Experts told fitness lovers, why the training session should come without cosmetics

Bright makeup looks inappropriate in the gym, not to mention the fact that after training it looks like ridiculous – dried arrows, brilliant forehead. But the aesthetic side of the question is not the only reason to abandon the application of makeup before training. Specialists told that the “combat color” in the gym can represent Serious woman health danger.

Dermatologist Patricia Bolland devoted this topic a lot of time. She investigated what effect makes cosmetics in combination with later, and came to the conclusion that This is a very dangerous combination. During the period of physical activity, a woman becomes more intense blood circulation, hasty and sweat glands begin to work more intensively than usual.

Experts told fitness lovers, why the training session should come without cosmetics

As a result, an allergenic, and sometimes the toxic mixture on the face, which can lead to rashes, guns, ulcers. Especially exposed to risk to spoil the skin on the face of a woman with a fatty skin type.

Mascara can crumble and get into the eyes. It is dangerous by the development of an allergic reaction and inflammatory processes. Powder and tonal cream interfere with the normal sweating and the subcutaneous salary branch, and it becomes the cause of acne.

If it is very important to come to the gym with makeup, the Patrician recommended that several security measures.

Alternative Makeup for Sports

This is created using waterproof carcass and the same eyeliner. The basis for the face is allowed in oil-free. Do not save at the cost of carcasses and eyeliner – from the quality of them when creating your alternative sports image depends on your health and beauty.

Sometimes there is no special need to emphasize the eye, only to highlight the eyebrows so that the face becomes alive and expressive. And here it will take again waterproof eyebrow gel.

Lips in the framework of alternative makeup it is better to highlight Sanding balsam with moisturizing effect.

Care before and after

In many ways, your beauty and health will depend on, how correct will be the skin care before and after training. Before it experts recommend to remove their usual makeup, do it carefully, not lynching. Clear skin can be replaced by serum with antioxidant effect. This will help protect the skin with an increased sweating.

After training, the skin should also wash the skin with warm water, remove protective makeup and apply the cleansing agent on aqueous or gel-based basis.

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