hooligan : Young wife Petrosyana showed long legs in a flower dress

Tatiana Bruukhunova has a special style, and, of course, individuality feels in a young woman. Recently, she loved experiments with appearance and with pleasure sharing images with their subscribers.

Not so long ago, Tatiana changed the stylist to unrecognizable – she did not even know the follovers, and now, for advertising dresses, a woman decided to talk his legs to her new.

& hooligan & : Young wife Petrosyana showed long legs in a flower dress

Dress with flower print

For advertising Tatiana Bruukhunova had to put on the dress in the style of boho. Subscribers could not pass by such an unexpected photo session!

New photo subscribers appreciated and commented: “Hooligan!»” Photos – Fire!»” Each time you admire you more and more “,” and body? Your image would prevent a provocation “,” What kind of mischievous!”

By the way, the style of Wife Petrosyan – Tatyana, often criticized. He was called “Granny Style”: a woman puts on the things that look good on the older generation. These are skirts in the floor, dresses hiding the figure and knitted sweaters.

Bruukhunova itself always protects his style, and not ready to change only for positive ratings. It is difficult to deny the fact that, although many people do not understand the images of Tatiana, but she is a bright and charismatic woman.

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