Guitar Setup in Straight Drop C

Guitar Setup in Straight Drop C

In addition to the standard guitar setup, musicians use its alternative species. There are many guitar systems that change the tonality and tool range. Each building, including DROP C, has its own uniqueness.


DROP C is most often used to give “gravity” sounding. While setting up five strings – from the first to fifth – decrease by one tone relative to the classical setting. And the sixth string drops by 2 tones (from E to C).

    The advantage is that such a tuning facilitates the game of Power chords in rock music.

    That is why the largest popularity of the Drop C was rafting precisely among rockers. Most likely, they were invented by them.

    For comparison:

    • Standard guitar system: EADGBE (Mi La-Re-Sol-CI)+
    • Stroy Drop C: CGCFAD (up-Sol-up-Lhaa).

    Caliber Strings

    The sound does not end the difference in the structure of DROP C from the standard. To achieve high-quality sound, the guitar needs to change the set of strings to thicker and rigid. The decrease in the system leads to their weakening, which can significantly complicate the game on the guitar and distort the purity of the sound.

    To correctly pick up the strings of the required thickness, it is worth paying attention to the parameters of the tool itself and its string set.


    The size of the menzura guitars affects the flexibility and elasticity of the strings. What it is more, the greater the tension creates. Therefore, with an increase in the length of the menzura, the thickness of the string set increases.

    Thickness strings

    Thin string sets are not able to withstand the tension of the DROP C. However, the use of thick has a number of flaws. The amplitude of oscillations decreases due to strong tension, which leads to a meager sound, despite the ability to easily play fatal riffs using Power chords.

    Different sets

    There are strings as with a fearful, and without them. There are sets in which the third string is also in a fever, like bass.

    For the building, DROP C such a kit does not fit, because in the lowered strict no longer improves the sound.

    Caliber Difference

    Caliber is measured in inches. Most often on sets write the thickness of the first and sixth strings through a hyphen. There are sets in which the caliber is specified separately to each element.

    Standard and non-standard sets are manufactured. In standard sets of caliber more balanced. This is: 8-38, 9-42, 10-46, 11-50, 12-54.

    Non-standard sets have some “irregularities”. These include 9-46, 10-52, 10-60, 11-54, 12-60. The numbers mean the size in a thousandth fraction from inches (that is, the figure 8 is 0.008 inches, 38 is 0.038 inches and so on).

    Non-standard kits are better suited for any non-standard system. but Standard sets 10-46 and higher are able to withstand the voltage of the DROP C.

    Extended sets

    Special kits created for guitars with increased Menzure: 12-68, 13-72. They are used for standard tools, but with low setup.

    In order not to deform the guitar, it is worth considering some nuances.

    • If you cannot adjust the magnitude of the Menzura, you can replace bridge guitars. Changing Bridge, it is worth considering that these devices are “fat” and “thin”. Need to measure the diameter of the part, which is already on the guitar.
    • Thick strings may not fit into bridge or slices. Sometimes Bridge change and robing. However, it is not necessary to engage in amateurness, because there is a risk to ruin the instrument in general.
    • The use of thick strings can lead to the destruction of the guitar. Standard it is pulled out under thickness 10-46. However, you can cultivate the bridges so that the tool does not deform during the game.

    You can run the thoroughbreers by manually using a set of nadfile.

    It is best to contact the specialists, since incorrect processing will make the item unsuitable for use.

    Warmords are made from plastics. Therefore, it is better to change them to more durable from the tree or bone, so that the strings do not clarify the material, did not fall below the established level.

    Suitable sets

    For the structure of DROP C there is a scheme of the respective sets. Of course, this is averaged information. There may be other options.

    • 10-60 – it is better to use strings in a fever, as they are more elastic, so they can withstand high tension.
    • 11-52 – permissible option, but problems may arise due to weak tension.
    • 11-54 – Balanced average voltage.
    • 11-56 – the optimal set, as the sixth string in this set of the previous one (can withstand strong tension).
    • 12-54 – the use of this kit is quite acceptable. However, during the game, rhythm parties may have difficulty. Because of the smaller tension of the guitar will sound quieter.
    • 12-60 – the best option for the game of fatal riffs.

    It is important to remember that it is almost impossible to choose the perfect option from the first time. After all, practice is needed to “feel” the advantages and disadvantages of a certain set.

    How to set up guitar?

    Rebel the guitar to the Drop C system can be pushing out from the standard. There are several ways.

    The fastest way to restructure guitar can be considered the use of a guitar chromatic tuner. To do this, you can turn on the automatic mode and start each string separately to relax until the desired symbol is obtained. For the first it will be D, the second – a, the third – F, the fourth – C, fifth – G, the sixth – with. Tuner himself will determine the desired octave.

    Rebuild the guitar, pushing out from the standard building, and in the following way.

    • Run 5 string by closing on the third Lada.
    • Shoot 6 string without pushing it.
    • Set the sixth to consonance with fifth. It should be borne in mind that the sounds are obtained different by Octave (sixth to octave below). But they still merge into one. Trained ear it will be noticeable.
    • Customize the fifth, leaning on the second foot of the fourth string.
    • All the remaining strings are configured relative to each other on the third Lada.

          Customize acoustics in DROP C can be fine as well as the electric guitar. However, the sound will deteriorate sharply. Riff electric guitars too “hard” for acoustics. After all, the acoustic guitar is significantly different from the electrical. The thickness of the string and the size of the hull, and the materials of the manufacture.

          But if you really want to change the sound of acoustics, there is a more sparing way. You can use Capodastra. This clamp changes the tension of the string, and the tonality changes. It does not need to perform any additional actions. It is enough to fasten the Capodist on the desired Lada, and enjoy the new sound.

          In order to get a unique sound, you need to not be afraid to experiment. After all, it is precisely to create an inexhaustible source of ideas.

          Read more With the guitar setting in Straight Drop C you can get acquainted in the following video.

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