All about holders for guitars

All about holders for guitars

Special holders for guitars will be removed tool from damage and save it in the best form. Stores offer various models – floor racks or mounts to the wall. And if you need a unique product, then wall stands can be made with your own hands.


Like all musical instruments, guitars require competent storage.

  • They need to be protected from ultraviolet – Straight sunlight spoil the varnish and lead to the drying of wooden parts.
  • Temperature differences, high or low humidity, drafts – All this negatively affects the tool. Setting up a setting, cracks appear on the housing, currring the neck – and now, without expensive repair, it is not. reference. Ideal for storage humidity – 40 – 60%, and temperature – 19 – 25 degrees Celsius.
  • Dust. If it is too much – the guitar sounds dim and pale. Participation is particularly suffering – springs, saddles of tremolo systems, gears in slices. Advice. Do not forget to vacuum the guitar at least once every six months.
  • Store guitar in a case – not the best solution. Barely noticeable impact (especially in hard configurations) – and consequences are guaranteed. Not immediately, but through the year you will notice them. Still, the case is intended for carrying, not for storage. Therefore, the best place for storage is a room with a constant temperature and without drafts. Place the guitar higher from the floor (on a wall or special rack) – and neither dust nor the drafts will not get it.

A wall-mounted guitar holder will turn the tool in the art object. Of course when it is not used. Complete the composition – Check notes, add discs and plates. And here is your room of a real musician.

In addition, holders have other advantages.

  • They are easily installed. Wall mounted 2 – 3 screws, outdoor – declined or collected according to the instructions.
  • At the same time, the guitar is reliably fixed. It will not fall, even if you accidentally throw it – high-quality expensive models forgive mistakes.
  • And due to the vertical placement of the protection of the anchor at the height.
  • Children and Pets will not damage the tool. They will not reach him – because the suspension can be done under the most ceiling. True, it may be uncomfortable to get it, but this is a compromise.
  • But the guitar is removed quickly – a couple seconds, and you have in your hands.

True, the brackets have flaws.

  • Required careful selection. If the distance between the mounting walls is large – the guitar slides down, the flashes break.
  • Poor-quality models can scratch paint. In addition, with chlip hooks tool can fall.
  • Holder can fall out of a soft wall. Especially if the guitar is massive.

And, of course, various conditions are needed for different conditions. Rack for a professional musician is very different from the model for an amateur. The most obvious – budget. And we will tell than the holders for the guitars so much among themselves differ.


The method of storing the guitar depends on the room. In domestic conditions it is better to hang on the wall – so it will take at least a place. In recording studios it is better to keep it on the rack – then you do not have to drill sound-absorbing wall covering. Yes, and transfer tools more convenient.

Therefore, wall holders are usually used for the house. There are several of their species.

  • Universal brackets. In addition to guitars, they can hold other tools. Represent a bracket that is covered with a layer of rubber – scratches are excluded. The base is usually pine. Approximate dimensions – 15x15x20 cm, and mass – 500 grams. Their drawback – accurate fixation is required, otherwise the tool will hang crooked.
  • Rotary holder. Deprived of this minus, the guitar itself will take the right position. But their strength is slightly lower, therefore the carrying capacity is not more than 10 kg.
  • Ordinary hooks. They are fully made of metal, except for soft linings. Dignity – Strength. Such hooks are suitable for all types of guitars – classical six-string, acoustic, bass and electric guitar.
  • Hooks with autracks. In them, the tool is automatically fixed during installation. Their advantage is the reliability of consolidation, thanks to the Auto Grip System system, the guitar will not fall, even if it hurts.

A question may arise, and does not hurt the guitar suspended state. No, if it is reliably fixed, and there is no temperature surges in the room. Moreover, such a storage method is the best, because under the action of gravity, the vulture seeks to straighten up. That is, his deformation is completely excluded.

Important! Applying brackets, do not forget about the wall with which the deck is contacted. Secure the shock absorber on it – rubber pillow.

But not always hooks give good results. In the studio, they can resonate when absorb reflected oscillations, especially if other guitars hang on them. And this greatly reduces the quality of the recording. Therefore, professionals use guitar stands – they are easier to carry them out of the room. Such stands are different.

  • Stands in the form of a letter A. They are folding and inoperative occupy a minimum place. Let’s fill even in a guitar case. It is better to use them on departures – on tour, concerts. The main disadvantage is low stability, because the vulture is not fixed. Therefore, it is not recommended to use their homes – the guitar will fall from light touch. However, if you are neat, then you have nothing to worry about.
  • Tubular stands. More stable, better fix tool. But they are not so mobile – they can not take shape, require assembly. Cheap models are very easily turned over. But these minuses did not prevent popularity – for many stands of this type, serve as a “default choice”.
  • Premium racks. Best choice for scene and for studio. True, they cost more. But easy to fold. The guitar is held behind the neck (and this, we recall, the best storage method), while the housing is based on legs. Damage excluded – power elements covered with rubber.
  • Multi Guitar Holders. Useful with a dense layout of the studio or in small rooms. All guitars are going together. True, it is not always convenient to get them, especially if such a stand is near the wall or in the corner of the room.
  • Racing racks for guitars. Can hold 3 – 10 guitars, while they are portable and occupy little space. Convenient for long-term storage in small studios or on departures, yes and get the guitars easier. Their drawback – guitars can fight among themselves, especially if they are inactively putting.
  • Stands for guitars. They are not needed for storage, but for the game. Such racks hold the tool in the working position. They are applied at concerts when the musician in the middle of the song needs to go from one guitar to another and continue to play.

As you can see, various racks are needed for different situations. Well, for home storage guitar, the simplest bracket, which can be done independently.

How to make it yourself?

You can collect a guitar holder with your own hands from the girlfriend. For the simplest design, you will need:

  • 2 PVC tubes+
  • Plywood 15 mm thick or chipboard sheet for base+
  • Termoklay.

    Tools – ruler, screwdriver, sandpaper.

    1. Based on drill 2 holes for tubes. The distance between them should be so that the tubes can securely hold the vulture. Leave the gap for rubber gasket.
    2. Self-pressing to secure the tube so that they do not hate. Ends close the corks or pour the thermal.
    3. On the tubes, lock the rubber cuffs.

    Ready. After painting, the part will be quite aesthetic.

    More beautiful bracket will be able to make it from a wooden bar.

    1. Make a template. It should be like a wrench head. The distance between “horns” should be equal to the width of the grip plus the gap for the rubber lining.
    2. By template Make a tree holder. To do this, you will need a jigsaw.
    3. Secure the holder on the ground. Treat the sandpaper irregularities – the corners must be rounded.
    4. Jump rubber pads.

    Bracket assembled. It remains to hang him beautifully on the wall.

    1. Pick up the place. Guitar must look harmonious.
    2. Attach the bracket to the wall. Note the location of the fasteners for the dowels.
    3. Drill them. Drink a dowel hammer.
    4. Screw the holder of self-drawing. After that, you can experience – preferably a cargo.

    This instruction is suitable for factory holders.

    Advice. When installing, use a building level or a special smartphone program. Put the device on hooks – it should show horizontal position. Payments to install the dowels. It is drilling in concrete that gives the greatest error.

    About how to make a guitar holder with your own hands, look in the following video.

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