Easy way to become fashionable: how asymmetry makes any outfit trend

Connoisseurs of strict and clear lines are in a quiet shock – Asymmetry entered the fashion. And now the hem of dresses on the right and the left does not necessarily have to have the same length, like the floors of the jacket. Tops can cover shoulders at different levels, and even earrings in the right and left ears can be different both in design and magnitude.

Enough add to the image of only one asymmetric and unpaired thing and you are no longer like a gray office mouse which millions. You are a lady with a high fashion podium, which is visible and noticeably from afar. Fashion experts called several microtrends who help you make your own asymmetry.

Easy way to become fashionable: how asymmetry makes any outfit trend

No big difference, fashionable thing you have a thing or she left fashion a few more seasons back. The asymmetrical approach will help “save” a beloved, but an outdated thing. Enough to make one oblique line, make an image slightly “wrong”, and in you already not an old thing, but very Fashionable and new.

Especially successfully such an experiment passes with pleated skirts of midi, they can be poked in such a way that the right side of the hem will be higher than the left or vice versa. And you can raise the front of the hem in relation to the rear.

Very spectacularly look at images with tops, equipped with assemblies and uneven edges. With the help of a thin belt it is easy to come up with such asymmetry, which only enough courage and fantasy.

If you believe that in such an asymmetrical form, it is permissible to go only for a walk or a meeting with friends, then you are mistaken. Even the business ladies and office workers with a strict corporate dress code can refresh their style, just changing several parts in a strict office style.

Costume can be added small asymmetric geometric inserts, unusual blouses with decorated gate or dresses from flax with uneven podol line.

Brands quickly responded to the trend. For example, Katami created shirts for work resembling an asymmetrical gate samurai. Also in this collection appeared blouses with an elongated edge. And the folds on such clothes can be independently done there, where it was provided for designers, and where it is necessary for who the thing wears.

Introduce asymmetry psychologically in your wardrobe. Especially those who adhere to conservative installations. You can start with small, they say specialists, for example, with pairs of earrings. Close to Mark OSA. These manufacturers specialize in asymmetric decorations. Plus, it is not a pity to lose one earring – any other of another pair of this brand is perfect for the remaining.

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