Always at hand: 5 beauty applications that will make it easier for the life of every girl

These virtual assistants will tell you when enough sunbathing so as not to get a burn, will indicate which cosmetics is superfluous, and make a lot more useful.

Always at hand: 5 beauty applications that will make it easier for the life of every girl

Actual applications for Android and IOS are great to avoid any girl who is used to care for themselves.

Cosmobase: cosmetics scanner

All you need is to provide this assistant barcode scanner, and he will tell you how much a cosmetic is safe. And also prompts how much it will be useful for your skin. Cosmobase healthy will help out those who use cosmetics, but not very able to deal with it.

Haircare: Hair Care

Not everyone attend beauty salons, but to care for hair at home just forget. In this case, you will not prevent the assistant Haircare – on the basis of your type of hair, he will pick up for you personal care. The program includes a daily plan: you will learn about interesting hair masks, how many days a week you need to wash your hair and so on.


This cosmetics will tell you, from what cosmetics it is time to get rid of. This is done very simple: you drive a batche code and add a tool to your “cosmetic bag”. When the time comes to tell him: “Goodbye”, the application will remind about it. All loaded data are saved, so you can always check the shelf life.

Skinadvisor: Selection of Care

You can watch many rollers on YouTube, listen to the instructions of cosmetologists, but not understand what it is – your perfect care. Try the Skinadvisor app, developed together with cosmetologists. It will not just help you out, but will save money on a beautician. The application will prompt which cosmetics is suitable for your skin type.


Going on vacation for a long time on the beach? Understand! The sun is a dopamine source, which is why so many people appear on the streets with the arrival of warm days. Let’s return to the application. By installing the Healthy Sun – Safe Tan, you will always be aware of whether you can still be in the sun or it’s time to hide in the shadow. With this application you will avail the burned shoulders and nose.

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