lying in bed in bed : Xiabitova told about unique property her body

Rosa Syabitova – Bright and charismatic TV presenter “Let’s get married!”Of course, often leading to maintain the rating of the program replay, because in life they can be completely different people.

Rosa told in his Instagram to everyone who watches her life, what got sick. She shared that if her “body demands”, then she can fly in bed and disables the phone.

& lying in bed in bed & : Xiabitova told about & unique property & her body

“I don’t know how much my vacation will last,” says TV presenter

According to Rosa Xiabitite, she is not healthy. In Instagram, she said that she has a unique property – when the body needs rest, he literally forces her to lie down in bed. When it happens to a rose, it does not resist and obediently performs the body team.

“I turn off the phone and a day lying in bed. For me, the season of physical and essential silence comes. I do not know how much my vacation will last, “she told subscribers to which they began to support her.

“You have an intelligible organism!»” Well done that you do not resist “,” Sleep is one of the best, and most importantly, free medicines “,” and do not need to resist!»” You have a Waterword mood “- such comments received Swaha from their caring subscribers.

Rosa Syabitova – from those people who easily say everything in the face, for which many of her dislike. But there are also those who appreciate such quality.

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