How to set up an electric guitar?

How to set up an electric guitar?

The ability to configure the tool is included in the list of the required guitarist skills. The game on an electric guitar with a broken system not only distorts the composition, but also gradually disrupts the hearing of the artist. Therefore, it is important to know the system of the tool and ways, how to configure the electric guitar.

What methods there are?

Master setting easy. The process is performed easier with auxiliary instruments. However, it is possible to achieve the desired result without additional equipment.

We describe several ways that are popular among guitarists.

  1. On the charter with a frequency of 440 Hz. The sound of la, published by this device, corresponds to the fifth Lada on the first string. Turn the ring is needed, while the sounds of the camera and guitars do not merge. The second, the fourth, the fifth and sixth strings are built up on the fifth Lada, which forms one-blocks with the preceding. Only to configure the third you need to hold the fourth way.
  2. The easiest way to beginping is considered to configure the tune. To do this, connect the instrument to the guitar, remove the sound, and the device itself will show errors to the degree of tension. Tuners vary by connection type. Models connected with cable are more accurate. Analogs that capture the sound clinging to the body can give errors. And in the conditions of a noisy rehearsal base, it will be impossible to use.
  3. Instead of tuner, you can use the corresponding program on the phone. However, its accuracy will also be determined by the number of external noise.
  4. With the help of flags. The first string is configured by Chainton. Then compares the sound of flags on the adjacent strings. In unison must merge flags from the fourth Lada on the third string with the fifth Lad on the second. In other cases, the fifth of the seventh freak on the string of less thickness is compared.

Complete configuration of hearing involves a comparison of notes on different strings shed in the specified freaks. Such a skill involves developing musical abilities and not under the breed. However, it helps bring the system to order regardless of the availability of equipment.

Standard Stroy

Structure is the sound of strings in open positions. It is created for the convenience of obtaining the most actively used chords. For the six-string guitar, the following system has been developed:

  • The first corresponds to the 1 oh octave+
  • The second sounds like a small musical interval+
  • The third is configured under the salt of a small octave+
  • Fourth – this is a re small octave+
  • The fifth corresponds to a large musical interval+
  • Sixture set up under the worlds.

    Such a system ensures the convenience of appliqués for chords, so it uses most guitarists. Alternatives are rarely used – in case of particular need.

    Adjusting the prigid

    It should be borne in mind that the full adjustment of the guitar is not limited to the adjustment of the string tension. For the full sound of the tool in the control need:

    • Anker position+
    • Height strings+
    • Menzura.

    These procedures will not accounterate without additional tools and special experience.

    With intrinsicity of own forces, it is recommended to use the services of the Master.

    With self-configuration it is worth taking:

    • slotted screwdriver+
    • Cross screwdriver+
    • Hex key for guitar.

    Some tool models will need an additional special little key.

    Anchor setting is performed to achieve the optimal position of the grid. Since this thin metal rod on a guitar flap reduces the impact of adverse factors on a wooden case, its position affects the convenience of sound recovery and sound quality.

    If the anchor is weakened:

    • Strings are too far from the hull+
    • They are harder to clamp+
    • their oscillation is associated with an increased ringing and a rat+
    • Menzura setting is broken, which leads to a decrease in sound accuracy.

      The response nut anchor leads to the fact that the strings practically fall on the vulture. As a result, the duration of sound can not be long. By loosening and tensioning the nut, it is required to achieve the desired balance, which is determined for a specific tool independently. The minimum deflection is especially valued here, which does not interfere with fluctuations. The presence of a slight rattling on the fort is allowed. The quality of the grieving of the grid is determined by pressing the sixth string alternately Ladas No. 1, 17 (20) and 7, which corresponds to the beginning and end of the string, as well as on the plot with the maximum deflection.

      Depending on the model of the guitar, the anchor is located on the head or at the base of the griff. To adjust the position of the nut, you will need to unscrew the cap, insert the hex key, and then turn it towards loosening or tension. All manipulations are performed slowly and neatly. At once turn the nut is not greater than 30 degrees.

      Since the reduction of the grieving of the grid automatically increases the string tension, they should be pre-weaken. Otherwise there is a risk of cliff. At the end of the manipulation, the system is checked by Tueu. In addition, if the cracks are heard with the actions, it should be carefully returned to the nut into the original position, and to replace the tool.

      Setting the height of strings

      This parameter affects the amplitude of the oscillations of the string, which affects the speed of execution and the power of the tool. The height of the string is determined at the level of 12 Lada. The position of the finest of them is in the range of 1-1.5 mm. The sixth string is located at 1.5-2.5 mm due to its thickness. As a measuring instrument, a mediator is often used or several folded mediators.

      To execute fast virtuoso passes on a guitar, preferably that the strings are closer to the corp. If the volume comes to the fore, the distance needs to do more.

      How to adjust the menzur?

      Under the Menzur understand the length of the beating, covering the string from the spinning of the griffe to Bridge. To rebuild it on the electric guitar is necessary for the accuracy and purity of sound, as well as compliance with all notes on the jiff.

      Menzura is regulated by turning the runners and bolts at the point of fixing the string at Bridge. Turn is made in the direction of the clockwise or against it. The setup method is determined by the type of Bridge. In some models, this parameter is configured to each of the 6 strings separately. And sometimes the setting can be done for everyone immediately. Here is the order of action for the beginner:

      • Setting up an open string+
      • Check notes on 12 Lada+
      • If the resulting sound forms an octave with an open position, the length does not need adjustment+
      • When a reduced or high height is detected, you need a messenger setting.

      For a slotted or cross screwdriver, the bolt is inserted into the bolt and rotates in the desired direction until the ideal result is obtained. Tender carving here easily breaks down. Therefore, neatness is important in manipulations. Completion will be left to adjust the strings in height.

      Customizing the rock guitar, it is important to remember that the system of the tool is not distinguished by perfection. Many factors can affect the final height of the sound. So, the settings of the menzures are appropriate for new strings, since the low ability of older does not provide the desired sound pattern.

      In addition, the accuracy can affect the state of the lade partitions. Their spray, the offset of the surface towards the greater plane will cause the string shift closer to the edge when pressed, which can affect the result.

      Let’s summarize: The correctness of the building of the electric guitar determines the beauty of the sound of music, as well as the formation of the hearing of the artist. Regular check requires the sound of strings in open frets, which can be done in several ways. First, it is recommended to use tuners or electronic programs. As the skills and skill develops, you can go to the tuning of the charter or hearing.

          After purchasing a new guitar, as well as the replacement of any of the parts it is worth paying the time to the position of the anchor, the height of the strings and Menzure. And in the calculation you need to make a model and feature of a particular tool. It determines the need for additional devices, as well as the position of the bolts for adjustment. In the absence of necessary devices, skills and confidence in their own forces, it is worth entrusting the work of a professional.

          Detailed instructions for setting up the electric guitar can be found in the following video.

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