Choose a bow for violin

Choose a bow for violin

Quite difficult to quickly and easily pick up a bow for a violin, especially for beginners. Some soloists are in search of an ideal solution throughout their life. If your task is to find one bow, which will allow you to play the music of various composers, read our material.


As you know, the bow is a special device that allows you to extract sounds from a string tool. The scamp for the violin provides sound quality by 40%, so it is necessary to be very neat when it is selected.

A treble bow consists of several main components. Consider Read more Composition of this device.

  • Cane or trees made of wood. It connects with a head and a block that are located on different directions. Typically, the cane is made from the Fernambuka or the so-called Brazilian tree.
  • Block. This element is supplemented with a small nut of copper from the inside. The base of the cane contains a special screw with eight edges and long thread. It is with its help that the hair tension can be adjusted. Some models have pads made of ivory, or with the addition of elements containing gold. Such solutions, of course, are notice.
  • Horse-tail. It can be both natural and artificial. It stretches to the block from the head, forming a kind of tape due to the presence of a ring on the block. Hair Horse consists of large scale scales, the distance between which you need to fill in rosin. Typically used white hair, but there are bows equipped with black hair. In this case, hair is more rude, more friction is created about the string, the sound becomes less smooth and even. Usually, black shade hair is used for cheap models that are intended for use in music schools.

Only horse hair affects the sound quality, but also rosin, which is used for rubbing the bow. With it, the force of the clutch with the string increases. Running the bow is recommended before each application. If an excellent adhesion is carried out between the rosin and hair, it means that everything is chosen qualitatively.

To properly use the bow, it is necessary to adhere to such a position:

  • The device should be kept in the right hand+
  • the brush should settle over the block+
  • bottom block need to be maintained with a thumb+
  • The remaining fingers should be located on top of the canes.

Review of species

Bow for violin can be made of various materials, of course, mainly applied wood and horse hair. Let us dwell on the varieties depending on the material and size.

By material

Quite often for the manufacture of a bow used Pernambuco tree (Fernambuk), which grows in Brazil’s tropics. A special value is characterized by wood from the northern part of the country. The best material has not yet found. It is very important to learn to distinguish the Fernambuk from other types of wood. It is quite difficult to make a choice, since a peculiar “mesh” of the Fernambuca is similar to other breeds of wood. Best to seek help from a specialist.

In the second place in quality are the Bows produced from the Brazilian Tree (Brazilwood). This material is characterized by sufficient density and elasticity. But among the cheap and not very high-quality materials, the following can be noted: eucalyptus, bucat, rubber tree and so on.

To size

It is very important to correctly pick up the size of the bow, since it will depend on the convenience and sound. As you know, for adult musicians, a bow of 4/4. But there are cases when it is not suitable for a person due to individual characteristics. Basically, the Bows are presented in the following sizes: 1/32, 1/16, 1/10, 1/8, 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 7/8 and 4/4. Initially, it is worth talking to the teacher who will teach a child to play violin.

Be sure to try on both the bow and the violin. You need to take a bow in your hand and put it on a string from the end, while paying attention to the elbow. If it is dispersed, and at the same time not visible special tension, it means that he approached. If the right hand is not extended completely, it means that the bow is shorter than you need. But if it starts behind the back, the bow is not communicated to the end – the bow is longer than the required.

Be sure to pay attention to the weight of the bow, because it should not bring discomfort during the game.

Criterias of choice

When choosing a script for a violin, you need to take into account several criteria.

  • The weight of the product is within 55-65 grams. Optimal dimensions: length – 75 cm, weight – 60 grams, and center of gravity – 19 cm from pad. They can be called perfect, so there is no significant modifications of the bow in the near future.
  • Check bow on quality. If, when tensioning the hair, the body of the product is straightened, then it suggests. Interesting the fact that the vintage models are quite often characterized by reverse curve. In addition, it is necessary to pull the hair for the game: to take over the block with big and index fingers, then it is easy to hit for canes using a nameless finger. Slow vibration is better than small and fast. But the lack of vibration signals that such a bow will not publish beautiful sound and strokes.
  • It should be taken into account that the length and amount of hair gives canes weakness. No need to insert a lot of hair. And do not forget to care for these tools, because the hair stretched during the day leads to the fact that the bow begins to deform. Be sure after the game do hair free.

Than rubbing?

For rubbing hair used rosin. It is a small piece of resin. Without its use, the violin will not sound at all, because the rosin affects the nature of the instrument. More hard and dry rosin will need for violin. It should be chosen depending on both the strings. So, for steel strings, dry agent is needed, for synthetic – average, for residential – soft. If the violin is planned to play in the concern, it is better to apply a solid rosin, to play in the studio or class – soft. For a warm climate, a hard version is perfect, for cold – soft.

Bow for a violin is a very important tool, because it is done with it. His selection should be given to maximum attention, while take into account the recommendations of specialists.

If you are not sure about your abilities, it is better to ask for help to a professional who will pick you up the perfect option.

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