Do not even complex: stars with a small bust that are not shy to appear in front of cameras with a deep neckline

With its example, these celebrities violate stereotypes that the most beautiful may be not only owners of forms 90/60/90.

Do not even complex: stars with a small bust that are not shy to appear in front of cameras with a deep neckline

These women fell into the list of the “most beautiful in the world”, and no one embarrassed their small bust size.

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley – the owner of zero breast size, while she starred in a variety of films. True, sometimes I had to resort to the help of a double, and on the set of “Pirates of the Caribbean” in the bust she was inserted silicone pads. 36-year-old actress with humor refers to his little breast and is not going to make any operations.

Vanessa paradise

In adolescence, like many girls, Vanessa Paradi shy his little bust and chose bulk outfits to hide him. However, she was not going to do plastic. Once in one of the interviews with journalists, the model admitted that she dreams of “about big tits” – this is exactly how she put it, but it seems that it remains only in dreams.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart does not hide his sexual orientation, and that in a pair she plays a dominant role, that is, “male”, and therefore never wanted to increase the chest – she just no need to attract the opposite sex.

Once in a conversation with a journalist Kristen admitted that the sake of the role is ready to go on a lot. In the film “Personal buyer”, for example, she starred nude, and the audience saw her little breasts.

Charlize Theron

45-year-old actress is still considered one of the most beautiful women of Hollywood, despite the little bust. She is not alien to paparazzi and does not hide her breasts when she is removed on the beach holiday. Charlize Theron worked with such famous designers as Christian Dior and John Galiano. The main thing is self-confidence!

Cara Delevingne

Kare Melievin can be envied: she has a brilliant career and a flawless figure – the absence of a breast adds her only a raisin! Kara was the “model of the year” in 2012 and 2014, standing out on the background of models with a large bust.

However, somehow she admitted that since childhood she wanted a big breast – unknown, or she pulled her so much, whether she went under a surgeon’s knife, but at the show of the autumn-winter collection 2019-2020s from Dior she appeared in a dress with Deep neckline emphasizing her enlarged chest.

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