me 25, but I’m still child : Koka Koka showed children’s photos in honor of the 25th anniversary

Today Koka Koka (Claudia High) celebrates his birthday. Singer turned 25 years old. In honor of this event, she decided to share with the fans of photographs, on which they appeared before them! Fans were very grateful to her.

& me 25, but I'm still child & : Koka Koka showed children's photos in honor of the 25th anniversary

Warm congratulations on acquaintances and fans

Today, July 23, the clave hit 25 years old, but she still feels like a child, as reported in signatures to the photo laid out: “I am 25, but I am still child. Mom, Dad, thank you for such an interesting life and family, full of love!”

Many artists congratulated the singer, and fans joined congratulations. Children’s photo of the claves were mirred by her fans, no one had seen them before.

“Happy holiday, beauty!»” You’re such a small adult girl!”” Let everything be as you want!” “Congratulations! Be happy and healthy!»” Be happy, “fans wrote singer. Close on congratulated her at night, decorating an apartment with balls.

The girl blew the candles on the cake and faded the cherished desire. Will it come true? Time will show.

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