my chance to survive was equal to 1% & : Sharon Stone told about experienced stroke

Hollywood actress Sharon Stone happened in 2001, as a result of which she lost not only a house and work, but also a beloved son. The actress was deprived of guardianship.

For the first time Sharon Stone told how the stroke survived, and how much time it took to recover.

& my chance to survive was equal to 1% & : Sharon Stone told about experienced stroke

Stroke changed the life of the actress

Sharon Stone did not expect to face such a terrible attitude towards her people. 7 years she came to herself after a stroke. “I don’t think that someone can understand how dangerous is a stroke for a woman,” the actress shared.

For the help of Hollywood actress, one of the richest people of the world came to the Hollywood – Bernard Arno, who offered her a contract with Dior. Thanks to this suggestion, the actress has become good money.

“I lost everything I had. I had to remove my house. I lost my career. I was the hottest superstar, you see? Princess Diana was also so famous, but it cost her to die, and I survive the stroke, as we forgot, “Sharon Stone shared her feelings.

Now the actress devotes their time to participate in various conferences organized on female health. According to her, stroke was also at her mom and grandmother, but because she later got to the doctor, her chance to survive was minimal.

That’s what Sharon Stone said about this: “If you are tormented by headaches – urgently go to the doctor! I had an extensive stroke and 9-day hemorrhage in the brain. I found my doctor only on the 4th day after I had a stroke. My chance to survive was equal to 1%. And even after the operation, doctors doubted that I would survive “.

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