Emotional state more expensive: Types of toxic people who are better to avoid

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  3. Prisoner
  4. Referee

Do you often meet people in whose society you start feeling bad? After communication with them, the decline of forks can be felt – it seems that with you “drank” all the energy.

Emotional state more expensive: Types of toxic people who are better to avoid

We will consider in the article the most common types of toxic people – if possible, it is better to minimize communication with them, its condition is more expensive.


This person is always in depressed condition. He seems to have no energy to bring her life in order. Not only he suffers – the surrounding also become drawn into his depressive “cloud”.

The victim’s person in all his failures vinit anyone, but not only, and instead of normal communication, he communicates with the methods of passive aggression.


The rescuers include people who are always ready to do good, and they themselves impose! They always know how best, distribute wise advice and are ready to come up with many options for solving your problems.

But isn’t it not great to have a personal free psychologist 24 on 7?! The trap lies in the fact that the rescuer sees in all the victims. Over time, you can feel that no longer able to solve your own problems. Why, when there is a lifeguard?


This man is always under someone. What does it mean? He is waiting for him everything will be solved, they will accept solutions. And if he has something to ask – he knows nothing.

Toxicity is that you have to take responsibility not only for yourself, but also for another. All this takes strength and time.


People called judges are always ready to condemn and devalue plans and acts of others. They always know, “how best” and are ready to voice it. Of course, this is not done with the good goal, but to assert.

In the depths of the soul of such people hidden insecurity. No one is insured against mistakes – they learn to them, but the judge does not seem to know about it ..

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