Zoom Guitar Processors

Zoom Guitar Processors

The best assistant of beginner and experienced guitarists is a guitar processor – a device consisting of several futsvitche and sets of buttons on which dozens of sound effects are programmed. One of the most popular among the huge selection is the zoom guitar processor.


The brand represents products for both lovers and professional musicians. Despite the different level of the game, any of them can choose a high-quality device and learn how to work with it. All ZOOM guitar processors are built on the basis of microchips of their own company development. They do not disclose the secret, but, according to buyers’ reviewers, it can be seen that no one has met such technologies for such a low value.

Guitar effects are conventionally divided into 4 categories:

  • Signal gain effects+

  • Delay effects+

  • Spatial processing+

  • Other special effects.

Next of the presented categories may include dozens of individual effects. Each model has its own instructions for applying and configuring DSP effects.

The lineup

Zoom represents a wide range of guitar processors, among which everyone can choose a device for specific purposes and skills. The most popular of them are described below.


This device is equipped with a 32-bit ZFX-3 DSP chip, which has a wide range of sound emulators of common amplifiers and pedal effects.

G1 Inherent Specifications such as two different sound modeling sequences, minimum delay time when switching (5 milliseconds), 8 effect modules and built-in drum machine.

Its price is in the range of 6-7 thousand rubles.


Inside this processor, you can detect dozens of tonalities. It differs not only with a huge amount of DSP effects, but also 100 new patchs that were fully created manually. The processor setting will not take much time and strength, because all the necessary manipulations are as simple as possible and is clear – even the newcomer will cope with it. Thanks to a large display, you can instantly remove, add and change the procedure for playing effects. The device repository allows you to post up to 200 own chains of effects at the same time. The expression pedal will help in control of the tone, volume and other selected parameters. The cost of this model is rather big – from 23000 rubles.


Although this model was not so long ago removed from production, it can still be found in some music stores. The device is the perfect combination of multifunctionality and ease of control of multi-effect processor.

It contains 13 realistic modulations of amplifiers, 94 types of settings of various pedals and a set of 100 built-in DSP effects.

New device can be purchased for 18 thousand rubles.

G1x Four

The mechanism contains 70 multi-effects and multipliers of sound amplifiers. G1X FOUR has a lupor function and drum machine. In the device of sewn 60 traditional and boutique effects. It is possible to connect and upload additional effects and patches in the ZOOM Guitar Lab library, which is regularly updated with the latest developments. In addition, the model is complemented by a expression pedal, with the use of which the playback volume, Wah-Wah, delay and patch falls under control. The cost of this model begins from 8 thousand rubles.

In addition to the devices, professional guitarists advise to acquire such models such as G1J, G1N, G1U and G2.1NU.

How to choose?

It should be noted that guitar processors are classified by the type of installation, which is undoubtedly worth considering before buying. They can be several species.

  • Desktop. The housing of the mechanism is installed on the table or other smooth surface. For better management in the toolkit enters a foot pedal.

  • Outdoor. The pedal and the settings block are located in a single case, which is placed on the floor.

  • Rackic. The designs of such models resembled desktop processors and are installed on a special rack.

For example, to work in the studio, the desktop will be more suitable, and with frequent performances it will be preferable to the outdoor model.

In addition, a separate set of functions is required for various types of guitars. So, for an acoustic guitar, which is characterized by a rich sound, the presence of many effects will not be required. For the electric guitar, the sound of which must be filled with paints, on the contrary, the presence of many DSP effects will play an important role in the enrichment of the game. For bass guitars, there are specialized bass processors.

When choosing a guitar processor, you need to consider the individual style of music, the level of execution (professional or beginner), the convenience of display and control, and the strength of the case. Besides, Models can be equipped with features such as tuner, metronome, drum machine and audio interface, which is also selected depending on individual preferences.

The best option will capture your guitar to the store, which will accurately help make a choice in favor of the most suitable device.

How to use?

When using ZOOM guitar processors, security equipment must be followed:

  • use only adapter that was included+

  • Do not open the case and do not modify the device+

  • Do not expose the device to shock and shaking+

  • Do not allow any items or liquids into+

  • Avoid use at low or high air temperature+

  • Do not install it next to heat sources+

  • Disable power before turning off the wires+

  • Before turning on the device, you must set the minimum volume.

As the device is used, the musician must explore the basic concepts and consider the model device scheme. Newcomers need to carefully read the instructions and learn to save and replace patches, be able to adjust effects and understand the use of tuner, rhythm patterns and phrasal sampler.

Overview of the G1x Four model in the video below.

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