All about transcastic guitars

All about transcastic guitars

Each person who at least once in his life had to hear the game on an acoustic guitar, experienced indescribable emotions. For the past 100 years, the guitar has been in high demand in people of different generations and with different tastes. Bardov songs, romantic serenades or heavy music – all this is combined in one tool.

What it is

Initially, the guitar was created as a tool for salon concerts and a small audience. Later, the tool has improved and gave him a new appearance and a new sound. Now there are several varieties of acoustic guitars. One species is considered a transacious guitar. It appeared relatively recently, but was already able to conquer the hearts of the musicians.

The principle of operation of the transacouchemic guitar was developed on the basis of electroacoustic, but with another direction. It has not only a standard volume amplifier, but also a special built-in electroacoustic device Actuator. The device is running from the battery and allows you to configure the effects of choral singing and reverb, without resorting to external processing.

In this case, if the tool is still connected to an external amplifier, it turns out the standard electroaches.

Natural sound this tool received thanks to special technology. String vibration, falling on a special device, goes first through the guitar case, processed there and returns to the vibration back into the housing. It turns out that the signal is not just enhanced with the help of a speaker, and is enriched with vibration from strings, returns back to the tool body and mixed with “dry” sound guitar. The timbre of music is natural as the usual sound of the string, but enhanced by the case. It is possible to make it loud, connecting it to an external amplifier.


It is easy enough tool enough. The actuator and pickup are located inside the case. Due to the compact size of the block responsible for the effects, it was possible to maintain all the important qualities of acoustics. On the side of the guitar there are 3 regulators:

  • And – responsible for the chorus effect+
  • B – responsible for reverb effects in the “Hall” and “room” modes (mode switching comes from the position “12 hours”)+
  • C – Turning on the transacoustik mode (switching occurs with short deduction).

As a result, when you turn on the Transacoustic mode, the sound tool resembles a 12 string guitar. On effects and power has similarity with electroacoustic.


The best models of transacuistic guitars presented the legendary Yamaha firm. Tools are famous for their high quality and excellent sound characteristics:

  • Yamaha FG-Ta – Traditional Western Transacuistic Guitar. Has a 6-string structure. Top deck is made of array ate. Shelter and lower deca – made of mahogany. The neck is made of Colombian mahogany, the pad is made of rosewood. It has built-in chorus and reverberation effects. Battery pocket is in the internal entry. Sound loud and dense. Scallapped springs make sound saturated and warm. Guitar cost – 54499 rubles.

  • Yamaha FS-TA – a variety of transacious guitar with a concert building. Designed for performers who use Finder-technique. The lower deck is made of mahogany, the upper deck is made of ate. The neck is made of mahogany, and the pad on the neck – from the rosewood. Reliable and powerful model. Possessing an attractive design, has a high-quality assembly and an unusual sound. Cost – 54990 rubles.

  • Yamaha CG-TA – Designed for connoisseurs of classic models. It has nylon strings. The upper deca is made of a fir massif, the lower deck and the shelter are made of ovankol. Case wood made using artificial aging technology. This is done specifically to improve acoustic resonance. A special actuator is embedded in the case to convert the sound without the help of external devices. As a result, the sound in a small room is the same as in the concert hall. Cost – 54990 rubles.

Recommendations for choosing

To choose a good and high-quality tool, you need to follow the following advice:

  • Choosing a manufacturer. Many novice buyers believe that the tools of domestic manufacturers are reliable and budget. In fact, Russian firms are well made only classic options. For the rest of the models, it is better to turn to Japanese or Americans.
  • Budget. The opinion that the first tool must be expensive, erroneous. The love of the game on the guitar depends on the quality and sound.
  • Selection of material. Any guitar is made of woody breeds. But every tree has its own quality and sound.
  • Quality. The guitar case must be dense and as thick as possible. The distance on the grief between the Lad and the string should not exceed 5 cm.

Someone adds unusual effects, someone applies modifications. The creators of the Yamaha transacious guitars opened a completely new advanced technology for obtaining high-quality saturated sound. Such guitars are designed specifically for those who are looking for new bright impressions. Externally, the guitars are similar to ordinary acoustic models, but with a brighter and converted sound.

A visual overview of the Yamaha transacoucheistic guitar is presented in the following video.

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