Experts called 8 common mistakes in hairstyles that make women old-fashioned and add age

Often women become hostages of one image. They make the same hairstyle, considering that once and forever found their own style, they make the same sample on the same side, and even to the hairdresser go to the same, fearing something to change. And completely in vain, experts say.

Many elements are hairstyles make women old-fashioned and even add them visually age. Such errors counted exactly eight.

Experts called 8 common mistakes in hairstyles that make women old-fashioned and add age

one. Bulky static structures on the head

Many women over the years cover their hair. Choose fixation more accurate, considering that static stacking is the main key to their successful image. Trends have changed, and now the ladies of any age is better to choose options at which the laying does not look like as styling. The hairstyle should be light, careless, if possible, is better to do without volume. This rule is valid for the dissolved, and for the collected hair.

2. The longer the better

Today, according to experts, there is no trend on too greater hair length. The current is considered the length either above the shoulders or maximum to the blades.

3. Bangs should be straight

Many still have a string of bangs at exactly, not considering that not one decade has already passed since the end of the university. Now in fashion oblique bangs and bangs for elongation. Aligned bangs give visual extra 5 or more.

4. Kudri need to be fixed

If you do Kudri, then you should not cover them with varnish or apply mousse. Crispy strands will certainly have to be movable, light, in the wind they should not be strained in different directions icicles, but should develop. If there is a need for fixation, if without laying means, curls quickly fall, stylists advise to apply modern means for styling, which help to achieve the effect of lightness.

five. The sample is needed

Right and left probors – last century, stylists consider. Today, the sample in the center is generally preferred. He is to face much more people than it seems at first glance. But it should be remembered that the central samples always emphasizes the problems of the face symmetry if they are.

You also need to pay attention to the fact that you usually notice an easy asymmetry, and others do not see it. If it does not work out with the side surcharge, then for options with loose hair, you should choose strongly displaced probor.

6. Ears need to cover

Shy your ears, even if their forms are not perfect, do not, Masters are sure. And in the current season, sticking ears are generally a fashion squeak, so boldly open them, show, do high hairstyles and fuel the hair for the ears.

7. Tail is a home hairstyle

Now the hair collected in the tail is an unconditional trend. If you are young, feel free to make a tail. If you are not young, too, do it, but avoid simultaneous nosha, which adds age.

eight. Elastic and hairpins – the business of young

This is wrong. Ladies of any age can use hairpins and rims, rubber bands. At the same time, it is not necessary to modify – gum can be different, and invisible, contrary to the name, do not necessarily have to be invisible. From bright invisible, you can create abstract figures and lines that will be an independent decoration.

In general, the concept of hairstyles for work or celebration has undergone significant changes.

It is now important to have a not beautiful styling, but a healthy wrinkle, and that is why more attention to women should be given It is the issues of hair recovery, rather than their form.

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