What are the breeches on the guitar and how to configure them?

What are the breeches on the guitar and how to configure them?

The musician should be able to customize his own tool. Electric guitar allows you to adjust the height of the strings and the menzur. If you do it yourself, then you can save time and means, you do not have to turn to the masters. Many manufacturers offer already configured tools. However, configuring the bridge is not so difficult, this can be learned.

What it is?

The bridge on the guitar is a stripper for the acoustic instrument or the lower threshold on the electric guitar. Throws through this part before getting to the housing. It is worth noting that sometimes the properties of the part differ depending on the model of the guitar.

    Breedge functions:

    • Changes the distance between strings, width and height+
    • Some guitars serves as a reference element+
    • Allows you to adjust the height of the string of the string above+
    • With the help of tremolo handle you can make a split, vibrato.

    On the electricity, the bridge allows smoothly to change the tonality. For this, leverage and suspension with springs are provided. However, this property is not inherent in all branches. Some designs, on the contrary, are installed motionless.

    Description of species

    Bridge may look different depending on the guitar. In this case, the part is 2 main categories: fixed and tremolo system. The first rigid strings on the guitar case. The lever in the design is missing. Tighten the strings only with the help of the left hand on the grief.

    In this case, the fixed type is easily configured, has excellent return and duration of the sound. Also bridge holds strings reliably. However, the vibration will not work. Bridge of this type does not allow to lower and raise the system strings.

    Tremolo system has different properties depending on the specific type. Such a kind of bridge. As a result, the musician has more opportunities during the game. And also the type of Bridge differs depending on the specific model of the guitar.


    The main designs of this type were first used on guitars Gibson Forest Paul, and later on the fenedoms. Manufacturers are always trying to upgrade a fixed bridge, apply new technologies to improve quality.

    Varieties of fixed bridges have features.

    • TUNE-O-MATIC. Ted McCarthy invented him in 1954. Then he was already president of Gibson. In fact, such a bridge has become standard since. There are 2 types of fixing strings: through the case and from Stop-Bar. The latter is characteristic of Gibson’s musical instruments. At the first time, the return of the wooden guitar case increases, and the note is a little longer. Contemporary Tune-O-Matic tools may compose a single integer with a stop bar. Bridge of this type to customize much easier, return and the sound of tone from a guitar is better. Also, the tool do not have to configure too often. Guitar with such a bridge is easy to rebuilt.

    • BRASS BARREL. Simple design is found on Fender Telecaster tools and their replicas. The main difference is the number of carriages. In the classic version of them only 3, 1 to 2 strings. Also, such a design plays the role of the frame of a bridge pickup.

    • Hardtail. Visually similar to the vintage version of Tremolo. It is based on Hardtail and the first system was created. That’s just a fixed breeze of this type there is no lever. This model strings pass through the case. As a result, the sound of the guitar is significantly improved. Visually Hardtail has 6 carriages that are rigidly fixed on the front cover on the plate. The back of a slightly bent, plays the role of a node for fixing strings. And also such a version of Bridge serves as a support of trimmed screws.

    These species are considered basic, but not the only. Manufacturers work on the improvement of familiar types. And the fixed bridge is sometimes called Hardtail. The universal version is used both for seven-string and for 12 string acoustics. In this category there are trapezoidal types.


    Systems of this type can lower or raise the system, as well as perform both options. There are combined models for the classic tool, for bass guitar and electric guitar. Often manufacturers make such systems for 5-string models. There are variants of Tremolo.

    • Tremolo. Downstairs there is a protrusion in which the lever can be installed. Also at the bottom is attached a bar of metal. Through such a kil are skipped strings. The lower part of the structure is combined with springs that are in a pocket on the back of the case. Tremolo can be different, usually installed on Stratocaster and similar tools. Springs themselves are needed to return the structure after the use of the lever. Good solution for bass guitar and electric guitar.

    • Floyd Rose. The most popular version of vibrato. This species is also called Whammy Bar. For the first time the design was installed on the electric guitar. The name system received in honor of his inventor. Floyd Rose is the owner of a patent. Combined with Floyd usually put the top lock system. It reduces the load on the slices, allows you to hold the system. At the same time, the lower threshold is movable and allows you to change the string stretch, affect the height of the sound. When the locking system clamps strings, it becomes impossible to set up with thefts. Usually, the strings are tightened first, and then put the top lok. In the future, only screws on Floyd apply to configuration. A floating threshold is used to stretch notes up, older tremolo systems do not have such an advantage. As a result, the guitar player can perform a wide range of oscillations or getting more exotic sound.

