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Riff for electric guitar

Often when listening to rock music, we remember the melody and constantly scrolling it or sing during the day. Repeating musical fragments in songs that are played on electric guitars are called riff. Usually they are a complete drawing, which consists of several clocks. They play at the lowest notes that are taken on the fourth, fifth and six strings.

These fragments are found in the entries, purchases, as well as in losses. Bright example – the well-known song of the Queen group “We Will Rock You”. Many famous rocky songs are invented from very memorable and cling riffs. Below we will analyze how to perform such riffs on the electric guitar and what they happen.


In general, the guitar riff is a melodic phrase repeating in music. It can sound in any part of the musical composition: at the beginning or at the end. Such a musical drawing is currently the basis of music. It determines the tonality and total harmony of the composition.

Riff may be only an addition to the arrangement or the whole basis. Most of the rock music is based on riffs and their drawings.

It should be said that the primary source of riff is Khtinato. It was it used in classical music since the Middle Ages. Then the gradual development of this direction of riff music took place. And it began with jazz and blues. And then passed into heavy rock and metal. It is those groups like Deep Purple, LED Zeppelin and AC / DC, promoted and developed this music.

Currently, there are a large number of musical drawings for electric guitar. Among themselves they are divided into a variety of categories in complexity, the method of building and the nature of the melody itself.

According to the melodies, they can be divided into one-haired, chord, arpeggled. There are also riffs with a pedal tone.

Single Riffs consist of one note. There are no chords in them. Such riffs were used in the past century in the age of 70. For example, they used groups such as LED Zeppelin and Deep Purple.

In chord drawings, as a rule, several notes at the same time. Such riffs are based on relatively pure sound. Such execution was often used Keith Richards and Jimi Hendrix. At the same time, the musicians did not use Barre.

Arpeled execution differs from chord riffs by being used to be used as a sound recovery. This method of the game gives the feeling of the mission of music and makes it sound pretty.

Riffs with a pedal tone have a similarity with one-haired riff. But their melody is sometimes inclined by other intervals, notes (between the support). In the form of a pedal tone use open upper strings.

Top best

Let’s discuss which basic types of Riffs exist. So, riffs in metal style. It should be said that Now such drawings have a wide variety and features in almost every genre.

In the classic metal prevails fast pace of the game. All riffs are performed on the last strings. So they sound tight and drive.

Such a well-known metal subsoine, like Black Metall, got a big diversity of receptions. Each country in which Black Metall is executed, there are nuances in this genre, but there are general features.

The main technique of this style – tremolo or battle in the highest pace. At the same time, such a reception of the game, as “Palm-Mute”, does not apply, and accents are blurred.

The main distinguishing feature of blues riffs – in the characteristic rhythmic figure called Shaffle. In this component, the melodies use pentatonic and blues square. In combination with Schaffle, they create a typical rhythm and grueling of this music.

Let’s talk about classic fatal riffs that are very well suited for beginners to study the game on the electric guitar. In general, they have similarity with blues drawings, but at the same time the listeners are more understandable.

In Hard-Rock, the guitar is not always applied, t. To. It can be replaced by other tools, for example: bass or drums.

We list the most popular, in our opinion, guitar riffs for the existence of the genre. This “In My Life” – The Beatles, “Californication” – Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Come As You Are” – Nirvana, “Bohemian Rhapsody” – Queen, “Manic Depression” – Jimi Hendrix, “Smoke On The Water” – Deep Purple, ENTER SANDMAN – Metallica, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” – Nirvana and many others.

How to play?

Learn to play the electric guitar follows from Riffs. They are mostly the basis. They are put on certain auditory and technical bases. Also riffs often serve as a certain musical exercise for beginners.

Under guitar riffs, they mean basically heavy losses that sound in overload. Often they play quints.

Quinta is one of the musical intervals, including 3.5 tones. To build quints on closed strings, you must count on the given Lada 2 Lada to the right and one string down.

Guitar Riff determines the main harmonies and melody, tonality and used in the song. It should be noted that Riff highlights the rhythmic pattern composition along with other tools.

Learning the riff game is necessary under the metronome or under the pre-prescribed drums for the right skill development. Important aspect At the same time, the accent and allocation of string strikes.

You also need to learn about musical intervals and ways to build. Currently, Taba is often used way to record music. This is done so that you can easily learn to play it on them. In tabulatory, it is shown on what a lady and on which string you need to play a particular note.

Most of the Riffs are played by Quint. At the same time, the musicians are often trying to diversify their compositions, for which they use quarts, septim, as well as dissonating intervals.

No special rules describing how to play riff. They are different, and there are no patterns here. Each rhythmic drawing may have its own feature.

Riff Overview for beginners in the video below.

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