Experts told what bags will be in fashion in the new season

Fashion experts analyzed the proposals of leading designers and derived an image perfect handbag for the upcoming season. Handbags, it should be noted, little obey logic and general trends, and therefore this ladieship accessory promises to raise a lot of surprises.

First of all, the bags will not be at all as we used to. So as not to be mistaken, you will have to refer to our memo. Stylists offered several trendy and current options for the upcoming season.

Experts told what bags will be in fashion in the new season

Miniature bags

Yes, these are mini-handbags that appeared with the easy hand Simon of the Jacmyus port, which in the spring took and introduced the world a bag size with a matchbox. Such accessories began to appear in other collections.

In the coming season, stylists recommend getting a micro-bag exclusively to take it with themselves to parties and solemn events. Mini bags are of a wide variety of geometric forms, and to the evening along with they will be a real “highlight”, although nothing more of the box itself in it, really, do not put. To at least some practical benefit from the acquisition was, Stylists advise to choose mini bigger – size with a mug. In such an accessory, you can put at least a small smartphone.


Clear and strict geometry in the upcoming season will be important not only in clothes, but also in accessories. Formless bags go back in the past, and now only you decide that more like – cubic bag, oval, triangular or hexagon Bottega Veneta.

Yes, the image will look not entirely usually and is familiar, but the geometric options are very practical, and therefore addictive will pass quickly and painlessly.


This idea belongs not to designers. To their greatest regret. Toolding large bags in half came up with bloggers, and the idea quickly went to the people. Brands had to make creative ambitions and listen to the “Glass of the People”. Now on sale there are quite official folding models that have received an unofficial name – “origami”.


Bags resembling a patchwork of childhood or quilted coat of grandmother – a new and very promising trend. Now there are many models with the very “line”. Choose anyone and do not lose.

Bags “Under Reptile”

Animalism will not go anywhere in the upcoming season, designers warn. And therefore, they continue to victoriously walk through the streets of the ladies with bags of vehicles from vehicles resembling the skin of real reptiles. Naturally, not a single reptile during the sewing suffered. Choosing such an accessory, follow the artificial leather to be reliable, strong and high quality.

Soft skin

This Ten is autumn – the most pleasant. Anyway, to the touch. For autumn and upcoming Spring experts advise to choose soft bags of certain color solutions – chocolate and dairy shades.

Bags with prints

Well, who said you need to be boring? If you want a variety, boldly choose for autumn-spring bag with prints. Want – in a cage or peas, you want – with colored blocks or under graffiti. You can choose zoo print, for example, under the leopard skin or crocodile skin.

In the coming season, experts recommend paying special Attention in details. Minimalism does not lose positions, but there is an alternative – castles, fringe, tassels, plush inserts. All in your hands.

A little strange, but with high fashion podiums on the streets still moved fashion for two bags at the same time. If you like this option, we boldly wear two different handbags in color, size or choose the Thut with the smaller smaller accessory to it.

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