All about Peruvian Flute

All about Peruvian Flute

Peruvian flute – This is one of the most ancient musical instruments invented by man. Thanks to its special melodic sound and beautiful appearance, she often attracts the attention of musicians and collectors.


Ethnic Peruvian Flute called Ken. It is made, as a rule, from such light materials as reed or bamboo. There are also tools from solid wood. Do longitudinal open flutes manually. Every tool thanks to this turns out unique.

The flute length varies from 25 to 70 centimeters. Standard models have a length from 30 to 35 cm. These flutes are best suited for beginners. As a rule, there are 5 or 6 holes on the tool on one side and one additional one on another. It is intended for thumb. Whistle at Kena, like the Japanese flute of Xiakhati, no.

History of origin

There is a legend telling that The first Ken flute was made of human bone. Her smartly in love guy, whose girl died at a young age. He did not want to say goodbye to her, which decided to make a musical instrument from her beritic bone. Listening to the sound of this flute, he recalled the gentle voice with his beloved and her quiet crying, which helped him not forget about her. Precisely because of this legend Kenu is also often called flute sorrow.

But no evidence that the first flutes Indians Peru really did from human bones, no. Preserved to our time musical instruments are made of clay, animal or stone bones. The most ancient copies that were found during excavations on the territory of Bolivia, more than 10 thousand years. Now Peruvian flutes are known all over the world. They play not only folk melodies, but also modern music.

It is worth noting that the kents buy not only musicians. Most often they are acquired as a souvenir or a gift to a close person.


Peruvian flute is different very pleasant and clean sound. Those who heard this music note that it is very easy and relaxing. Ken sounds perfectly suitable for meditation. The Indians themselves played on it, conducting traditional rites, noting various celebrations or simply, meeting a new day.

There is also a variety of Kena, which is called Kenacho. It has a lower and soft sound and a little big size. Both tools are quite versatile, and you can play music written in different tones.

How to play?

On Ken play both solo and as part of an ensemble. Flute sound perfectly complement various drums and brass tools. Perfectly sound together and a few ken. In order to learn how to play at least the simplest melodies, you need to understand how to extract the sound from this flute. First of all, you need to find the right position of Ken. Her end should rest in the chin. The bottom of the lip is on the edge of the Ken, and the upper forms the air flow. Fixing the musical instrument in the right position, you can proceed to the game on it.

It’s not very difficult to learn. To see the desired result, practiced will be on a regular basis. Learn to play Simple melodies on the Peruvian Flute in a couple of weeks. To do this, it will not even be necessary to help the teacher or the ability to play on other musical instruments. Enough to see some good master classes – and proceed to practice.

Having mastered this vintage musical instrument, you can perform any melodies on it, giving them absolutely new sound.

About what the Flute Ken is and how to play on it, look in the following video.

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