All about strings Ernie Ball

All about strings Ernie Ball

If you have acquired a new guitar, then you will have to stock suitable sets of strings for them, since over time they will start to wear and become unsuitable for the game. One of the most popular manufacturers of such parts is the Ernie Ball brand, which produces strings intended for different models of such string instruments. Today we will talk about the peculiarities of these products, as well as what they have varieties.


Ernie Ball strings are made of treated quality metals, including brass, bronze and various types of steel. Many of them are equipped with a reinforced winding, which ensures maximum strength and reliability of such products.

These guitar strings are also often covered with a special titanium alloy, which ensures maximum surface protection, including from the formation of a corrosion layer.

As well as some samples are created from other materials, including nylon.


Manufacturer Currently manufactures and sells various types of guitar strings. They can all differ among themselves depending on what kind of type of string tool they are intended. Special sets for acoustic, electroacoustic and classical tools are sold in stores.

To begin with, consider the collection of such elements for acoustic products:

  • Earthwood 80/20. These varieties produce 80% of copper and 20% of the zinc base. They have a navigation from the bronze base and hexed tinned core made of steel.

  • Slinky Acoustic. For these strings, the navill is created from a special alloy, which includes bronze and phosphorus. They also have a steel tinned core in the shape of a hexagon. Products will be able to please the listeners with interesting and rich sounds, as well as a rich timber.

  • Coated Slinky Phosphor Acoustic. These models are included in the previous collection, but they have a number of important features. These samples have a reinforced titanium alloy, which is fixed at the base of the parts. The basis is made from a high-tech alloy, which will not be damaged by corrosion, which significantly increases the overall service life.

Now you should get acquainted with models designed for classic type samples:

  • Ernesto Palla Classica. These sets include products from nylon material. And for production, both simple transparent and special black materials are used. The second option is much more solid, it provides the most ringing sound. Several strings from the kit are made with a special core from a fibrous nylon. They can have either silver-planted or bronze navigation. The second variety is considered much more durable and call.

Now let’s see which strings will be able to approach the electric guitar:

  • Nickel Wound. These products make with steel solid and steel hexagonal core. All sets have a special graduation of strings depending on their thickness.

  • Coated Slinky Electric. These strings are included in the previous series, but with it they differ next to significant features. So, in each such set there are reinforced details with a navilling made of titanium wire, it is fixed at the base of the elements. All of them are covered with a metal additional alloy, which prevents the formation of corrosion on the surface.

  • RPS. These guitar strings are also included in the Nickel Wound collection, but they are equipped with a special navigation, which prevents the union of the node at the base.

  • Classic Pure Nickel. These models are made with nickel winding, they have a tinted core hexagon. Such samples will delight much softer and warm sound.

  • 2221 Regular Slinky. These strings are equipped with hexagon core made of high-strength carbon steel. They are made with nickel plated.

The manufacturer manufactures models for bass guitars:

  • Round Wound Bass. Strings these are made with steel nickel-plated winding and hexagon core from steel.

  • Flatwound Bass. These models are also nickel-plated products with steel dummy and steel hexagon core. As a rule, such sets are used for aircraft musical instruments.

It is worth highlighting the 1152 Custom Gauge model. These strings are solitary, they have a reliable basis in the form of a metal core with a hex tip, which is covered with nickel application.

These samples will allow creating an unusually bright and beautiful sound, and they can also serve as long as possible. Of these, you can form a whole set for guitar.

It should be noted that all these elements for the guitar may differ from each other depending on the size. Most often there are models with values ​​at 10/46, 9/46, 10/52 (the thickness of the first and last string).

Criterias of choice

Before buying strings, do not forget that various models will be able to come only for certain types of musical instruments. So, For classical guitars, only soft nylon products can be accessed, since the metal can simply damage their housing.

And also when choosing should closely view the surface of the strings. They should not even have the smallest irregularities, all protective additional coatings are necessarily applied evenly, they can not be chips and other defects.

Detailed overview of the Ernie Ball string you can see in the video below.

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