Daughter Urganta told how parents belong to her guy from America

Eric Kiknadze – the daughter of the famous TV presenter. Urgant raises her daughter from the first marriage since she turned 5 years old. Now 20-year-old Eric lives in the USA, and, apparently, in her personal life everything is fine – what can be judged by, looking at the photo.

The girl gave an interview to the Tatler edition, in which she told about her parents to wanda.

Daughter Urganta told how parents belong to her guy from America

Soul mates

Erica felt a deep mental connection with Musoya already at their first meeting, when both came to have fun at the closed party.

The girl says: “I immediately felt like everything I am talking about. Then he and his brother helped to carry my things to a new apartment in Manhattan. After a month of communication, we became very close. “.

Star heirs also told that parents in all support it. They trust daughters, and try not to interfere in her personal life. Erica believes that children should not be the same as parents, and it is important to understand.

“It always seemed to me that I should justify the expectations of the parents. But they told me that they did not expect anything. Even if they don’t like something – they never say anything against. I think it’s perfect, “Urgant’s daughter told.

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