Overview of white guitars

Overview of white guitars

White musical instruments look very beautiful and rich. Such products are usually purchased as a gift or for speeches. In the article we will look at the types of guitars and make an overview of models in white.


Guitars are divided into the following types.


The classic white guitar is ideal in the option for those who only started their way in the musical world and prefers to play classic melodies. Products have a softer sound than other varieties, and are equipped with nylon strings, which are significantly softer metal and less injured fingers.

Wide neck and neat body provide improved fixation in hand.


Models of this type are used for acoustic music. Metal strings make a saturated and bright sound. A narrow neck with anchor and a large housing are distinguished by acoustic products from classic. Popular is a form with CataWay cut, which facilitates access to the upper freak. On acoustic guitars you can play with your fingers and the mediator.


These guitars are something medium between acoustic or electrical devices. They are equipped with an electronic sensor called among guitarists by pickup, it allows you to connect a musical instrument to an amplifier or to the dynamics. However, this does not mean that this model will become a full-fledged replacement for the electronic version. As a rule, such guitars are used at concerts and performances when it is necessary to convey clean sound to each corner in the large room.


Guitars with a stylish design and bright sound are equipped with several pickups and several regulators. These models are optimal for musicians preferring to play modern and rock melodies.

In addition to electrical devices, you need to purchase amplifiers or speakers that will increase the range of music.


Bass guitars can be electronic, and acoustic. These models are equipped with four strings, less often five or more. Strings metal and much thicker than on products of another species, which allows you to make a low and deep bass sound.

Most manufacturers, in addition to black guitars and models in standard Sanbert color, necessarily have white items in assortment. Consider several popular light shade guitars.


Matte white shade of acoustic guitar supplemented with a small black insert. This color manufacturers called “Polar Eclipse”. The six-string guitar has 20 wards, a volumetric, rich sound and will become the perfect acquisition for extraordinary musicians who love to amaze the public. The upper deck is made of ate, lower deck and a vulture – made of mahogany. The pad on the neck is made of the sacred on the island of Fiji Tree Merbau. Model cost – 11430 rubles.


Model with Stratocaster housing is made of linden. Balanced frequency range allows you to get a soft and smooth sound. Vulture is made of cock, lining – from the rosewood. Thanks to quality materials, the sound of the guitar becomes richer and deeper. The model is equipped with three pickups and a five-perction regulator, with the possibility of switching sound, timbre and selection of sound shades. Vintage Tremolo machine on 6 bolts provides a wider range of game receptions. Product price – 8880 rubles.


Full-size guitar of the classic form is designed to study in a music school or home game. White body has a matte finish that gives him a more expensive view. The upper deck is made of ate and cedar, which provide clean and smooth sound with a wide range of overtons. Case and neck made of mahogany, lining – from the rosewood. Product price – 9360 rubles.


Ivory color guitar has a glossy finish giving the body. Cataway cutout provides lightweight access to the upper frets. The housing is made of cedar array. The tool has a balanced and soft sound. The model has a brown edging and front, and rear. Astro Lag pickups provide the ability to connect to the speakers. Price model – 40850 rubles.

Picture Guitar Overview

On white guitars, decor looks particularly effectively. Consider several options with graphics.

Dean Ex Res

Electro-acoustic six-string model with pickup and tuner has a manual painting of a black resurrection with red inserts. Case, neck and shelter made of mahogany, pad – Cool. The cost of the model is 40434 rubles.

Madeira Dreadnough Spruce White

Acoustic guitar with six metal strings has the form dreadnought. The upper deck is made of ate, housing and neck – made of red wood, and the lining – from the rosewood. The product has a clean and rich sound. White housing with black insert looks stylish, the highlight in the design of the model makes a pattern in the form of a flower on an inset. The price of the model is 19990 rubles.

About what the white acoustic guitar looks like and sounds, look in the following video.

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