Designers presented new trends of wedding fashion

Wedding fashion nothing is inferior to usual, and trends are also rapidly changing. Increasingly, modern women refuse bulky and uncomfortable wedding dresses, lush skirts. These dresses are absolutely impractical, in them uncomfortable, and sometimes it is completely painful.

In addition, who said that the wedding is a reason to give up his own style and go on the traditions that were invented for a long time and do not understand who?

Designers presented new trends of wedding fashion

On the wave of this trend World designers decided to search for alternative to the meters of Tulle and deliberate luxury, This appeared a few new trends that it is worth considering, preparing for the wedding.


Collection in the best French Style and Quality Traditions. Small dresses, modest, but consistently white. They are created to emphasize thin girls silhouettes. If the lace is found in them, then it is only fragmentary, very delicately. Mark offers options for wedding blouses for brides who would like to play a democratic and simple wedding without a traditional wedding dress. These blouses can then enter the wardrobe and will not hang a dead cargo in the closet.

Sophie et voilà

In this collection a lot from architecture – clear lines, angles, accurate and verified forms. No corsets and lush skirts on hoops. Wedding outfits look very romantic, gentle, sophisticated and perfectly “sit” not only on young young girls, but also on brides in age.

In the dresses a lot of ancient, and the collection should be considered to those who want to Their outfit for long commemorated guests and family members.


American collection created by Pakistani designer Sarah Abbashi. There is a lot of Eastern Collection and at the same time it looks pretty boldly. Wedding trouser suits deserve special attention. Fabrics in the collection are used only high-quality, and decor elements are always manual.


The German collection, which was originally created as a clothing in which the bride can change clothes after solemn wedding. Turned out, however, full-fledged wedding outfits. They are impregnated with the spirit of romanticism, but there is nothing superfluous and pompous in them.

Dresses, overalls and trouser suits in frame shades of white can then enter the wardrobe, and the woman can wear them at parties and after it becomes a married lady.

Lola Varma

Australian brand introduced a very easy and relaxed collection. The bride can pick up the outfit. One comfortable in the image of a fabulous bird with sleeves-wings, and others will like wide wedding pants. Collection author worked as a wedding photographer. And so it was as long as she did not understand how difficult brides in traditional outfits. So the first sketches of wedding clothes appeared, in which it will be easy and pleasant.


Russian designers did not remain aside and presented their collection. Designer Albina Zueva as the basis took traditional silhouettes, but facilitated them with combinations, spacious blouses, jackets. The torment in a heavy and huge dress Albina offered to replace the relaxed image in the blouse and wide pants.


Another collection in the spirit of French brides. Charm, bright parts, free cut – everything for the bride to feel their own uniqueness. Mark offers elegant accessories – handbags and shoes.

Danielle Frankel

Perhaps the most unusual collection of a new wedding wave. Here you can find and silk dresses with unusual lines of neckline, and dresses, and jackets. In this collection, you can find even knitted wedding jumpers in case you want to play a wedding in sweaters.

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