What to do if the string broke into the guitar?

What to do if the string broke into the guitar?

Breaking strings – an unpleasant moment for a guitarist, but this is found quite often. Consider options, how to do in an unforeseen situation, we find out the reasons because of which there is a break and what to do to avoid such a malfunction.

Frequent reasons for strings cliff

Guitar strings can rush for different reasons. We highlight the most common.

  1. If the strings are cheap, they can quickly burst due to low quality.
  2. Possible hauling during customization. This happens when the process occurs without a special tuner.
  3. It often happens that the string burst from old age and intensive operation. In this case, it quickly loses her elasticity and not so durable.
  4. Strings are torn and as a result of strong and sharp blows on them.

Ideally, a damaged guitar line is better replaced by a new one, so you need to remember the number of the kit or call for help tactile memory. However, from any situation you can find a way out, and in emergency circumstances you can try somehow to restore the guitar.

How to tie?

If the string broke into the guitar, you can just tie it. True, the node in the middle will not give the former effect on the sound of the musical instrument, in any case it will distort the sound. It is much easier to do this when a break in places where the fishing line does not need to constantly clamp.

Usually, the repair occurs in two methods – twisting or binding. In any option it is more convenient to use pliers. Take one edge and roll the string in the form of a loop, then shove another edge into it and tighten it around the rod.

This method can be applied when the broken occurred at the base of the grip. It is necessary to consider that after these manipulations, the string has already become shorter. In this case, it is appropriate to rearrange it for the nearest rod. It will not look so aesthetic, but this option will help to buy a new string, the game does not prevent.

How else can you restore the old string?

If the guitar stretch is metallic, it can be fixed with a soldering iron. But it is necessary to do it as much as possible, otherwise the rough knot or borger, which are formed during the soldering process will interfere with the game.

Here you need, what is called, the jewelry work of the master, and it applies only when it comes to specifically about the strings made of metal.

What can be replaced?

First of all, when replacing you need to consider thickness. If the strings are different, it will not only be felt when playing guitar, but the sounds will be different. To choose the appropriate caliber. Perhaps, when selecting the optimal option, the following tips will help:

  • If the sound of the string is higher, they are easy to clamp – this is thin (set 010)+
  • If pressing the rigidity is felt and they are published by a resonant sound – these are thick (set 012)+
  • When it is difficult to decide what you have (can’t understand what thickness is we talking about), it is reasonable to take the average caliber strings (set 011) – a universal version.

Important moment when replacing: need to take into account the material from which the string is made. From this depends on the tension technology when replacing. So, For synthetic nylon strings, weaker tension are used, since they are soft.

But the metal need a strong stretch – then they will publish a powerful sound. By the way, they do not install them on classical guitars, because the lower threshold may not withstand such a load.

But in acoustic use an anchor rod to protect the grid from damage.

Prevention of malfunction

To minimize the losses on the failure of the string, you need to work out such a technique of the game (including honing vibrato and bendes), in which you will feel the attack and the load on the tool and you can manage your movements.

When choosing the most musical instrument, pay attention to the state, in what condition he has a clad and frets – it is very important for the further operation of the guitar. When careing do not forget to wipe the strings.

It is desirable to do it as often as possible, since the dirt, particles of the skin and sweat accumulate on them, which leads to a decrease in elasticity. Take the usual cotton fabric or another dry rag and just wipe the strings after each speaker session.

      So you will extend the service life of the main elements of the sound guitar. Among other recommendations on the prevention of structures, the strings are not even advised to use Tremolo machine. In general, it is important to know that guitar strings undergoing loading, sooner or later will be pushed.

      therefore regularly replace depending on how often you take to the guitar. As a rule, it should occur once every 2-3 months, and with intensive operation of the musical instrument and each month it is desirable to update.

      On how to tie a guitar string, look next.

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