Do not system illusion: 5 myths about life for 40

All ages have pluses and their nuances, but among some women firmly keep misconceptions, from which it is time to get rid of! What is this delusion? We learn later.

Do not system illusion: 5 myths about life for 40

“For 10 years younger”

Usually this illusion accompanies women under 40, but may occur before. We are all accustomed to listening to friends, but a clear thing – they won’t say bad! “You look at you like a girl,” the girlfriend sounded with the mouth does not mean that it is.

If you are asking for a passport when you buy alcohol – do not share. The point is not that you look younger, the sellers ask him for everyone whose age is difficult to determine.

“I do not spoil extra kilo”

It is worth understanding that the appearance is a bonus, a pleasant addition to the soul, and not the opposite. She does not affect your qualities. You can be a very valuable and attractive woman, being already elderly and with superfluous kilograms. But it is worth a recognition that no one is adorable to anyone. He worsens health and adds age.

“Men don’t notice anything”

Women for some reason believe that men do not notice anything in appearance. Perhaps if you live with my spouse for more than 20 years old, he really will not significantly notice the difference in change in appearance, but a strange thing will notice everything: both your overweight, and age and manner tastefully dress.

It is worth understanding that you can love the one that you are – to challenge for the latest trends and try to be rejected.

“This will suit me”

When a woman is trying to be rejected, there are provocative outfits in the course, she focuses on his sexuality. But see how Hollywood actresses are walking in 40 in ordinary life – they wear loose clothes: a hoodie, sneakers, and from under the cap looks unwrapped face with wrinkles. The main thing is convenience.

Tear your body clothes – in 40 years it is vulgar and is a sign of bad tone.

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