What can be made from old piano?

What can be made from old piano?

It happens so – the old piano is no longer suitable for its real use, and throw out a tool (perhaps that is a surname value) sorry. And then there are creative alterations in the course, which in the format of clad love for handmade and home restoration will be very relevant.

What furniture can be done?

The most common option of the transformation of the old piano in the furniture – Bookshelf. First, it is beautiful, secondly, practical, well, and finally, the unity of the cultural context begins – books and music are connected. Although it is more convenient to do this option with a piano, simply by putting it on one of the sides, removing the cover and organizing the shelf in space under the lid.

But the piano is quite option: Shelves from below and on top are attached to the base, and the protruding part (the cover above the keys) remains the same. You can put something on it: souvenirs, candles, casket and t. D.+ However, it is not even a regiment, but a full-fledged bookcase.

What other furniture from the old piano can be made with your own hands.

  • Bar. Very common option – rack with drawers. At the bottom of the piano, cells under wine bottles are equipped. At the top above the keys you can make a shelf for bar accessories, dishes and t. D. And the headboard is equipped with a chandeller for glasses. On the top of the tool you can also deliver something: a sign from the menu, the containers in which wine stoppers will be collected.

  • Working (computer) table. The idea can be embodied in many ways, but it is obvious that the keyboard should be turned into a tabletop. Especially impressive looks on dark tools.

  • Secretaire. Luxurious Desktop Variation. For the overall case, an excellent transformation option, although the work is not from the lungs.

All other options require global alteration, which no longer leaves the tool even remotely former appearance.

Ideas of crafts from keys

Keys from the old tool are also sorry to throw out, especially if they store the memory of the piano. And keyboard can be used as decorative design in the interior.

Examples of decoration of the keys of the piano.

  • Decoration for Torchara. Keys can be a spectacular flooring if they are fixed on its base.

  • Housekeeper. Several decorative hooks on the plane fixed on the keyboard plywood turn it into an elegant musical key.

  • Coffee table. You can make a round table with a musical, laying out the keys in a circle, and the core is filled with a suitable white or black material, aligning the surface plane.

  • Interior wreath on the door. Keys are laid out on the workpiece in any sequence – you can alternate, you can chaotically.

  • Console. The top of the tool is cleaned, the housing with the keyboard remains. The lid can be opened, and put the glass on the keys – they will be under it. On the glass surface can be set, whatever: vases, candlestick, figurines and t. D.

  • Rimp for mirror. Keys are fixed on any suitable glue, if necessary, trimmed. You can make this and the mirror in full growth, and the sample size is smaller.

Finally, the keys can be removed under the glass in the frame – only not all, but several. It turns out a memorable wall decor.

Create a flowerbed

In the house there may not be a place for piano, sometimes from him therefore get rid of. But at the cottage the old tool will be just right, and optionally indoors. Piano can be put on the terrace or at home, not very far on the plot, turning it into a flower bed. Everything is simple: the color is at the very top, that is, the tool practically does not change, remains saved.

Examples of Successful Clumbus of Piano and Piano:

  • In a pair, they look even a nail, but one is enough for the plot to acquire a more solid look+

  • Perhaps this tool for greater persuasiveness was pre-aged (the benefit, such materials and compositions today are a lot)+

  • When it is not just a flower bed, but also the waterfall is an incredible combination, definitely, the highlight of the site+

  • Vintage tool Folding with flowers – than not a symbol of music that causes inner flowering (“And in the shower blooms”)+

  • And here is a completely stray tool, but he is worthy of staying “alive” longer, and it is also great to complement the boots turned into a flowerbed.

You can go further and use other tools, for the decor of the country area. Bayan, violin, guitar can also become a flowerbed or other garden accessory, it will turn out a real ensemble.

Aquarium and other alteration options

One of the most elegant alteration solutions – aquarium. The main work will occur at the top of the tool to be maximized to be released for the arrangement of water tank. Bottom piano, keyboard most often left unchanged.

Other interesting ideas.

  • Furniture for kitchen. And this is not just a bar. You can use a keyboard with a lid like a bar rack, which is convenient to put a cup of coffee. The upper surface of the tool is used as a plane, where the breadpie, vases, fruit and other kitchenware, not fit in other places.

  • Dresser for the hallway. And so that it does not seem that in the hallway there is ordinary piano, in the upper part of the case you can attach a rim design with a kashpo for flowers. Just need to take such flowers that do not need constant natural lighting.

  • Garage or workshop storage box. It can be equipped with different hooks and fasteners, boxes, railings, protrusions.

  • Locker for needlewoman. Also need a large alteration, under the keyboard, you can make clamps (conditional carnations), which will be suspended by buckets or other suitable cute tanks with different tissues, threads, pins, and T. D. You can make a couple of shelves on which to place what should be in mind. On the upper surface, a plane exhibition may be organized for finished work. However, the transformation is better made by the copyright: already needlewomen know that the appetite comes during the meal, and the ideas of design arise already in the process.

About how to make a table from an old piano, look in the video below.

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