    However, Floyd has a minus: the requirements for setting are very large. Incorrect care or storage can lead to a failure.

    • BIGSBY. Such a string holder of the vintage type appeared in the 1940s, stood on Gretch type guitars, old Gibson and the like. Bigsby does not allow to lower the system too low. There is a limit only in the usual vibrato. However, such a system smooth and strongly looks. Such Tremolo was invented by Paul Bigsby, which was designing motorcycles. To date, the system is usually installed on semi-acoustic electric guitar, as Bigsby put on bolts that attract tremolo to the case.

    • Vintage Tremolo. For the first time the system appeared on the legendary Fender Stratocaster. Such a guitar stripper on 6 bolts allowed to reduce or raise. On the electric guitar such a stand will not allow hard to pull the note. With the active use of the lever, the system is lost pretty quickly. There are new versions on 2 bolts.

    • Wilkinson. Tremolo replaced the previous version. Strings are clamped on the system itself, as a result, the guitarist can freely use the lever. If the musical instrument has thresholds, then the system is practically not knocked down.

    • FENDER DELUXE LOCKING TREMOLO. An interesting model is a fusion of 2 previous. One of the perfect types of tremolo system. Usually installed in a complex with roller threshold. As a result, the guitar with such a bridge is perfectly held.

    • Ibanez Edge Pro. This species is characterized by the easiest and intuitive management. The design is always floating. However, it is impossible to call it perfect. When replacing strings always arise difficulties. But this is not all the problems that may appear during the use of the system. Also make the adjustment of the strings in height separately will not work.

    • Kahler. The system has similarities with a Bridge type Floyd Rose. Springs in the design no. Bridge is attached directly to the deck of musical instrument.

    • Zero Resistance. The design is complemented by a special blocking system. As a result, it is possible to firmly fix Tremolo. This is especially useful in cases where the string rupture happens.

    • Schaller Tremolo LP. Such a Tremolo system is one of the most modern developments. It looks very interesting to the mount on 2 bolts, which resembles a fixed bridge. As a result, the guitarist gets the opportunity to freely increase and lower the system.

    Most of the modern guitars establish a variety of Floyd variations. Popularity is due to high accuracy. Guitar with such a bridge holds a long time for a long time, which is very important when using the regular use of the tool. However, other types of tremolo system can be found.

    Technology setup

    Bridge needs to be tuned even on a new guitar that no one has yet used to be appointed. The procedure for actions directly depends on the type and characteristics of the stripper holder. For the first time, difficulties may arise, but it is important to act neat. To configure adaptations.

    • Set of hex keys. They come with a bridge. When buying a new guitar such already exist.
    • Screwdriver. You can use a straight or cross.
    • Passatii. They are needed to bite the unnecessary end of the string.

    Other tools are used only in cases where significant difficulties occur when setting. In practice – extremely rarely. The algorithm of action is quite simple. It is necessary to start with the settings of the menzura and the height of the string over the vulture. Need to perform step-by-step instructions.

    • Determine the height of strings at 12-15 Ladins. Optimally should be 2 mm. Sometimes you have to overestimate. It is not worth lifting the string, it will significantly worsen comfort when playing and will lead to a constant loss of building.
    • Check Menzuor. It is enough to compare the height of the flagset on 12 Lada and the sound when the string is pressed. If the last sound is higher, then the carriage on the bridge must be moved away from the griff. If the pressed string sounds lower, then you need to move the item in the opposite direction.
    • Set up tremolo. This nuance is the most difficult. After applying the lever, the system should be recovered. However, in practice, such a picture is not always observed. To solve the problem of rubber for strings on the threshold from above are processed with graphite lubrication. Next, you should configure tension under the keel. It is usually enough that the bridge lay down on the musical instrument body. However, some prefer to lift a note with a lever.

        Set up tremolo does not get all newbies. In some cases, they simply make the blocking for the sake of maintaining the system. Skill work with this element of the musical instrument comes with experience. As a result, the system will not shoot down the guitar system, and the blocking simply will not need. In some cases, it makes sense to refer to the master for the first setting to take over the experience.

        On other nuances of the Berge setting on the guitar, see the video below.

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