Why the strings on the guitar rattles and how to eliminate the problem?

Why the strings on the guitar rattles and how to eliminate the problem?

Musical instrument must please rumor. The rattling of the strings on the guitar causes torment even from those people who are not endowed with musical hearing. This can happen not only with the old instrument, but also with the new. First you need to figure out why the strings began to rattle, and then eliminate the problem will simply.

Possible reasons

Many musicians face the string rattling. First you need to identify the reason, because there may be many. The sound itself may also vary. In some cases, only light vibration is observed, sometimes the situation is more serious.

We list the existing reasons for rattling.

  • The problem is manifested only on certain freaks or at all on one. The culprit is an incorrectly rebuilt rod. Also, the reason may wage in the upper strain. His low position will lead to an excessive sound. In the first case, you can just pull the rod. And in the second – the bridges will have to change to the new.
  • Scratching on an unemployed string. At the same time, the problem disappears on a squeezed. This is usually due to the fact that the guitar is wrong strings. Excessively large caliber or inappropriate material carry bad effects for the tool. Too thin simply hang on the top threshold of the griff and make an unpleasant sound. If the tool is recently purchased, then the reason may be a simple production marriage. Less often in such a situation, the problem comes from a big deflection of the griffon who has come to the urgent.
  • Daveg on the initial freaks (from 1 to 12). Usually the problem lies precisely in production marriage. The Lada themselves are too close to the strings, which causes foreign sounds. If a new guitar rattles in such a situation, it is better to just return it back to the store, change to another. If the problem appeared on the instrument during use, you will have to change the item. Rarely in this case, rattling is associated with the rod setting. Just try to adjust the anchor.
  • High Lada rattling. Here you have to understand, because there are several possible causes. First you need to pay attention to the configuration of the anchor. Usually the problem is manifested in the classical instrument, but maybe on the electric guitar. If the string starts to creak, then you have to change the rod system again.
  • Sound during the game of heavy music (from strong battle on strings). Usually 6 strings rings in such a situation, the fattest. Rattling can be noticed during a speaker game. In this case, the reason is precisely a strong attack. The technique should be worked out, otherwise the strings will simply break. Also, the problem may be that the musician incorrectly clams chords. If there are no problems with the technique, you will have to contact the master.
  • Dabezg in slices. These details are loosened over time and begin to crack. To solve the situation, you can simply pull it out or lubricate the slices, otherwise you have to change the item. On the new guitar they can ring the slices. This is associated with low quality accessories that will have to replace. Otherwise, the bounce does not disappear, it will be uncomfortable to play.
  • Dreszing in the field of decks. The problem is rare, but extremely dangerous. If it does not solve it on time, then soon the instrument will be unsuitable for use. More often, the problem occurs on an acoustic guitar. The problem of this kind is found at those tools that have fallen from a high height. One of the main reasons for the bounce in the housing – the rejection of the rail inside. If you knock on the deck, then the name will appear. This makes it clear that the problem lies in the rail. Such a breakdown is not recommended independently – it is better to contact the master.
  • After adjustment. If there was some kind of problem with a guitar and to solve it was necessary to set up the rod, then such consequences are quite possible. It is necessary to evaluate the deflection of the griff: it may be too weak or strong. Incorrect setting can lead to rattling.

Strings can buzz in various situations and on any type of guitars. Musicians are not insured from it, even in cases when closely followed the tool. If the guitar is new, then the problem may also be in factory marriage.

The crack in the case can provoke a bounce during the game. In this case, it is enough just to return the tool to the seller.

How to fix the problem?

Fix the rattling of strings can be important – act consistently. You can start with accessories and electronics. It is not always the problem in the jiff or strings – more often the bad screwdrive elements. It is necessary to check the breeches, rings, potentiometer, pickup.

In the process of intensive Game Guitar becomes the most sensitive. All fasteners that can break out – break. This is due to strong and regular vibrations. It is necessary to pull all the screws, fastening for a belt, washers on the jiff. Sometimes you just need to fix thels – and the problem will disappear.

Recognize the cause of the rattle can be just for rumor. It is enough to understand the situation in which the audience appears: repeat pulling the string on the desired note and look for a source of cod. If with the electronics, everything is fine and fastening tightened, you can move to checking the grip.

Incorrect anchor adjustment is often a serious problem. Should weaken or tighten the rod to adjust the deflection of the griff.

Anchor will allow you to change the distance between strings and frets, but only on a certain plot. It cannot be said that the rod adjustment always helps solve the problem.

The next stage will be the polishing of the lads. This can be done independently or contact the master. Lada wear out if playing in certain positions for a long time. Polishing will allow to align the surface. Over time, you will have to change the frets at the new.

It is possible to remove the rattling by increasing the height of the threshold or breeze. Helps in the event that guitar strings make a rattling in the upper positions. Unpleasant sound is easier to eliminate the electric guitar. A real problem for the musician will be an acoustic instrument.

If on the classic guitar there is a bounce under the neck on the body, but it is impossible to determine the exact location, then the case is in the spring. These are small details of wood, which are glued to the inside of the front deck. Solve the problem is quite simple. The springs give an unpleasant sound when they are dug – you just need to return them to your place.

If independent inspection and repair did not give results, then you need to go to the workshop. Also, the help of specialists is needed in cases where the problem arose in the electronic component. Guitarist without experience at all should not be done serious manipulations.

If the musician knows his instrument, then you can even deepen the vulture in the housing for the sake of improving sound.

Useful recommendations

Strings rattling is observed either on old or on new guitars. In the latter case, you can return the tool, because the manufacturer is guilty. But in the case of the old guitar – responsibility on the owner. There are pretty simple methods of prevention.

  • Need to clean the tool regularly. All accessories should always be lubricated. For cleansing, a chassing napkin and a special cleaning fluid are used.
  • Metal parts should be changed during operation. They wear out for a couple of years intensive game. Replacement should be made gradually.
  • It happens that the musician understands that a long time will not touch the instrument. In this case, it is necessary to lower the strings. If they are in a long time, they will be tensioning without need, then they will become unsuitable for use.
  • Every couple of months it is necessary to replace strings to a new set. Regularity directly depends on the intensity of the game.

Such measures do not give a complete guarantee that the strings will not start rattling. However, in the event of a problem, it will be much easier to identify the cause. So, repair the guitar is much easier if you care for her correctly.

It is also important to comply with the game technique and tool settings.

Separate strings are necessary under the features of the guitar. So, the speaker recommended caliber 11-52 or 10-47. Thicatles, with great probability, will make an unnecessary additional sound during the game.

There are other useful tips.

  • It happens, you need to change the frets. Do not stick along them in order to put on the right place. When installing can be pressed only by a tree bar.
  • If you need to fix some details, you can use epoxy resin.
  • Keep the musical instrument only in the case at room temperature. If indoors are wet, cold or hot, then the wooden body will deteriorate. As a result, rattling is no longer eliminated.

Musical instrument requires special attention to yourself. Every guitarist knows how important it is to care for strings, vulture, frets and deck. If you do everything right, then the risk of raking rattling is almost no. It is also necessary to closely close the tool so that all the details performed their function correctly.

In this video, you can read more familiar with the features of the problem and how to eliminate them.

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