.

In order to play standing:

  • Use a strap with a variable length+

  • Consider the presence of belt fasteners on the guitar (or they are installed by individual order)+

  • It is worth attaching the belt correctly (depending on the execution of the clamps)+

  • after throwing the belt through the back and the shoulder of the utility hand correctly adjust its location of the buckle, so as not to delay the hand and do not lift the body overly high.

How to clamp chords?

This is one of the most important steps towards the development of the right technique – and, alas, it is chords that cause maximum difficulties. In order not even special need to study in a conservatory or in a private teacher. Start with the development of the left hand and the operation of its competent position. It is from such exercises that success ultimately depends. DM chord needs to be studied to clamp with two fingers (nameless and maiden).

The second method is optimal, because it releases the one finger under the game DM / F. AM acord worry so:

  • Reveal the left palm in the plane parallel to the ground, at an angle of 90 degrees to the vulture+

  • The main finger is pressed to the rear brain+

  • Press the string number 2 of the 5th Lada index (pad)+

  • Leaving this finger in place, press the cushion of the nameless 3rd string of the 6th Lada+

  • Middle finger are introduced into the game, working with the 6th Lad, but already with the 4th string+

  • Exclude strong hand voltage and touching the grid palm+

  • Divide the left palm in the initial position and repeat everything at first slowly, only with complete confidence accelerate the game.

Wanting to master the chord E, you should reveal the left palm to the top and press the thumb to the corpus from the back. Then pressed the pillow of the index finger the third string of the fifth Lada. Further, there are 4 strings, 6 ways and 5 strings, 6 ways. As in the previous case, you should not strain your hand.

When the movements are worked out, you need to master the game with your fingers in reverse order.


  • Training daily+

  • carefully track the location of the fingers+

  • pushing+

  • Every day, take 3 chord, replacing their order, without fear of mistakes – they will disappear as mastery work.

Main technicians

Before you master the different styles and techniques of the game on an acoustic guitar, you need to devote a number of lessons to the development of battle. And such training from scratch is carried out regardless of whether there is a teacher or not. The game of the battle – the emphasis by the mediator or fingers on all strings immediately. This method will ensure the conduct of rhythmic parties. Go to warts off chords, you can, pressing the strings on the faithful freaks with one hand, and the other using for impact.

Next reception, which is important to master on your own – this is a syncous battle. Hit the strings are important bottom up. This game is louder than usual or accompanied by a slot pass. You should also learn to change chords. This is achieved only by multiple workouts every day and necessarily – the right place of fingers + additional recommendations and system of training can be found in any tutorial.

Next requires mastering:

  • General Theory of Grid and Strings+

  • Arpeggle (this technique is used in a number of famous melodies)+

  • Boring+

  • Natural harmonics+

  • Skills to play Barre (with the index finger of two and more strings on one Lada)+

  • Partial barre+

  • clock sizes 4/4, 6/8 and ¾+

  • Melodic sorrow+

  • staccato+

  • Bass Line+

  • Apanyando+

  • Riff+

  • Country fight+

  • Rock Games.

Additionally, pay attention to the techniques:

  • legato+

  • Vibrato+

  • Tightening+

  • tremolo+

  • pizzicato+

  • dissonance+

  • flamenco+

  • Tapping+

  • Fingerpiking.

Tips for beginners

A good guitar game enthusiast studies daily at least 1 chord. It is not necessarily a completely new – the position of the popular harmony is suitable. This is how many outstanding musicians do. What is important, regardless of guitar passion, should be other interests. A real guitarist always owns at least 1-2 other tools.

During the game, the joints must be relaxed. Excessive tension will not definitely play well. But training should be aimed at developing the maximum strength of the fingers. Of course, not excessively because music is not a sport. Contrary to popular opinion, any guitar, including the classic “with a nylon”, an electric guitar or tool, released 40 – 50 years ago will suit for testing skills;.

Naturally, handle any guitar need carefully. Do not ignore thematic forums and video clips, and in different languages ​​to expand your skills. Subtitles and online translators will help catch the main thing without studying the appropriate language.

It is extremely useful to communicate with more experienced musicians, but undesirable to ignore other beginners – it’s easier to deal with the nuances.

No matter how an attractive business seemed to the savings, the appeal to a qualified teacher justifies all expenses. Such people can detect and adjust the error that cannot be seen from the side. Here are some more recommendations:

  • constantly get acquainted with new music related to different genres and styles, national traditions and epochs, with soundtracks for films and games+

  • expand your common outlook to draw inspiration in literature and cinema, in artwork and different beautiful places+

  • systematically repeat passed, including returning to it on new levels of skill+

  • train systematically and persistently+

  • Do not neglect the warm-up+

  • deep learn the physics of the game guitar+

  • to master the material gradually, it concerns the melodies, and chords, and techniques+

  • train to play and fingers and mediator+

  • play together with other musicians+

  • suspend training at fatigue+

  • browse video with your own classes+

  • start classes in the calm location of the Spirit+

  • don’t blame yourself+

  • Turn the rhythm+

  • To master the guitar setting+

  • use modern tantam.

How to quickly learn to play, look in the following video.

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