Features Menzores Guitar and Her Setup

Features Menzores Guitar and Her Setup

Guitar Menzura is a fairly significant part of the tool to study its device and game on it. Any musician should deal with it and configure it.

Generally, Menzura is a string working length that is used when playing. It is measured in inches or in millimeters. When decreasing its length, the tonality increases.

In this article we will consider in detail almost all of her nuances.

What it is?

It must be reported that the word “Menzura” happened from the Latin Mensura and translates as a measure. Its size affects the sound tool. And to find it, enough to look for information about it on the Internet or to measure this distance.

It should be noted that the menzura in the guitar determines the accuracy of the system. The tool has an impact on how correctly it has been moved to the vulture.

In practice, certain lengths of Menzur are used to create guitars. So-called standards. For example, the American standard at the FENDER brand is 648 mm. The classics of Menzura 650 mm. But there is also an extended version of 660 mm.

For example, Two absolutely identical tools with different menzurs surprisingly will sound unique. It affects such a parameter as sensations from the game. This is, perhaps, you can explain why professional guitar players have several dozen diverse guitars.

The sound of the menzura depends the sound of the guitar and its tonality, as well as the range. That is why bass guitars long ridge to sound in low octaves.

Tools with different Menzur give a different response when playing on them. And the differences are determined by just a length of the griff. And also depends on this distance, where and how you will sound flags on the guitar – both natural and artificial.

With a large Menzure guitar sounds more bright, with bell sound. But the tool with a reduced globe length accommodates a larger number of overtones on one site. It turns the sound into a fatterest and warm.

Take, for example, the usual natural flagset on the 6th string of the 5th Lada. When shifting the hand closer to higher frets you can hear a large number of notes and overtones. This is all part of chords when they are sounding, as notes, in fact, consists of many inconspicuous parts and overtones.

Another point is a combination of the degree of strings tension and the length of the menzura, which allows you to adjust the sound in one direction or another.

What happens?

It should be noted that the guitar with multimenimize has recently become widespread. However, usually similar tools are made on an individual order. Such guitars provide more accurate settings. This is their indisputable advantage.

In bass guitar

It is necessary to emphasize that the standard Menzura at the bass guitar is 34 inches, or 863.6 mm. All other bass guitars with another string have the same parameter.

And also apply bass guitars with a smaller Menzure. But such tools are constructed mainly to order and quite rare.

With a decrease in the length of the string, the sound will sound more tight. The string when setting up the guitar will need less tension.

Talk about the size of Menzur in bass guitars. Currently, Long Scale bass guitars with a length of 34 “” or 864 mm.

But over time about shortened tools, there was a bad impression. Therefore, most musicians began to choose a more professional tool, for example, the FENDER brands. In general, 4 groups of Menzur are distinguished for bass guitars depending on their size. This is reduced, secondary, standard and enlarged.

With the same Menzure, a thick string will be stronger.

To understand the bass guitar with which men you need you need to determine which tool you are more convenient to play and what you want from him.

Your experience of the game also affects the choice of Menzurs.

Classic and acoustic guitars

It must be said that it is not necessary to configure the menzur of an acoustic guitar. All parameters are initially determined by the manufacturer of such a tool. This is its main difference.

The classic guitar has a length of Menzura – 650 mm. But, for example, The manufacturer of the FENDER brand it is 648 mm and is the standard.


For details of the Menzura, it is necessary to adjust such parameters like the height of the strings and anchor. As well as It is necessary to check the sound of the first string on the 12th Lada, and if necessary, change the Menzur, shifting the saddle. Then make an open string – and again check it on the 12th Lada. And so with each string.

How to measure?

When measuring, the menzura should be taken into account that the octave is divided into 12 equal halftones.

For this, we take a given Menzur and calculate with the help of a mathematical formula Ln = LN-1 / 12√2. As a result, we get the length of the string on the halfone above.

Then the division of this coefficient will determine the length of the lower vein to the second Lada and so on. Thus, a table is obtained with distances from the lower thief to each Lada. The classic guitar usually stops at the 20th Lada.

How to setup?

To make your guitar correctly built, some efforts should be attached. In the extreme case, you will have to exercise a manzura guitar. For proper detuning the Menzura you will need a special key. Usually it is included in the Guitar. Otherwise, it will be formed, and chords will sound like.

It should be emphasized that Basically, the manufacturer never rejuvenates Meszur with a guitar, so it must be done and checked independently.

To configure the Menzura, the determining factor will be the 12th way on the jiff, which divides the string in half. The length of the string is changed using the bottom item. BUT It will also be necessary to adjust the anchor and determine the correct height of the string above the vulture.

To configure the menzures, use the tuner. First, configure the open first string. Then on the 12th Lada comparing it with an open string along Tune. If everything matches, then the menzura is well configured. So we do for all strings.

It should be noted that the system of the guitar is one of the most inaccurate and difficult to configure among many tools. That is why it should be purchased quite high-quality tools, otherwise they simply won’t build.

In addition, after the game, the tension of the string is changing, and the guitar begins to sound differently. That is why professional guitarists change strings after speeches.

And it is also necessary to monitor the lade partitions of the griff. For accurate building, their surface should be rounded. Setting up MoneyZara bass guitars No different from setting up the usual standard electric guitar, six-string or even seven-time.

If the threshings are too given on the guitar, they must be grinding to configure Menzur. And because of too old strings or incorrectly installed upper guitar melting may not build.

With machine

To configure the menzuru guitar with a typewriter, you need to purchase a special tool for setting. Therefore, the setting of the menzures without a machine is easier.

To configure a breeze or machine, it should be understood its device. The location of Bridge on the grief is also very important. First, before adjusting Bridge, you need to weaken the strings, and then proceed to the usual setting.

Without typewriter

If your guitar has no breeze, the action plan will be the following.

First you will configure with the help of tuner. Then check the strings on the 12th Lada. After detuning, check the open sound of all strings.

At the end of this review, it should be said that Menzura is a pretty important thing and characteristic of the musical instrument, To which you want to pay attention when setting up the sound of your guitar. It is from it that the aspect depends as a system.

Read more with the features of the settings of the menzura string tools can be found in the following video.

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